What Campaigns Can You Run Whitehat?

Affiliate marketers don’t have the best reputations out there.

We’re known for using ads and strategies that are ultra aggressive, and even borderline uncompliant. It’s hilarious when I go on Reddit and people make fun of affiliate ads with “Doctors Hate Her”, and “This 1 Weird Trick.”

I don’t think people enter this space with the intention of screwing people over. But when margins are low, bid prices are increasing, and your competition’s using dirty tactics, I can see why it becomes a dog eat dog world.

Profit’s Not Everything: The Hidden Power of Driving More Revenue

I was watching The Profit the other night and was reminded of a simple business lesson.

An ice cream maker wanted to increase their profit margins, and one of the keys to doing it was to get better pricing from their suppliers. (The less they have to pay for the ice cream ingredients, then the more profit they make)

They negotiated with their suppliers, and the suppliers were willing to give them better pricing if they could send enough volume. If they could fulfill a certain number of orders per year, then they’ll get a massive discount.

Create More Profitable Angles /w This 1 Weird Trick

I was talking to a newbie I met at a conference recently and he asked me an interesting question.

“Why are there only about 5 different landers in spy tools for any vertical?”

Here’s what I responded:

1. Because most affiliates are lazy (don’t complain about it, take advantage of it). Instead of making better angles / landing pages, they focus on other parts of their campaigns

Low on Cash? Here are the Affiliate Tools You NEED

Monthly Affiliate Marketing Budget: $500

Monthly cost of affiliate marketing services / software: $450

Money leftover for running traffic: $50

If this looks anything remotely similar to your situation then you’re doing it wrong.

I know you’re eager to make money, and you want every advantage you can get. The right tool or service can save you time and money.

The Affiliate Marketing Dictionary

I was so confused the first few months that I tried to learn affiliate marketing.

My main source of information at the time was forums. I was like an outsider eavesdropping on everyone’s conversation.

I had one big problem – I couldn’t understand any of the terms people were using. It was as if affiliate marketing was a secret society with its own language. And it’s not like I could go to urbandictionary to easily find out what something meant.

How to Create a Campaign Launch Checklist (It’ll Prevent Mistakes)

Humans inherently hate to use checklists.

It reminds me of those TV shows where men would take road trips and refuse to use maps or ask for directions. They’d get lost of course, and end up getting into a pointless adventure.

Why would they be so stubborn? I think it’s because of how simple some tools are, that using them feels like they’re insulting our memory.

How to Launch an Affiliate Marketing Campaign

I know that launching affiliate marketing campaigns can be overwhelming at times

A lot of you guys want to know how to do affiliate marketing, but you don’t wanna read 200+ posts on my site.

There are so many moving parts that you end up in a state of analysis paralysis than launching campaigns (because you’re scared of making mistakes.

Why Aren’t More Affiliate Marketers Building Lists?

What do you think is the biggest downside of being an affiliate marketer?

Common answers I’ve heard:

1. The competition ripping your campaigns

2. The up and down of the industry

3. Working alone all day in your basement

The Ultimate Guide to Scaling Your Campaigns

What you think I rap for, to push a fuckin’ Rav 4? – Kanye

I hit my first $500 profit a day back in 2008. Man I thought I was at the top of the world. I asked my affiliate manager how much revenue the top guy was doing on the offer.

My jaw dropped when he said $5,000+ a day.

I couldn’t understand how that was possible, and I had no idea how to scale the campaign to that level.

The 7 Stages of Being an Affiliate Marketer

I’ve helped many affiliates go from super newbies to super affiliates.

I’ve noticed everyone tends to go through the same path in affiliate marketing. I’m going to break down all the stages in the super affiliate journey kinda like affiliate marketing for dummies 101.

The benefit is you can identify where you’re at on the spectrum, and see what the main challenges are at each level.

Don’t worry if your evolution is going slower than others. Your goal should be to be better than you were last year, and to keep getting better.