The 8 Best Affiliate Marketing Trackers Compared [2018 Edition]

Tracking your data is essential if you want to succeed as an affiliate marketer.

How are you going to make money if you’re not sure EXACTLY which ads are converting?

Or imagine if the campaign doesn’t convert during certain times of the day and you’re running it 24 / 7.

You’re burning money.

Let me break it down for you:

The Back Button Redirect: a Huge Edge in Mobile Campaigns

Every advantage matters when you’re an affiliate marketer.

Campaigns are a competition, and whoever has a higher profit margin can capture more of a market.

We need every advantage possible since we’re not making money off the backend.

I notice a lot of newbies think there’s a “magic” bullet to a winning campaign. I think of it more like a combination of a bunch of “little” advantages that add up.

SmartLinks 101: How to Monetize More of Your Mobile Traffic

If you want to make money in mobile traffic, you can’t have the same mindset you would a desktop campaign.

They’re two completely different worlds.

Let me share an example.

Your affiliate manager pings you with a HOT mobile offer. It’s getting insane EPC’s.

The catch? It only accepts traffic from one carrier (pretty common for the top pin submit offers).

Why “What’s Hot” in Affiliate Marketing is Always Changing

I love watching eSports. (Video games being played on a competitive level)

In any game you watch, you might hear the commentators refer to a term called “The Meta.” They’re talking about what’s the most dominant strategy right now.

It’s a big picture of what’s working and what isn’t.

In Overwatch, the meta two years ago was Triple Tank. Your team would pick three hulking tanks to absorb the damage, while they were being supported by three healers.

How to Make More Money by Blocking Fake Traffic

One of the biggest “secret sauces” in affiliate marketing is how to optimize a campaign.

Most campaigns start off losing money.

It’s because you start off “blind”. You haven’t found the right combination of traffic source, offer, landing pages, and ads yet.

It’s a race to become profitable before you lose too much money.

Everyone has their own approach to testing a campaign and getting it profitable. And to be honest, there’s no “magic” bullet or secret sauce.

How Blockchain Technology Can Change Affiliate Marketing

It’s Cryptomania right now.

I can’t even get a haircut or take an Uber ride without someone talking about Bitcoin.

It’s a fantastic piece of technology, but most of the conversation is based on it as an investment.

“Which coin can I buy to 10x my investment?”

“What’s the next ripple?”

Improve Your Video Ads: 10 Lessons You Can Use from Studying Infomercials

Create video ads that sell like Bily Mays

I’m not much of a Thighmaster kinda guy, but I’ve seen a few infomercials in my time.

When I was a teenager I wondered why anybody would buy the stuff they sell. Vegetable graters, Ginsu knives, magic blenders, Shamwow, and 7 minute ab machines?

I thought: Overhyped garbage with sleazy salesmen.

But now that I have a decade of affiliate marketing experience under my belt, I can see the marketing matrix now.

An Easy Way to Find Profitable Placements (Before You Launch)

You’ve been spending the past few days preparing for a campaign.

Your affiliate manager says it’s hot, and you’ve done your research.

Everything’s ready to rock and roll!

But when you finally launch it you’re losing money, or you might not even be getting enough conversions to start split-testing.

What happened?

Is Bot Traffic Costing You Money?

1,298 impressions on your landing page…

But 0 people clicked on your CTA?


Surely at least a few people would click. Even people clicking by mistake.

Are you that bad at creating landing pages?