10 Valuable Lessons that I Learned in 2020

We raced to find toilet paper.

We panicked as the stock market nosedived in March.

We’ve never seen more fighting going on in our Facebook newsfeeds. 

And we’ve never spent more time alone and isolated.

It’s safe to say that we’re never going to forget 2020. We all went through a lot of pain this year. I’ve learned that pain is one of life’s best way of teaching us. 

She Said Yes! Go Behind the Scenes of My Surprise Proposal

If you read my “Turning 35” year old post last month, you might’ve remembered reading about my doubts about proposing and getting married.

Surprise, surprise…I’m engaged!

The truth is that I’ve been planning to propose to my girlfriend, Fiorella, for the past six months.

Turning 35 – Thoughts on Leaving Affiliate Marketing, and Life

I turned 35 a few days ago.

Where did the time go? Has it been five years since I wrote my 30th birthday blog post?

I’ve read so many books that encourage us to think long term – we should look ten or even twenty years into the future. What’s the big vision?

My Experiences in New York City

I was born and raised in Atlanta, GA. I even went to university here.

I’ve always wondered what it’s like to live in different cities.

My parents were refugees from Vietnam. Eventually, they decided to move to Atlanta because one of my Dad’s cousins was out here. When you’re in a new country without any money and you don’t speak the language, that one connection can make the difference.

So that’s how I ended up in Atlanta.

What Ten Years in Affiliate Marketing Has Taught Me

Ten years ago, I took a week off from my job to attend Affiliate Summit East.

At that time I was making more money from affiliate marketing than my job…but I didn’t have the courage to quit.

I spent a few days hanging out with other affiliates at the conference, and then I wrote my two-week notice letter on the airplane ride home.

I wasn’t a caged lion ready to be released into the jungle – more like a timid meerkat peeking around the corner.

5 Life Lessons I’ve Learned from Training Brazilian Jiujitsu

I achieved a goal last week that I’ve been chasing for close to a decade.

After eight years of training off and on, 600+ hours of mat time, five competitions, and three different academies, I finally achieved my blue belt in Brazilian Jiujitsu.

And what’s really meaningful is that I was given the belt by my professor, Marcelo Garcia, considered by many to be the greatest practitioner ever.

See Marcelo’s video here.

See, I’m a small and unathletic nerd.

The Ketogenic Diet: What I Learned From Two Months of Zero Carbs

I’m addicted to experimenting.

At any given time, I’m performing some sort of experiment in order to improve my life. I’ve tried out polyphasic sleep, I do float tank sessions every month, and I drink bulletproof coffee every morning.

But the ONE area of my life I’ve never experimented with much was my diet.

I’ve always known that your diet is a huge lever – but I LOVE food.

Vegetarian? How can I live without meat?

Lonely From Working at Home? Here’s How to Deal With it

You already know by now why most people want to become affiliate marketers.

You either want to make Lamborghini money, or you want the freedom that comes along with one.

One huge motivation for me is that I wanted to work from home.

That meant:

  • No more ironing my dress clothes for work every morning.
  • 2018 Edition: My Latest Health Hacks and Gadgets

    I was 18 years old.

    My goal was to build muscle. Everyone has their body goals. Mine was to be mean, and lean like Bruce Lee. 

    I trained like an animal 5 times per week. I was even using routines written by Arnold that I saw in a magazine.

    But despite my best efforts, I wasn’t gaining muscle. I was tired all the time, and getting frustrated.

    I Deleted My Facebook a Year Ago: Here’s What Happened

    A year ago I deactivated my Facebook account

    (Note: I’m referring to my personal Facebook. I still have a business page that’s run by my team)

    Have you ever had a situation before where you gotta go into “monk mode?”

    This was my life back in college.

    A final exam would be coming up and I’d tell myself “It’s time for monk mode.” No partying with the boys, no social media, no video games, etc. I’d temporarily starve myself of fun in order to squeeze that extra juice of productivity.