Thoughts on Racism and Riots

I didn’t think 2020 could get scarier, but here we are.

I’ve always avoided talking about politics, religion, or anything too controversial – it’s not my style.

But there are some issues where it’d be wrong to remain neutral or silent on. 

So here it goes.

I’m Asian American. 

Affiliate Marketing Black Friday Deals – 2019 Edition

Alright, hopefully, you survived the Turkey coma and maybe your crazy in-laws.

Thanksgiving’s over, and it’s time for Black Friday!

You know me, I love saving money. But I’m not into waiting in line at Best Buy at 4am, or the possibility of being trampled so Karen can get her Big Screen TV.

What’s Hot? Affiliate Marketing Trends in 2018

Here’s one thing I HATE about the New Year: I get bombarded with questions about my “predictions for what’s hot in affiliate marketing in 2018.”

I can understand why people ask me this: no one wants to miss any upcoming waves, and no one wants to waste valuable time in a dying niche.

Just remember that information is one of the most influential currencies in the industry. Spend time networking, attending conferences, spying on the competition, and doing your analysis, so you’re always up to date with the latest news.

I turned 33 – here’s what I’m thinking

*Somewhere over the Pacific Ocean*

I turned 33 a few days ago (4 Dec).

Worst birthday ever.

The day got sandwiched between an event in Austin and Affiliate World Asia in Bangkok.

I spent my birthday stuck on a plane for 24 hours.

Black Friday Deal: Adplexity 35% Off Lifetime

adplexity discount

It’s that time of the year.

20 emails /day pitching you the deal of the century.

The biggest problem with sales is that we fool ourselves into thinking we’re saving money… But we would never buy the product if it wasn’t on sale in the first place.

My philosophy with sales is that they are great…  If I was gonna buy the thing anyway.

That’s the reason for this blog post.

The Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Marketing – Official Launch!

affiliate marketing guide

As of today I’ve published 253 affiliate marketing articles on since 2012. This is a secretive industry and I’ve done my best to help guys like you out any way I can.

I have noticed some small problems.

1. That’s a lot of content…it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and suffer from information overload.

2. There’s not a guide that breaks everything down into a step by step method from the beginning.

The 26 Best Affiliate Marketing Conferences In The World

affiliate world conferences

The first affiliate marketing conference I attended changed my life.

I took a week’s vacation time from my job and went to Affiliate Summit East in 2008.

I met some of my favorite affiliate marketing bloggers. I met with my affiliate managers and formed relationships. And I met other affiliate marketing newbies who I masterminded and learned from.

I Spent $8,000 on a new Redesign

Here we are 4 years later.

I started this blog as a passion project a few years ago. Imagine running campaigns for 5 years straight – You’ll be dying for a new challenge!

But I wasn’t enthusiastic at all about starting it. I was telling myself: 

  • That’s time you could spend running campaigns
  • Why would share information for free and create your own competition?
  • I’m Leaving Miami…Here’s Where I’m Going

    One of the best benefits of the internet marketing lifestyle is you can CHOOSE where you wanna live. All you need is your laptop and good wifi, and you can set up shop anywhere you want.

    Where you choose to live is one of the most important decisions of your life. Imagine how different your life would be if you grew up or lived in a different place. It affects your friendships, work opportunities, and maybe even your love life.

    Where have I lived the past few years?

    My Affiliate World: Europe Journey [Video]

    I just spent an amazing week at Affiliate World Europe in Berlin!

    The first Affiliate World was in Bangkok Dec 2015, and they added in Europe to the mix.

    Me and my team put together a quick video showing my journey.

    I wish I could’ve captured more footage – I’ll make sure to bring more camera guys next time.