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Interviews: Charles Ngo Question and Answer Session June 2015


I’ve just finished a Workshop here in NYC. And after a few days of networking, I’m here to drop some more Ngo Bombs in another Q&A Session for you guys.

Topics Covered

 Systemized thinking for launching and optimizing campaigns

 Networking and masterminding

 When to give up on a campaign

 The lifecycle of a vertical

 Staying motivated after achieving success

 Weaknesses are opportunities

 Risk vs reward

 2nd Mover’s advantage

Show Notes

1:21 – The next 3 steps after launching campaigns

2:20 – When to give up on a campaign

3:18 – The main reason behind a campaign failing

3:49 – Can you make money in Adult in 2015?

4:42 – My biggest challenges in affiliate marketing today

6:25 – How I stay motivated

8:28 – Staying focused on the routines of affiliate marketing

9:38 – Managing your fears and weaknesses

11:30 – Periscope

12:53 – Launching campaigns in new verticals

14:42 – Scaling to similar traffic sources

15:44 – My morning routine

19:35 – The real secret behind staying motivated







Odesk (Now known as Upwork)

Lean Gains

Insight Timer


Hey guys. How’s it going? It’s Charles Ngo. Right now, I’m shooting out of Manhattan. I’m in New York City. I just finished my AFFcelerator workshop. I just spent three days dropping knowledge for three days straight, eight hours a day. It was an amazing time. In a few hours I’m actually hosting a meet up in New York City. Last week I made a post on my Facebook page that it was time for another Q and A session. I haven’t done one of these in a few months. I had a lot of good questions. Let’s get started.

Question number one comes from Richard. He asks, “I joined StackThatMoney because of you. Now I have volume. I’m working with different traffic sources and affiliate networks. I launched 20 campaigns with 2 offers. I learned a lot about banners,

[inaudible 00:00:55] landing pages, tracking, end goals, and more. I did all the mobile learning on STM. I’ve read all the good threads. I’m making friends with AMs on Skype. I read all the books you recommended such as Cashvertising. What should I focus my extra time on right now? Is it 100% in campaign efforts? I need that next level of guidance. Many thanks for your content, and have a great week.”

First off, congratulations Richard for making it this far. I think you have a lot of potential, because you’ve pretty much followed my advice and you’re taking action. I think there are three things you can do right now. The first one is focus on launching more campaigns and start developing your systems. You want to start optimizing and developing your optimization formulas. That’s the first thing you have to do. The second is at your level it really pays off for networking. You can try to network with people who are on your level through conferences or through forums. If you find the right guy, they can really take your game to the next level. You want to find good masterminds either online or local. Find a guy you can share good information with such as an affiliate wing man. Number three is I see you said that you need that next level guidance. I’m going to pitch a little bit, but I have the AFFcelerator workshop. If you’re interested, send me an email. I can help you get there.

Question number two comes from Ahmed Shah, “Failed campaigns. Does it happen to you even in 2015 after being in the industry for eight years? If it does, what is the usual reason for your campaign failure in 2014 to 2015? When do you put the campaign aside and move on, or do you hustle until you get a positive ROI in every campaign?”

Yes, I still have campaigns that fail after eight years. It’s impossible to have every single campaign profitable. Look at baseball, you only need to bat at least 30%, hit the ball 30% in order to get into the Hall of Fame. Affiliate marketing campaigns are kind of the same way. Not every single campaign is going to make money. For me, the difference between me and other guys is when I enter a campaign I don’t go in blind. I do a lot of research. I have a higher chance of getting it profitable. Second is while some guys when they launch a campaign they can scale it to maybe $500 a day at most, I know how to scale it to five figures a day and beyond.

His next question is what is the main reason why I fail. I think one of the main reasons why I fail is due to the offer. Some offers just don’t convert. If the offer can’t convert then my best angle, my best ads, my best landing pages can’t save the campaign. A lot of the campaign failure is it doesn’t work and there’s nothing I can do about it. What I do is I have a good team and speed of implementation. We launch a lot of campaigns. We find the ones that do hit and we scale it.

Number three, Chris Bronze. “Hi, Charles. Do you recommend adult in 2015? I’ve been trying to make tier three countries work for more than six months and nothing seems to work. What’s your advice?”

