How To Unlock The Super Power Of Facebook Behavioral Targeting

Written by Charles Ngo
Written by Charles Ngo

Let me totally honest for a second: Facebook advertising should probably be illegal.
I hope it never happens because it’s awesome for affiliate marketers.
Because it gives you the power to be a mind reader. You can be like Professor X.
You can know what people like, the kinds of things they buy, the music they listen to, and their favorite restaurants.
How can you get this superpower?
Behavioral targeting.
You probably already know the basics of demographic and interest targeting, but this takes it a step further.
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With behavior targeting, you can put your ads in front of people who have ALREADY shown through their actions that they’re interested.
It’s kind of like this.
Imagine you’re opening a new club that’s going to feature the best EDM and high-end drinks. It’s the kind of place young people will come to hang out, hook up, and get hung over.
Would it be better to open it in the heart of the city or in the farmer’s market district?
Definitely the heart of the city where the other clubs are. Because the actions of those people already show that they’re into the club scene. Their behaviors tell you what they’re into.
Behavioral targeting on Facebook works the same way.
You can target people by very specific behaviors, such as:

  • Operating System Used
  • Canvas Gaming
  • Console Gamers
  • Event Creators
  • FB Payments (All)
  • FB Payments (Higher than average spend)
  • FB Payments (Recent)
  • Facebook Page Admins
  • Internet Browser Used
  • Operating System Used
  • Photo uploaders
  • Primary email domain
  • Small business owners
  • Technology early adopters
  • Technology late adopters
  • Travelers
  • Purchasing habits
  • And loads more…

Ads Manager Creation 2018 06 04 10 08 37
And within each of these main categories are dozens of sub-categories.
With this kind of targeting, you get:

  • More conversions
  • Higher ROI
  • Higher CTR
  • More engagement

Like I said, this is like a mutant power. So how do you unlock it?
I’m going to walk you through it, step-by-step.
(Side note: This works best when you do in conjunction with demographic and interest targeting.)

Step #1: Determine The Core Behaviors Of Your Audience

To see the behavioral categories, create an ad, go to “Detailed Targeting”, and choose “Behaviors”.
Ads Manager Creation 2018 06 04 10 32 51
Then you can browse the behaviors or type in the ones you’re after. Once you select an initial behavior, Facebook will also offer suggestions on other related behaviors.
Before creating your ad, you need to figure out the CORE BEHAVIORS of your audience.
The behaviors you target should MATCH your offer.
In other words, you should select the behaviors that are related to the action you want people to take.
Does your offer pay based on app installs on Android? Target those who are heavy Android mobile users:
pasted image 0
Are you selling backpacks on your dropshipping website? You’re going to want to target frequent travelers and students.
pasted image 0 1
Are you promoting a brand new tech product? Go after the early adopters who like to test out the latest gadgets and apps.
Ads Manager Creation 2018 06 04 10 37 55
Selling makeup products? Put your ad in front of people who regularly purchase cosmetics.
Ads Manager Creation 2018 06 04 10 39 54
Running traffic toward a prepaid debit card offer? There’s a specific behavioral category for that too.
Ads Manager Creation 2018 06 04 10 43 06
Selling soccer jerseys? You can put an ad in front of super passionate soccer fans.
Ads Manager Creation 2018 06 04 10 48 41
Are you starting to see the picture?
You can create ads that are going to really resonate with your audience. Why? Because they match activities they’re ALREADY doing. You don’t have to convince them to try something new.
You can basically read people’s minds.

This kind of hyper-targeting lets you 10x your ROI and conversion rate. Instead of throwing ads in front of generic audiences, you serve them up to super interested people.

Step #2: Create ANGLES Based On Behavioral Targeting Options

Behavioral targeting also lets you get creative with the ANGLES of your ads.
In other words, you can promote offers that are related to a behavior.
Let’s say you’re promoting a cruise vacation offer that pays for new leads.
I’ve been on a cruise before and I noticed that there are a lot of old people around. Why not focus on targeting them?

  • Step 1: Use demographic targeting to segment older people over 50.
  • Step 2: Use behavioral targeting to find people who are into cruises.

Now we can start matching our angles, ads, and landing pages.
If you feature older folks in the ads and the landing pages, you’ll see an even higher conversion rate.
Why not get even more creative?
Do some research on cruises and find out whether a large portion of sales are in the winter.
You can get creative with ads that talk about escaping the winter and going on a cruise.
Facebook ads are all about SYNERGY, which means they get more powerful when you combine things.
When you stack targeting and angles and creativity on top of each other, you get something really powerful.
Demographic targeting + interest targeting + behavioral targeting + angles = $$$

Step #3: Create Ad Sets That Speak DIRECTLY To Behaviors

Once you’ve chosen the behaviors of your audience, you want to create ads that speak STRAIGHT to those behaviors.
Every part of your ads, from the images to the copy to the headline to the CTA to the text overlay should connect to the behaviors you’re targeting.
Back to the backpack example. Select images that show people wearing backpacks in exotic locations. Create headlines and body copy that speaks to things like:

  • Wanderlust and the fun of traveling
  • The need for a backpack that can hold up to lots of travel
  • How comfortable it is even when you carry it for a long time

Here’s how NatureBox did it:
naturebox 1 1
Notice the language and photo they used. They know that their buyers want to eat healthy food that also tastes good. To appeal to these buyers, they use words like “wholesome” and “no artificial colours”. They also show a photo of snacks that look good but are also healthy.
Or think about how Nike promotes their shoes. They know that people who buy Nike apparel are all about playing sports and hustling and working out and pushing the limits and pursuing greatness.
Every part of their ads speaks right to these behaviors.
Here’s a link to an amazing Nike Ad.
They don’t target generic shoe buyers. They’re not trying to appeal to twenty-five different types of people. They know the behavior of their customers and they talk straight to them.
Take the same approach with your ads. Flex your creative muscles and figure out ways to speak to your audience in ways that resonate with them.

Start Using Your Superpower Now

Here’s the thing about Facebook: you never know when they’re going to change something. In the last six months, they’ve:

  • Banned ads on cryptocurrency
  • Started monitoring political ads much more closely
  • Removed targeting based on partner categories

My point? Use behavioral targeting now, while you still can. It’s an incredibly powerful tool that can lead to big rewards.
If you don’t, you may end up like Hulk in Avengers: Infinity War: unable to use your powers when you need them most.
Featured Image by Malchev

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                The posts published by Charles are prepared and analyzed, including the author’s own experience…

The posts published by Charles are prepared and analyzed, including the author’s own experience…

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