Affiliate World Asia Video and Review

Written by Charles Ngo
Written by Charles Ngo
Thanks to everyone for appearing in my video!
I just came back from the first ever Affiliate World Conference!
I recorded a video log of my journey so you can see what the conference looked like from my perspective.
If you enjoyed the footage, let me know, and I’ll record more for future ones.

What I Enjoyed About the Conference

Every affiliate you meet at the conference is “one of us.” There are no mommy bloggers around or people clueless about paid traffic.
Even though attendance wasn’t as high as more established conferences, the people I met were more relevant to what I do with paid traffic.
I’m a huge fan of good design, and they got the branding down with this. The venues they chose gave the event a “premium” feel that most affiliate conferences are missing.
I felt proud on stage because of how elaborate the set was. My mom thinks I’m a big shot now lol.
It’s not secret that affiliate marketing is exploding in Asia. By having a conference over here, it lets us meet and mingle with affiliates here we couldn’t have met otherwise.

Suggested Improvements

The conference was fantastic for the first one. There is some room for improvements, and I’m just going to suggest my top 3.
The Meet Market
I loved the meet market and didn’t understand why it was shut down on day 2. Would be great to keep it open on the first two days, and to expand the space (was super crowded).
The meet market brought an energy and excitement level that was missing on day 2 / day 3.
Choose Your Speaking Sessions
People come to conferences to network.
Affiliate World has an excellent opportunity to turn it into a place people come to learn, and to stay up to date on the industry.
The problem is there are limited slots for speakers, and not everyone’s interested in every topic (Oh god, no one wants to hear Gerald Adams jerk off about himself for 30 minutes).
One option is to do a “choose your adventure” route. They can have two different speakers, in two separate rooms, at the same time. (Breakout Rooms)
It’s 1 pm on a Monday. You have a choice of two different topics to attend.
Room A
Email list building strategies by X
Room B
Mobile marketing strategies by X
You can go to the room with the speaker and topic that you’re interested in more. Overtime Affiliate World can collect data / feedback to analyze what people wanna see.
What if you’re an attendee that wants to see both events?
The conference can record all the sessions, and release them a few months later as added value.
Logistical Improvements
There were slight operational improvements that could be made.
It’s Bangkok. Affiliates are going to party and get drunk. Starting speaking sessions at 10 am is not going to have the most people showing up. Pushing everything back to 11 or 12 could work better.
The crowd was dead quiet during all speaking sessions. The most common explanation is that “we’re in Asia and Asians don’t like to make noise.”
I don’t know about that. Asians can get pretty wild at seminars. More state pumping music could get everyone in a more energetic mood.
On day three the event switched to a different venue, and not too many people knew about it. I’m sure it was because they couldn’t secure the original hotel on the 3rd day.
Now that they know future AWA’s will be a success, they can start booking a year in advance.
A small detail that would’ve been great would be to see the 3 co-founders of STM give the opening address, and seeing the entire AWA team at the end on stage.

What’s The Future of Affiliate World?

They’ve announced that their next conference is going to be in Berlin this summer!
It looks like they’re aiming for a Summer conferences in Europe, and a winter conference in Asia each year.
It’s a great time to be an affiliate as there’re never been more chances to network before.
I’m planning my schedule for 2016. Conference Overload – It’s a sign that affiliate marketing is still growing.
1. Affiliate Summits (I always go to West in Vegas. I’ve been skipping East for the past few years)
2. Ad:Techs (New York is the best one)
3. Private affiliate network getaways (Croatia, Dubai, etc.)
4. Affiliate World (Berlin, Bangkok)
5. Others (Traffic & Conversion Summit, Lead cons, Dmexco, Mobile World Congress)
6. Local Conferences (India, Israel, Italy, etc.)
For most affiliates, I think 2 – 3 conferences a year is enough.
And my top picks would be two affiliate worlds, and an affiliate summit west.
What conferences are you going to in 2016?

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                The posts published by Charles are prepared and analyzed, including the author’s own experience…

The posts published by Charles are prepared and analyzed, including the author’s own experience…

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