What I’ve Learned About Happiness

We’re going through a mental health crisis.

According to a 2016 study, 17% of millennials suffer from depression. 14% of them suffer from anxiety.

That study is from several years ago.

What do you think is going to happen to those numbers due to the Pandemic?

The Most Important Skill in the Next Decade

In my third year of college, I saw many of my friends and classmates getting kicked out of school.

If you don’t maintain a certain Grade Point Average, the school decides they don’t want you as a student anymore.

Georgia Tech IS a difficult school, but I don’t think that was the problem. These students were intelligent or else they wouldn’t have gotten accepted in the first place.

How to Build Yourself a Personal KPI Dashboard and Measure Your Progress

Everyone loves setting goals.

Head over to Pinterest and you’ll find thousands of vision boards with unfulfilled dreams. When it’s January 1st, you can expect your Newsfeed to be flooded with people declaring that “this year is different.”

We all know that setting goals is the fun and easy part, but completing them is a different animal. What’s the missing piece to the puzzle?

In my experience, the most overlooked aspect is measuring your progress.

Thinking Time: The Secret Weapon of Billionaires

Sometimes it can feel like you’re a firefighter when you’re running a business.

As soon as you wake up, people are already blowing up your emails and Slack with their problems and issues. You don’t get to work on your “big ideas” because you’re constantly putting all these little fires.

And you know Murphy’s Law, as soon as things start to calm down, something else hits you sideways.

I call it Hamster in a wheel syndrome. It’s where you’re working your ass off, but you’re in the same spot a year later.

Strategies to Make 2019 Your Best Year Ever

I LOVE how everyone gets pumped up a new year rolls around.

It’s like the universe gives everyone a shot of dopamine and a kick in the ass when January 1st hits.

Every year I set New Year Resolutions, and like everyone else, I don’t always complete mine by the end of the year.

In fact, I think some of them I dropped after a few months. For example…

Structure is the Key to Success

In 2008, a plumber decided to quit his job and train in mixed martial arts full-time. He was going to pursue his dreams of becoming a UFC champion.

Over the next few years, he trained hard and battled his way through the local circuits.

Win after win finally led to him getting his UFC title shot in 2015. If he could win this match, he’d become a champion.

Standing in his way was Jose Aldo.

Becoming Defensive and Lowering Your Exposure to Risks

My values are starting to change as I get older.

I want to “settle down” and start a family within a few years. Because of that, my mind is starting to focus more on security.

It’s not something I cared much about in my 20’s because no one relied on me, but things change when you get older and people start depending on you.

A few years ago, I was talking to a friend and he introduced me to the concept of becoming more “defensive” in business.

Gap Analysis: a Strategic Way of Achieving More Goals

How can you be happy?

Google this and you’ll find a bajillion articles from life coaches, each with their own set of tips, strategies, and weird practices (like thanking your clothes after you wear them – seriously).

I have a much simpler answer – one that doesn’t involve having conversations with your clothes.

Check it out:

There’s who you are right now, and there’s who you want to be.

My First MANCATION – Ice Baths and Knowledge Bombs

mancation ideas and destination

Friend: What’s the feeling you want everyone to walk away from this event with?

Me: Sexual exhaustion.

Group: *Laughs*

Me: I want everyone walking away from this event with new friendships, and knowing that you’re not alone in this journey to crush life.

The idea of the mancation came from a trip that my friend Thanh and I took to Colombia last year.