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Interviews: Check out my Interview with What Runs Where

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The WhatRunsWhere (Competitive Intelligence Tool) team reached out to me last week for an interview. Some of my answers are things I’ve never discussed on this blog before so you definitely don’t want to miss this.

1) With an army of “make monies online” gurus, what’s your motivation for dropping knowledge bombs on your blog?

2) You’ve been an arbitrage media buyer in a competitive industry with so many meteoric ups and downs lately.  You speak about the motto “adapt or die”, but does affiliate marketing still have a bright future?

3) CPA offers are rampant across various affiliate networks.  When (if ever) does it make sense to “go direct” with a merchant/advertiser?

4) Aside from your site, what other resources should serious media buyers tap into for useful information?

5) What paid tools do you use? Do you see value in paid competitive intelligence subscriptions like WRW?

–> Meet the Media Buyer: Charles Ngo <—

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