How Much Should You Pay Your Media Buyers?

One good media buyer could be your ticket to early retirement.

One bad affiliate marketer / media buyer could bankrupt you.

The difference comes down to paying them right, so you get the most bang for your buck and making sure they don’t steal your campaigns.

There’s never been a better time for the quote:

“You get what you pay for”.

Tools to Help You Manage a Remote Team

manage remote team

I’ve been back and forth between having an office vs running a remote team for years.

I can say that there is no best – you gotta figure out what works for you.

I moved to New York City earlier this year and running remote has saved me a ton of overhead.

You know how much an office in NYC costs? Or if every single employee I had lived in NYC?

Plus I’m not even sure how long I wanna stay in this. I like the freedom / flexibility of running a remote team.

How to Have Productive, Profitable Meetings

how to have effective team meetings

My first job straight out of college was for a marketing agency.

I loved the job. My co-workers were amazing, and I got hands on experience with Google Adwords (without bleeding my own money).

But there was one part of the job that I hated…


I took this job to learn about internet marketing, not to sit in on meetings all day!

How to Become a Master Delegator

What gets you most excited when you think about affiliate marketing?

  • Doing money angels in a giant pile of cash?
  • Moving to Bangkok and partying with Nickycakes at Funkyvilla?
  • The freedom to do what you want (kitesurfing, competitive roller derby, go cart racing, etc.) when you want?

    Here’s the good news: you CAN have all those things.

  • 7 Ways to Become a Better Leader

    One of the most important steps for you to build a successful company is to start hiring people.

    It’s not easy.

    I hired my first employee 8 years ago and I’m still learning about people every day.

    But I noticed most people will ask these type of questions:

  • What website do you use to find employees?
  • 8 Simple Affiliate Marketing Tasks You Should Be Outsourcing

    When I first started affiliate marketing, my goal was to make $40k a year and live in Bangkok. Seriously, that’s it. I didn’t have any big ambitions to take over the world. I didn’t plan to outsource marketing to overseas contractors or build a big business.

    I’d just read the 4 Hour Work Week and I wanted to live the “New Rich” lifestyle that Tim Ferriss talks about.

    I far surpassed my income goal in my first year, but I had one huge problem:

    How to Find and Hire Your First Rockstar Team Member

    As your affiliate marketing business grows, how will you hire your first team member and stay one step ahead of the competition?

    You could put in more hours by yourself, but this really isn’t the answer to all your problems.

    You guys should know I hate the concept of being a one man army. You only have 24 hours in a day, and one person can’t compete against an optimized team.

    You’re only one person, and you you can only do so much. Don’t burn yourself out when there’s a better option.

    Can you be successful in affiliate marketing without a team?

    I wanna take a second to show you the benefits of having a team for internet marketing businesses.

    Let’s think about a few things…

    Do you think Warren Buffet does his own laundry?

    Does Kobe Bryant mow his own lawns?

    I’m pretty sure they don’t. They’ve made a ton of money and use it to BUY BACK their time.

    How Can You Prevent Employees From Stealing Campaigns?

    Every affiliate reaches a breaking point where they have to go from a one man operation into a team.

    They know that they’re the bottleneck, and it’s hard to compete unless they grow.

    There’s one big problem though: how do you find employees and keep them loyal? I know the feeling well. It’s an uncomfortable process to trust your livelihood to other people.