The 9 Best Books I Read in 2020 (+ Key Takeaways)

Reading is steroids for your mind. I can’t believe that for $10 and a few hours, I can learn what took someone a lifetime to figure out. 

When I first started reading business books, I was obsessed with motivation and mindset. I wanted to become an entrepreneur and needed all the motivation I could get.

As I start running affiliate marketing campaigns, I studied every marketing and copywriting book I could get my hands on to boost my conversions. Then I hired my first employees. My daily Kindle reading was about leadership and management.

What am I reading these days? I’ve realized how little I know and how many blind spots I have in my mind.

My 10 Favorite Things I Bought This Year for Under $100

I’m always on the hunt for items that can make my life more productive and convenient. Is it worth $70 to permanently increase the quality of your sleep for the rest of your life?

I think so.

So here’s a list of items that I’ve bought this year that have improved my quality of life, and are worth the price.

The Ngo Christmas Gift Guide – 2018

It’s crazy that we’re only a few weeks away from Christmas. This year has been like one long Fast & Furious movie.

When it comes to Christmas, I prefer GIVING gifts over receiving them.


I love getting to introduce people to cool things. Plus, it feels really good to give things to people. To make others happy. And what’s the point of having money if you can’t put it to good use?

The Top 5 Books I’ve Read in 2018 (and my Biggest Takeaways)

The 4 Hour Work Week gave me the motivation to start my own business one day.

How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win taught me how to think in systems.

Tested Advertising Methods introduced me to the concept of split-testing.

It’s crazy to think where my life would be if I didn’t develop the reading habit.

I’ve Read 90+ Books This Year: Here Are My Top 3

[easyazon_link identifier=”0062302450″ locale=”US” tag=”affc06-20″]SmartCuts[/easyazon_link]

[easyazon_link identifier=”1451627068″ locale=”US” tag=”affc06-20″]The 4 Disciplines of Execution[/easyazon_link]

[easyazon_link identifier=”0070479046″ locale=”US” tag=”affc06-20″]The Mind of a Strategist[/easyazon_link]

Ngo Gear Guide – October 2015 & Life in Miami

Welcome to a long overdue edition of the Ngo Gear Guide.

I buy cool products all the time, and share with you my favorites! Lets get to it!

Mini-segway / Electric Scooter / Hoverboard

I’m sure you’ve seen people riding them around.

It goes by many names – mini-segway, electric scooter, and sometimes the hoverboard. It’s 2015 and unfortunately we don’t have a flying hoverboard like Back to the Future yet.

Ngo’s Favorite Gear Volume 2

Gear Guide Volume 1

Here’s another edition of Ngo’s favorite gear where I share with you some products that have made my life easier.

I got an amazing response from the last edition where quite a few of you bought the Roost stand, foam roller, and Chocolate Super food. I appreciate the Amazon commissions as well!

Feel free to provide feedback on your experiences with any of these items.

Packing Cubes

Review: The Productivity Blueprint – Can This Course Double Your Productivity?

productivity blueprint review

My friends at AsianEfficiency have released their biggest project yet called the Productivity Blueprint. It’s a comprehensive video course on productivity that will take even the laziest guy out there and make them Asian Efficient.


I am good friends with the guys behind AsianEfficiency, and the links I am using are affiliate links where I received a commission. However, I will do my best to review the product on its own merits and without any bias. 

Ngo’s Favorite Gear Volume 1

People have enjoyed my book recommendations as of late so I thought I’d expand it to other products. I’m always on the hunt for buying cool things that make my life easier.

I think seeing how someone spends their money, shows insights into what they value and what they’re focusing on.

If you’ve bought anything useful I might be interested in checking out then please leave a comment.

The Roost Stand

What: Portable Laptop Stand