How to Place a Tracking Pixel When the Advertiser Won’t Allow You to

If you want to run profitable online campaigns, then being able to track your data is essential. It’s how you can tell which of your ads, landing pages, and targeting converts the best.

Not tracking your data is like driving across the country without a map or GPS. You’ll have no idea if you’re heading in the right direction.

There are multiple ways to track a campaign.

Facebook Exclusion Targeting: an Easy Way to Squeeze More Profits

Imagine these two scenarios.

Scenario #1: You own a dating website that has been around for ten years. You already have thousands of members, but you want to keep expanding,  so you launch some new ad campaigns.

Would you want to show your ads to people who are already members? No, you’d be wasting your money.

Scenario #2: You’re trying to retarget people who have visited your blog. Your goal is to get them to sign up for your email list.

A Step by Step Guide on Retargeting Ads on Facebook

Back in the “good old days”, you used to be able to run ads and get clicks for pennies.

It was fantastic.

Put up an ad, throw a couple hundred dollars into it, and you could create a tsunami of traffic for your offer.

But the good old days are gone, and running ads on Facebook is getting more and more expensive. There’s more competition than ever (and because apparently being a multi-billionaire isn’t good enough for Mark Zuckerberg…)
But if you know the right tactics, you can seriously drive DOWN your ad costs and INCREASE your ROI.

The Facebook Marketer’s Checklist For Creating High-Converting Ads

I learned an expensive lesson a few years ago.

I had a flight overseas and I rushed my packing. I showed up at the airport, and I forgot that I needed a Visa.

They wouldn’t let me board the flight.

It was a nightmare situation. I had to pay $200 to file an emergency Visa and another $150 to catch a standby flight (which took 8 hours).

I vowed never to make that mistake again.

How To Unlock The Super Power Of Facebook Behavioral Targeting

Let me totally honest for a second: Facebook advertising should probably be illegal.

I hope it never happens because it’s awesome for affiliate marketers.


Because it gives you the power to be a mind reader. You can be like Professor X.

You can know what people like, the kinds of things they buy, the music they listen to, and their favorite restaurants.

6 New Facebook Features You Need To Know In 2018

I deleted my personal Facebook account a long time ago. It’s such a TIME SUCK.

Is it really the best use of my time to take a quiz about which Overwatch character I am? Probably not (even though I’m sure I’m a Zenyatta).

Plus, the more I use Facebook, then the more data they collect on me which is kinda creepy.


…and this is important…

3 Simple Ways To Build Your Facebook Pixel and Custom Audience

In every sport, there are certain “fundamentals” that you have to master in order to be successful.

In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, you need to master a “hip escape” which helps you escape from bad positions.

Basketball players must master passing, and soccer requires great dribbling.

When you’re first starting out, it might be tempting to try and learn all the flashy moves. But you won’t get far in anything unless you master the basics first.

How To Use Flex Targeting on Facebook to Get Laser Targeted Traffic

Have you ever noticed how HORRIBLE Netflix is at making recommendations?

For example, I love Dave Chappelle.

Because of this, Netflix will recommend other standup comedians like Jerry Seinfeld.

But I don’t like Jerry Seinfeld – not my style of humour.

Netflix assumes that because I like Dave Chappelle, I must like all stand up comedy.

4 Simple, Powerful Ways To Scale Your Facebook Ads

What’s the difference between small-time affiliate making chump change…

…and the super affiliates making thousands of dollars per day?

Between the Jesse Pinkman’s and the Walter White’s?


Are you really going to put in all this work just to make $50 a day?

9 Reasons Why Facebook Rejects Your Ads (and How to Prevent it)

Facebook’s the gold standard in advertising. It has the largest volume of quality traffic in the world and the most advanced targeting. 

But running traffic on Facebook can sometimes feel like you’re in a horrible one-sided, relationship. 

Run FB for a few years and it starts feeling like Stockholm syndrome. 

First, they’re always getting mad at you and won’t tell you why. Come on, tell me why my ads got rejected! I’ll change, I swear!