The Ultimate Guide To Mobile Pop Traffic: Popunder + Popup

mobile pop traffic

Mobile marketing has been on fire for the past few years.

Mobile pop traffic is the source where a lot of newer affiliates got their start and created their first $1k a day campaign.

There are a ton of mobile traffic sources to choose from, plenty of offers, and it’s simple to get started in.

But there’s also a lot of confusion around mobile.

[Video] Mobile Q&A Sessions /w Benjamin Yong

Benjamin Yong

Charles Ngo.

Benjamin Yong.

Two of the best affiliate marketers in the world hang out and answer your questions on mobile marketing.

16 questions. 1 hour long. Non-stop knowledge bombs. We had fun shooting this video and hope you receive tons of value from it. There’s not too much mobile marketing content out there right now for free, so enjoy!

Thanks again Benjamin Yong for coming on the show!

Big Changes by Google to Affect Mobile Affiliate Marketers

Charles Ngo News (CNN)

Google has sent an email to Android app developers the other day with updates to Google play policy. You can read the email at Android Police.

There is one section (pictured above) that directly affects affiliates.

Here are my guesses on how this will affect mobile affiliates.

How to Make Money With Mobile Content Offers (Pin Submits)

mobile pin submits

The following is a guest post by Alexander Tsatkin, who is the Vice President of Mobile at Matomy Media Group

In this guide, I will teach you exactly what mobile content offers (pin submits) are, how to run them, and why they’re so awesome.

Before I get started, I want to point out that CPA affiliate networks use different names for these types of offers. Mobile content offers can also be called premium SMS, mobile subscription, pin submits, etc.