Why Google Might Flag Your Landing Page (and What to Do About it)

What’s one of your biggest fears when you’re buying paid traffic?

For me, it’s an error happening on my landing page while I’m busy.

I remember times where I’ve lost money overnight because the server crashed while I was sleeping. Your landing page may be down, but the traffic source is still going to keep sending those clicks.

But besides the server crashing, there’s another error you might face as an affiliate marketer.

Prevent Landing Page Downtime: My Favorite Website Monitoring Service

I remember waking up a few years ago in an amazing mood.

I had plenty of sleep, my coffee was delicious, and I was ready to conquer the day.

My mood went from 100 to 0 real quick when I checked my stats overnight

I spent around $5,500 in traffic while I was sleeping, but the stats showed $0 in revenue.

How To Use Voluum Tokens To Personalize Landing Pages

Landing pages can make you a LOT of money, but most affiliates are doing them wrong.

You want people to feel that the landing page is designed exactly for THEM. This is one of the main rules of copywriting – tailor your message to your audience.

There’s one easy way to do this and it’s by using Voluum tokens.

This is going to be a tutorial-style post. There’s a bit of code involved but it’s just copy and paste.

How To Build Killer Landing Pages with Software (Even If You Can’t Code)

Some affiliate marketers know how to code.

Others don’t know the first thing about HTML or CSS and rely on landing page software.

And here’s the thing: you really should learn how to code. I’m not the best programmer, but I know the basics. Check out CodeAcademy if you wanna learn the basics for free, and then start working on your own landers.

Landing page software – like the kind I’ll show you below – all have weaknesses. You’ll never have full control over your campaigns if you can’t do your own coding.

Improve Your Landing Page Conversion Rates Using These 6 Rules

One of the “levers” in making a campaign more profitable is your landing page.

After someone clicks on your ad, your landing page is the “salesman” that converts the “curious” into a lead / sale.

The higher the conversion rate on your page, the more money you make.

You can see that having a great landing page is crucial to profitability.

Here’s What’s Missing in Your International Campaigns

One of my favorite parts of traveling is to see how American companies adapt overseas.

Some don’t even adapt at all – they pretty much copy & paste their stores.

The smart ones will put in the extra work to localize their offerings to the country. For example, Starbucks just opened up in Vietnam last year. They added in Vietnamese style coffees to the menu.

Warning: Landing Pages Using Voluum May be Flagged for Viruses

UPDATE: Read the bottom for an update from Voluum

A few days ago something happened to websites using the Voluum tracking solution.

If a visitor has anti-virus software on their computer such as Norton or Avast, then it’ll give them a popup warning that your landing page might have a virus / dangerous. You can imagine how this would affect conversion rates. In some cases they’ll even blank out your entire landing page to protect the user.

Are You Making This Landing Page Mistake?

landing page mistakes

When it comes to landing – or pre-sell – pages, many new, and even experienced, affiliate marketers make this one big  landing page mistake.

Everyone knows a proper pre-sell page can make or break a campaign. Landing pages convince your customers to take action. Your average affiliate marketer will split-test headlines, images, and the sales copy to improve his or her pages. All that activity isn’t useful, however, if you can’t judge which one’s the real winner.