People are still making money in adult. I know of several guys doing a lot of money in adult. In general, I don’t recommend adult for newbies. You want to think about campaigns in terms of their life cycles. Personally, I like to enter a campaign or a vertical while it’s hot. Adult is kind of mature, so you’re coming in and competing against guys that pretty much have it figured out and systemized. It’s an uphill battle. Personally, I recommend doing something like mobile where there’s a lot more opportunity involved. A huge part of success is picking the game that you play, choosing where you compete. Personally, I don’t like working hard. I mean I work hard, but I would prefer to have a campaign that is a lot easier for me to be successful in.

The next one comes from Tori Vang, “Charles, it’s hard to ask you a question that you haven’t already answered. What are the biggest challenges you’ve faced with affiliate marketing throughout the years, such as the world, the trends, and the Internet change?”

Well, I think there’s a quote in affiliate marketing, it’s “adapt or die.” To be successful in affiliate marketing, you’re always going to have to deal with the changes that come. For me, I guess the biggest changes are probably dealing with the rules and regulations. Because every few months it seems like some of the biggest campaigns I run, there are new rules and regulations. I run a lot of app install traffic. All the sudden, now I can’t run it on pop-unders anymore. That’s the biggest thing I have to deal with. It’s not that bad, because I do feel even though the traffic source changes as long as you have a solid understanding of the fundamentals, you can make it work anywhere. Because on any traffic source, it’s still the angle, the ads, the offers, and the landing pages. That doesn’t really change much.

Another big challenge I have is I think affiliate marketing is becoming more competitive. In order for me to stay on the cutting edge, I have my teams and I have a lot of good networking. I mastermind with some of the top super affiliates in the world. On my Skype there’s at least 75 affiliate millionaires. One way I stay cutting edge is I’m constantly networking. I spend two hours a day on the phone, on Skype, just networking with other affiliates. That’s turned into a big competitive advantage for me.

The next question comes from Yi [inaudible 00:06:24]. His question is more about the mindsets. “What motivates you to push yourself harder? You have no boss. No one is monitoring your score. How do you discipline yourself?”

I think anyone can become motivated for a few days or a few months. Look at New Year’s resolutions, right? People get motivated for a few days and then they disappear. For me, I’ve been doing this for eight years nonstop. Yes, I do get burned out, but for the most part I’ve been pretty consistent with my motivation. To be honest, I have enough money at this point to retire. I’m pretty much financially independent, especially if I go to Bangkok or go to Vietnam where it doesn’t cost as much. That’s actually what keeps me motivated. At first, I was motivated by money. Once I made enough, I found that I didn’t really have that much motivation anymore. What helped was to set bigger goals, bigger challenges for myself. Some of my goals are I want to become more influential, more well known in the Internet marketing space. Before, I didn’t really care about that, because I’m a pretty low key guy. I like my privacy. Then I talked to someone and they were

like, “Charles, if you have a gift, you have knowledge that could change people’s lives, it’s your duty to spread your message as far as possible.” For me, I have the challenge of becoming more well-known. I have the challenge of changing people’s lives. I teach some students and all of the sudden they’re doing, like, five figures a day. I changed their life. Not only did I change their life, but I’ve indirectly changed other people’s lives because now they can hire employees. Now, they’ve provided more comforts to their family. That’s what motivates me, continuously challenging myself. If you told 18-year-old me I would have this much money, I’m traveling the world, and I have so many people following me, I wouldn’t have believed it. That’s why now I’m curious. I’m 30 years old. Where am I going to be at 40? Where am I going to be at 50? I’m only going to go up. I’m not going to go down.

This next one is, “How do you focus on the boring routines to achieve the result you desire in affiliate marketing fitness?”

A lot my life is boring. It’s routine. That’s what’s required for success. You see Michael Phelps, you see him in the Olympics, but you don’t think about man, this guy’s swimming every day for, like, 15 years straight. There’s a lot of boredom and routine, and it requires a lot of discipline. How do I deal with it? The first one is there’s always a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. I’ll go through these work cycles where I’m intense for one or two months, but then I know there’s a trip for me. I go to Asia. I go to Europe. Or, I teach a seminar somewhere else. I look forward to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

The second thing is I measure and track my progress. Yes, some of the results can be boring, but if you know that it’s actually working, it’s paying off, then you become more motivated. Say that you’re working out all the time, going to the gym, and keeping track of your diet. If you’re not seeing any results, you’re not seeing a change, it’s hard to stay motivated. If you’re tracking your results, you’re taking pictures, and you actually can see that you’re building muscle or you’re losing weight then that’s going to help keep you more motivated.

Number three, he asks “You said you fear public speaking. How did you manage fear, taking risks in business, and working through uncertainty, a.k.a. the roller coaster affiliate marketing?”

