The Back Button Redirect: a Huge Edge in Mobile Campaigns

Written by Charles Ngo
Written by Charles Ngo

Every advantage matters when you’re an affiliate marketer.
Campaigns are a competition, and whoever has a higher profit margin can capture more of a market.
We need every advantage possible since we’re not making money off the backend.
I notice a lot of newbies think there’s a “magic” bullet to a winning campaign. I think of it more like a combination of a bunch of “little” advantages that add up.
Some tests can include:

  • Attempt to make infrastructure load faster
  • Split test better angles/landing pages
  • Split testing new offers
  • Improve targeting options

A test adds 5% ROI here. Another one adds 10% there.
You need to keep collecting these advantages and they’ll add up to the 100% you’re looking for.
One advantage that few people talk about are scripts.
These small, yet powerful little snippets of codes are underrated. You put them on your landing page and they give you an unfair advantage over someone else who isn’t using them.

I want to talk about a script today that goes on your landing page that can easily add 10 – 30% profit margin to your campaigns.
It’s called the “Back Button Redirect” script – and it works especially well on mobile.
Some of you may already have this script in your campaigns.
However, few actually know how to maximize profits with this script.
I’ll share some methods that you can split test on your campaigns.

What’s a Back Button Redirect?

The concept is simple.
This is how a typical funnel would look like without the script.

When someone wants to leave your landing page, they would press the “back” button on their phone.

  1. Someone starts on
  2. They click an ad and go to your landing page.
  3. They hit the back button and go back to

What usually happens is the browser tab closes and the funnel ends.
Think of the back button script as a second chance of converting them.


  1. Someone starts on
  2. They click an ad and go to your landing page.
  3. They hit the back button expecting to go back to
  4. Instead, they go FORWARD to a website of your choice.

Instead of dropping your user off the funnel, you get a second chance to convert him/her.
More $$$ with the same amount of money you spent!
Where do you send them to?

I’ll give a couple of ways you can maximize profits with this script.
Note: You can easily get this script coded by a programmer on Upwork.

Method #1: Redirect to Same Offer

This method is the easiest with the least amount of work.
Send them directly to the offer that you were promoting on your landing page.
For example, if you’re promoting a sweepstakes offer on your landing page, just send them directly to that same sweepstakes offer.

Method #2: Redirect to a DIFFERENT Offer (That Could Be Relevant)

Similar to the above method, but you’ll need another offer that could be relevant.
They might not be interested in a sweepstakes offer. That’s why they pressed the back button.
Why not try another offer with broad appeal such as a battery improvement app.
I prefer sending people to a different offer rather than sending them to the exact same one.
If someone hits the back button, that tells you they’re not interested in whatever you’re promoting.
Imagine if you’re asking a girl out to the movies.
She says no.
You immediately ask if she wants to go to the movies again. I’m not sure if that’s the best option since she just said no.
Change the offer.
No to movies? How about going bowling instead?
She says yes. Maybe because she doesn’t want to go to the movies, but would rather go bowling.
Someone might not be interested in your iPhone offer, but may be interested in your app install offer.

Method #3: Redirect them to a SMARTLINK

This method’s a little special.
SmartLinks have become increasingly popular among affiliates.
There are a few reasons why.
But wait, I know some of you might not know what a SmartLink is.
Here’s the 80-20 of it.

Some affiliate networks like MobIdea provide SmartLinks for affiliates to use.
Usually, you are given ONE SmartLink URL.
Any visitors that go through that URL would automatically be redirected to the network’s best-converting Offers/LPs based on the visitor’s targeting.
All the heavy lifting would be done by the Network.
The network’s complex algorithm will analyze your visitor’s targeting. For example:

  • Which Geo do they belong to?
  • What OS are they on?
  • What Carriers are they on?
  • What Devices are they on?

It continuously learns and optimizes itself so that it redirects your visitors to the best offers
Think of it as a much smaller/scaled down version of the Facebook Pixel.
The benefits?
A huge time saver since you only have one link and it auto-optimizes by itself.
The only time you’ll need to invest is on the initial setup on the SmartLink network.
But nah, it’s really not too time-consuming.
Good SmartLink networks would have step-by-step instructions on how to set it up.
Here are two recommendations:

Note: Read my recent SmartLink article for a detailed explanation

Method #4: Redirect them to Another Landing Page w/ a DIFFERENT offer

This one is different from the other 3 methods.
You will need another landing page & another offer on a different vertical.
Almost every affiliate knows that having a landing page converts way better than direct linking.
Why not try to convince them once more with a different angle?
For example:
Your visitor is not convinced & leaves your sweepstakes landing page. They are not interested in sweepstakes offer.
Try app installs. Unlike Method #2, you don’t send them directly to the offer link.
Instead, you send them to another one of your landing pages with another convincing angle.
Yeah, definitely more work but often, it has better ROI.

So, What’s The Best Method?

There isn’t one.
Test yourself and see.
Let the data speak for itself.

Downsides of Back Button Redirect

There are a few points I want you to be wary about.

#1: Doesn’t Work on Some Mobile Browsers

It’s a browser limitation thing. Especially on Chrome iOS & older browsers.
Obviously, the browsers don’t like this. They will constantly be updating their browsers so your scripts may not work.
So, always test the script across mobile devices/browsers to ensure it doesn’t break your codes.

#2: Additional Costing on Impressions (Voluum)

Assuming you’re running on Voluum, you would be paying by impression.
Each Back Button Click = an event registered on Voluum.
Yes, that’s an additional cost that you’ll be paying.
I wouldn’t worry about this too much since the ROI will easily make up for it (over time).

#3: Traffic Sources May Not Like It

Speak to a traffic source representative & check if they are okay with it.
Most traffic sources aren’t ok with this kind of script and you can risk your account getting banned.
Protip: Make sure you’re setting the back button script up with its own unique link in your tracker.

Summary Table of 4x Methods

Key Takeaways

  • When a user doesn’t convert on your initial funnel, don’t just let them leave. Convince them again with a better angle. Remember, you’ve already paid for that traffic.
  • There is no best method. Always conduct split tests across these methods and let the data speak for itself. One method may be better for another geo for various reasons.

Protip: Always dive deeper into your device stats to better understand your data.
Sometimes, a SmartLink converts better for Android in the United States but is bad for iOS. Then, segment your pathing accordingly in Voluum.

Action Steps

  • Get a back button redirect script coded
  • Check with your traffic source reps on compliance
  • Install on your landing pages (& Test)
  • Conduct even split tests across 4x Methods
  • Take best & repeat

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                The posts published by Charles are prepared and analyzed, including the author’s own experience…

The posts published by Charles are prepared and analyzed, including the author’s own experience…

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