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News and Events: The Biggest Event of 2016: Affiliate World Europe + Contest

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: Affiliate World Europe 2016
Location: Berlin, Germany
Dates: 18-19 July 2016
Venue: Berlin Congress Center, Alexanderstrass, 10179, Berlin
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/events/913980658670249/
Tickets: https://affiliateworldconferences.com/europe/tickets

If you wanna hang with super affiliates, learn cutting-edge strategies, and build a world-class network, you HAVE to attend Affiliate World Europe 2016.

The guys behind the STM forum run this event each year, so you know it won’t be full of mommy and travel bloggers. 

Most of people attending work with paid traffic such as native, mobile, adult, Facebook, in-app, search, display etc – so you’re in good company.

AWE is designed purely for affiliate marketers, and it is designed so you learn, network, and create opportunities.

This is one of my favorite times of the year – it’s like Christmas for affiliate marketers. I get to catch up with all of you guys, meet up with friends from Europe and make new connections.

Why Should You Attend AWE 2016?


Berlin is incredible, I can’t wait!

  • Learn from guys who are pulling in 7-8 figures profit per year
  • Hundreds of people looking to network with you, even if you’re brand new to AM
  • Build masterminds, make friends and meet your mentors
  • Brand new strategies for increasing profits on Facebook, mobile, native and more
  • Massive party at the end of the second night (pro tip: DEFINITELY attend this, guys are way more open after a couple of shots)
  • Industry experts from leading companies like Facebook, Google, Teespring etc



The guest list this year is incredible!

Some of the most influential people in online marketing will be here this year. Imagine how your world would change if you shared a beer with Drew Eric Whitman (the guy who wrote Ca$hvertising). Google any of these guys and you’ll see they are all at the top of their game.

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 11.41.10 AM

There’s one “big” stage, and there are smaller rooms. Here are the speakers on the main stage. 

Ryan Holiday

This guy is a genius at marketing. Some of his past projects have included advising Tim Ferriss on marketing strategy, writing a book that landed on WSJ Bestseller List, and writing books that are used by companies like YouTube, Google, Twitter etc.

Drew Eric Whitman

If affiliate marketing had a “bible”, it’d be the book Cashvertising. I’ve probably read the book 9 times throughout my career.

What I LOVE about Drew’s style is that he’s an entertaining writer. Most copywriting books are several decades old and a bore to read. I’m looking forward to hearing what he has to say.

Neil Patel

Founder of CrazyEgg, Hello Bar, KissMetrics etc, Neil is a badass marketer who has made millions for himself and his clients. Neil has done some crazy experiments that he writes about on his blog. One of my favorites is where he spent $162k on clothes, and he made back $692.5k on this investment.

He has been a huge inspiration to me since forever…so it’s kinda of a dream for me to share the stage with him.

Charles Ngo

I’ll be rocking the main stage once again. Details about my speech just below.

These guys will also be rocking on the main stage. 

  • Hugh Hancock (Caurmen from STM)
  • Alexander Tsatkin
  • Daniel Javor
  • Tim Burd
  • And more

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 11.45.44 AM

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 11.45.53 AM

Employees from Google, Facebook, Teespring and other companies that could make you a millionaire will be there to answer questions and network with. Just one connection at an event like this can change your life.

My Speech

Stop Grinding: 5 Proven Ways to Make More & Work Less Using Systems

This is the subject of my speech, and you know I love building systems! This is the first time that I’ll be sharing private information about my team, my systems, and some of my tech. 

If you’re a newbie – implementing some of these systems will get you profitable faster. Most newbies fail because they don’t have a reliable process. My system is like a production line, it pumps out results every day whether I’m there or not.

If you’re profitable, I’ll  show you strategies to streamline your methods. I know a lot of you guys are making good money, but you’re hustlin’ 12+ hours a day to do it.

I wanna show you guys some of the strategies and methods I’ve been working on over the past few years that have removed me almost 100% from the day-to-day running of campaigns.

A few short years ago it was just me doing all this.

I was blogging, running campaigns and I was constantly burning out.

My secret sauce?

Systems thinking.

You hear me talk about this all the time, but you can’t expect me to give away the golden goose in public. If you attend AWE, you’ll hear me talk about things I’ll never drop on the blog.

Tip: If you wanna dramatically increase your profits, you’ve gotta work ON your business, not just in it. Every Wednesday I take time to think and strategize about my businesses.

CONTEST: Want a Free Ticket to AWE 2016?


At the last AWA we held a contest called the Million Dollar Lunch.

This time, we’re switching it up and trying a DIFFERENT kind of contest. We’re giving away free tickets to AWE AND a future AWA.

Not only can you win a free ticket to the event, but this is a MASSIVE chance to make a name for yourself in this industry.

If you win this event, EVERYONE will hear your name. All of the STM mods will hear your name, and you’ll be known as a total badass. Want to build a network? This is your chance to get in front of the BEST in the industry.

FABTXdDHere’s something cool, we’ll be playing submissions throughout the breaks / intermissions.

Entry Details

Step 1. Shoot a video (max 30 sec) that gives your BEST affiliate marketing tip
Note: if you put something like “you gotta focus on one thing”, that’s kinda lame. Give something tangible and practical, not generic b.s.

Start your video with “Hi, my name is xxxx, and I’m from xxxx. My tip is….”
Example: “Hi, my name is Charles and I’m from Miami, Florida. My tip is …”

Step 2. Upload it to YouTube with Title AWE Contest Entry – Your Name
Example: If I was entering I’d title my video:  AWE Contest Entry: Charles Ngo.

Step 3. Upload to STM Forum Thread

Here’s the link to the thread if you’re a member: Thread

Done. You’re in the draw. Good luck!

Choosing the Winner

There will be a thread on STM where STM members can vote on the best tip. The winner will be announced during AWE Berlin.

First Place: 

Free Ticket to Affiliate World Europe & a Free ticket to Affiliate World Asia 2016.

2nd Place:


Eligibility Details

  1. You’ve got to be a STM member (this is a good reason to sign up if you haven’t already!)
  2. You must be able to get to Berlin in July for the event (If you’ve already bought a ticket, then AWE will reimburse you) 

Note: even if you don’t win but you give out some killer info, you will still get your face in front of the biggest players in this industry.

Extra Details

If you’re coming from overseas and need a visa, they’ll help

Check out these hotels near the event to stay as close as possible!

Should You Attend AWE 2016?

If you are serious about becoming an affiliate marketer, good connections can really impact your life. It’s just a cost of doing business, + the whole trip is a tax-deductible expense for me. Spending a couple of grand to build life-long business connections and learn new skills is a no-brainer for me.

I know some guys who have gone from losing money on campaigns and ready to quit, to quitting their jobs shortly after this event. Seriously, it’s that good.

Pro tip: Load up on coffee before the event. You wanna get rid of any shyness and talk to everybody – make it count!

Tips on networking with more successful people

How to network like a pro at conferences


AWE is one of the best times of the year for me. I get to meet you guys, catch up with my friends from all over the world, and make new deals.

Even if you’re brand new to affiliate marketing, my advice is to go to this event. No questions asked.

The connections, friends, contacts, deals and opportunities here are unrivalled at any other event on the planet.

If I was brand new in this industry, the #1 thing I would do is focus on networking. If you’ve only ever met your AM or mastermind through Skype, you won’t have that intimate connection. You want to have a laugh and a drink with these guys, then the REAL inside knowledge will start flowing your way.

Who are you most excited to hear speak?


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