How to Launch a Mobile Pops Campaign w/

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One big problem newbies have is dealing with the “technical” side of affiliate marketing.

Traffic sources have been innovating over the years. Each year there’s more targeting options and more features added on to help you become more profitable.

The problem is it that it can be information overload if you’re newer to the space.

The Traffic Source Doesn’t Suck…You Do

Here’s the #1 most annoying mindset I see newbies have in affiliate marketing (according to me getting 150+ questions a day through my email).

They think there’s some “magic” or “secret” traffic source or vertical out there. If all they do is get on the right traffic source, then they’ll all of a sudden be on their way to $10k+ a day.

I had an email chat with someone the other day and he asked for a few traffic source recommendations to start with.

How Low Bids Can be Costing You Profitable Campaigns

I had no idea how to tackle bidding when I first started running campaigns.

My reaction (and I’m sure of many newbies) was to bid the bare minimum. I wanted to play it safe and not lose any money. Once I started tracking and testing I realized that bidding higher was more profitable most of the time.

Why Bidding Lower Doesn’t Mean Increased Profits

In a normal business you can save money by buying your goods for cheaper.