Look, I have a lot of fear. I have a lot of weaknesses. One thing I’ve realized is weaknesses are opportunities. There are plenty of other people in affiliate marketing who are just as smart as me, who

know just as much about affiliate marketing if not more. But, I’ve carved out a nice little niche for myself because I’m one of the few guys who can write, and I’m one of the very few guys who can go on stage, who has the balls to go on stage, and speak. That was my weakness. Now, that is a strength. It actually has opened up a lot of opportunities for me. How do I deal with the fear? I balance the risk versus the reward, because sometimes we overestimate how big the fear is. Here’s an example. Let’s say tonight if I was single I’d go to the club. I’d go to the club. I’d see a girl I want to talk to. You feel the butterflies. You get approach anxiety. I usually think risk versus reward. What’s the risk? Okay, she just ignores me. I feel uncomfortable for a few seconds, then I

forget about it. What’s the reward? Hook up with her. She could be my wife or something or baby mama. The risk versus the reward is quite different. See, that’s what happens when you film in New York City. There are always going to be police sirens. There are always going to be fire trucks and stuff. I apologize for that. Yeah, man, if you want to get over fear, just take action. For me, instead of speaking on stage in front of 700 people, I started by speaking in front of a small Toastmasters meeting with five other people. You slowly build your way up.

Next, Daniel Nguyen asks, “Do you ever plan on using Periscope to do a live Q and A?”

Thanks for the suggestion. I didn’t know what Periscope was. I’ve heard about Meerkat and Periscope. I’ve seen my homey Malan D, Malan Darras, who likes to use Periscope. I saw this question. I

downloaded Periscope last night to check it out. It’s pretty cool. Periscope, for those of you who don’t know, is an app that connects to Twitter and does live broadcasting. Last night, I was on my cell phone. I pressed the broadcast. It was my first time using it. I’m just testing it out. All the sudden, like, 25 people hopped on and asking me, like, 100 questions. I’m like whoa, what the fuck man. I wasn’t prepared. It was super cool. I have the New York City meet up in a few hours, so I’m actually going to start broadcasting from there. Yeah, I’m going to start doing some more Periscope videos. They’re not going to be recorded. It’s going to be spontaneous, spur of the moment. Yeah, I travel to a lot of cool places. If I’m going to speak or I go to a conference or something, here’s a little special bonus. I’m always doing these AFFcelerator workshops. I will start Periscope-ing certain parts of it, so stay tuned. You never know when I’m going to start broadcasting and there’s going to be a huge knowledge bomb. Look out for me. The name is Dr Ngo.

Next question, Karen Dram. “What is your stance on trying to launch a campaign with relatively new products such as binary options? Do you research the product and then decide whether to do it or not, or do you only stick to the niches you know?”

In general, I like to stick to verticals I know. I like to stick to verticals that are proven. That’s because a large part of the success in an affiliate marketing campaign is due to the offer. If I’m launching a new campaign somewhere, I’ve never seen it before, I don’t know if it’s going to convert or not because I’ve never worked with the advertiser. Sometimes, I’m not trying to be the first mover, I’m trying to be the second mover. What I like to do is I’m usually not the first person in a vertical, but I have enough resources and information out there that if someone else is the innovator I’m the first one to jump on and I innovate it. I make it even better. I don’t try to reinvent the wheel, I just make it roll faster. For me, I don’t like to jump on new niches. I like to find existing ones and work my way up, because I know they’re proven already.

Next question, Ali L. “Great opportunity to ask you. What are you using to translate your landing pages, headlines and text?”

Ali, this is a pretty bad question. It’s like man, bro, you could ask me any question in the world you want. You’re asking me what translation services to use. I’ll go ahead and answer it. In general, I like onehourtranslation.com because it’s quick. It’s a little bit pricy. You can also try Fiverr or oDesk. In general, I like onehourtranslation.com.

Next question, Zachariah. “Thanks, Charles, for opening this Q and A opportunity to us. My question is this. Let’s say you found a profitable campaign on a popular traffic source such as PopAds. What would be the next pop network to use in scaling? And, any tips or tricks you have in scaling are appreciated.”

If you have something working on, let’s say, pop traffic, you have to do your research to see what other similar traffic sources are out there, such as Adcash or Zeropark. Yeah, make an Excel spreadsheet. Write down all the traffic sources and scale it out to there. The second tip I have is if it’s profitable in one country, such as Germany, then translate it and scale it to other countries. It’s not exactly as simple and copy and paste, but my favorite way of scaling is definitely other geos, other traffic sources.

