Introduction to Email Deliverability: 10 Ways to Make Sure Your Emails Lands in their Inbox

Click prices keep going up across the board, and I don’t see that trend stopping anytime soon.

You need to figure out how you can make more money in your campaigns, and a “pay bump” can only get you so far.

One way that affiliates are starting to adapt is by adding in email funnels into their campaign. By capturing the email, this allows you to market to the person over and over and over again. Instead of promoting just a single affiliate offer, you can promote multiple ones.

Lead Gen 101: An Evergreen Way to Promote Campaigns

There are two types of affiliate marketers out there in terms of their “style” of picking what to promote.

The first are what I call “waveriders.”

They identify hot trends, get in on them early, and then bank as hard as they can. Eventually, it’ll become saturated or too competitive, then they’re off looking for the next “wave.”

These “waves” (trends) can include new traffic sources, verticals, angles, and even business models.

The 22 Immutable Laws of Affiliate Marketing [Part 1]

So, what’s going to happen over the next ten years?

I love what Jeff Bezos (CEO of Amazon) said when asked what Amazon would look like in ten years.

He said that the future is too unpredictable. Instead, Amazon focuses on what’s NOT going to change.

Ten years from now, Amazon’s customers will still want low prices, fast shipping, and a vast selection.

4 Killer 2018 Black Friday Deals for Affiliate Marketers

I moved from Miami to New York City a few years ago.

During that move, I ended up with boxes and boxes of “stuff” that I either gave away or threw in the trash.

I can’t believe how much useless shet I bought over the years, and how much damage I was doing to the environment.

It made me take minimalism more seriously and realize I didn’t need so much “stuff” to be happy.

Why a Small Budget Will Hold You Back

Someone sent me an email about their frustrations in starting affiliate marketing.

What’s going on?

He’s a college student on a tight budget.

Sure he’s motivated to start, but his total budget’s only $250.

He wants to know what the “hack” or the “secret” was to making affiliate marketing work with $250.

GUIDE: How You Can Use Push Notifications to Increase Your Affiliate Revenue

There’s one feature I HATE on smartphones.

Every time I install a new app, I make sure to turn off all notifications. If I don’t do that, then I’m going to be a zombie checking my phone every few minutes.

Lets just say that push notifications work REALLY well. Think about it. Whenever your phone buzzes, it gets your attention.

And here’s the good news!

GUIDE: How To Use Facebook Automated Rules To Manage Ad Costs

Running Facebook ad campaigns is stressful.

It kinda reminds me of back when I played Starcraft. In the midst of the battle, you have to manage a hundred different things at once. You need to make sure your economy’s going, defend against a random medivac drop, make sure all your technology is upgrading, all at the SAME TIME.

When you’re managing a bunch of Facebook ads, you have to stay on top of CTR, relevancy score, frequency, cost-per-conversion, and twenty other variables.

4 Reasons Why Campaigns Die Over Time (and What to Do About it)

Everyone loves the idea of “passive income.”

You put the work into building an asset, and then you start earning paychecks doing pretty much nothing.

Will Smith gets passive income from the show Fresh Prince even though it ended 20 years ago. Some musicians get royalties everytime their song is used in a commercial.