Traveling is Stressful: Use These 8 Apps to Make Your Life Easier

One of the best perks of being in this industry is the travel!

You:Uhhh I gotta travel again to a conference”

Significant Other: “Where to?” 

You:Uhhh…well I’m going to Bangkok in December…and then I’m going to Las Vegas in January”

Significant Other: Why does your industry seem like a non-stop bachelor party.

Why I Moved Back to America After Living in Asia For 2 Years

It seems to be a right of passage for affiliate marketers each day. You become successful in the industry and immediately you start traveling (Bangkok or Chiang Mai most likely).

That was my initial goal. I didn’t dream about making a millions of dollars when I first started. My biggest influence was The Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris. All I wanted to do was make around $40,000 a year and go live cheap in Asia or South America.