Final question, “What’s your morning routine like for maximum performance? Can you walk us throughyour favorite products or routines that you have to do before you start your day? I’m having motivation problems and I would like to get some inspiration.”

I’ve talked about my morning routine quite a bit, but I’ll cover it again. 7:00 a.m., I wake up. I set an alarm every morning for 7:00 a.m. As soon as I wake up, I’m all groggy. It’s like oh, shit, what time is it. The first thing I do, I’ve got to drink a lot of water. I drink 16 ounces of water. The night before, I have a bottle of water ready for me and I start drinking it. I drink a lot of water, because your brain is dehydrated. Think about it. You haven’t had water in the past eight hours. That’s why as soon as you wake up you’re all groggy. The next thing I do is I use the restroom. Got to use the restroom. I shave. I take a shower. I do some manscaping or whatever. Exfoliate my face. Got to keep the baby face going. I do that. The next thing I do is go downstairs. I feed my dog.

Then, I grab my dog and take him for a walk. This is the part where you should definitely do some kind of physical activity. I walk my dog because I have to or else he’s going to shit in the house. The next thing is even if you don’t have a dog I recommend taking a walk around the neighborhood. It will definitely spur your creativity, and it’s really good to be in nature and get some exercise in. If you don’t want to take a walk… Because I’ve been to New York. I’m in New York right now. I’ve been to Hong Kong. They’re not really walk friendly places. There’s no nature. Try stretching or doing some sun salutations like doing some yoga. Next, I go back inside the house and there’s breakfast. Personally, I don’t eat breakfast. I do intermittent fasting. I find myself more productive in the morning if I don’t eat breakfast. Look up Leangains and look up intermittent fasting if you want some more information. Personally, I just make some black coffee. I get some organic beans and grind them up. I spend 10 minutes making some coffee. I grab my cup of coffee. I go outside, look at the view, and relax. Next, I go over my schedule for the day. I look at my calendar and I decide the top three tasks I have to do. Most of this I actually planned out the night before. In the morning I review it quickly. Next, I finally check . . . Wait, one more step. Next is I meditate. I meditate for 15 minutes every morning. I meditate, do the science. It keeps me calm. It helps keep me focused. It helps keep me disciplined. You can use the application headspace.com. I personally use Insight Timer. I don’t like guidance anymore. Yeah, I meditate for 15 minutes.

Finally, I get a little break. I check out my social media. I’ll spend 5 to 10 minutes on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, whatever, Reddit. I’ll check my emails. I’ll check my social media. Here’s the thing. All the other parts of the morning routine, in the morning I don’t check social media at all. It’s very easy to wake up and immediately check Facebook. Guess what? Now an hour has passed and you’re still in bed checking Facebook. It’s very dangerous to check social media in the morning. It’s not the end of the world, guys. If you haven’t checked social media for seven or eight hours, another two hours is not going to kill you. Yeah, I don’t check social media in the morning. As soon as I’ve done my morning routine, I get to work. The second part of this question is I’ve noticed a pattern here that there’s a lot of motivation and inspiration issues. Guys, there’s not some kind of secret morning routine or secret hack or secret product I use for motivation. It comes from internal. You have to think deep down what’s this all about?

Why are you doing this? What keeps you motivated? For me, I really have to sit down and reflect on where do I want to be. I set my goals and I always remind myself. I visualize all the time where I want to be. A lot of my motivation is internal. You have to realize that life is a competition. People are always saying don’t worry about competing, but I think life is a competition against myself. I want to keep improving. I want to keep becoming better. Second, the fact of the matter is this. You do have to compete against other people. You want cap space on the hottest offer? Guess what? There are 10 other guys competing against you for that cap space, so if you’re going to relax they’re going to surpass you. For me, how I stay motivated is I love challenge and I love progress. The more progress I make in life I get addicted to it. I get this high. Some people, they play video games. I play video games, too. They waste all their competitive energy on shit like video games. Or, they waste all their competitive energy online doing useless stuff. For me, I have all this masculine energy, this competitive energy, this competitive spirit. I don’t like to waste it on stupid shit I like to put that energy towards more productive stuff like the blog, these videos. I have two companies. That’s where I put my competitive energy towards. Don’t waste it. Because right now, this is the youngest you’re ever going to be. This is the most energy you’re going to ever have. Don’t waste it.

Thank you, guys, for tuning into this video. If you like it, share with your friends. Leave a comment. Let me know. I’ll see you guys in the next video. Talk to you later, bye.