A Step by Step Guide to Validating an eCommerce Product [with a Low Budget]

It’s fast to validate campaigns in the affiliate marketing world.

You get some offer recommendations from your affiliate manager.

You reverse engineer competitors with a spy tool to see what’s working.
You “borrow” some landing pages.

And you come up with some angles to make the campaign your own.

Increase Your Product’s Price and Conversion Rates with Value Stacking

“Competition is for losers” – Peter Thiel

I love studying strategy and competition.

I’ve learned that it’s rarely a good idea to compete on having the lowest price.

Imagine that you have a product or a service, and your only advantage is that you’re cheaper than the competition.

The 7-Step E-Commerce Homepage Framework for Maximum Branding and Conversions

As direct response marketers, we’ve always focused on one thing – getting the conversion

If you’re investing $1 into paid ads, then you’re hoping the campaign spits out more money than you put in. 

There’s no brand building, and there’s no long term thinking since you don’t have access to any data.


When I think about the future of this industry, I see more and more people focused on using their affiliate marketing skills to build brands.

AdPlexity eCommerce 2018 Review: The Best Product Research Tool for Shopify

Love em or hate em – “spy tools” are a big part of affiliate marketing now.

It’s an easy way for you to stay on top of trends, get ideas for your own campaigns, and they can even help you reverse engineer other people’s campaigns.

Instead of going in “blind”, you can use these tools to easily see what ads, offers, and landing pages that your competition is running.

There are a lot of tools out there, but I think Adplexity makes the best products out there easily.

What is Epacket Shipping? The Ecommerce Dropshipping Solution

“Where is my damn fidget spinner? It’s been 5 weeks and still NOTHING. I want my money back right now or else I’m calling the cops.”

This is the #1 problem newbies have with Shopify dropshipping.

They are terrified that people are gonna rip them to pieces because the shipping times suck.

Someone orders something from their drop shipping site…and it takes foreeeeeeever to arrive. Like Lord of the Rings Extended Edition forever.

My 9-Step Process For Upselling and Cross Selling on Shopify

Every time I shop on Amazon, I end up buying at least three things.

If I buy a set of steak knives, they offer me a knife sharpener and a knife holder. You can’t say no to that kinda offer.

Their upsell game is so strong and so relevant, it doesn’t even feel like they’re selling. It’s like they actually just know what I want.

That’s exactly the point of ecommerce upselling and cross selling.

5 Easy Ways to Find Profitable Ecommerce Products to Sell

Remember GI Joe?

Sure you do.

You probably watched the cartoon and played with the action figures as a kid. Maybe you still play with the action figures. Hey, I’m not judging.

At the end of every show, GI Joe would say, “Knowing is half the battle.”

This came after a public service announcement like, “Don’t get into cars with strangers,” or, “Don’t do drugs,” or, “Don’t gamble with your own money, use your parents.” Okay maybe not the last one.