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Personal: Sit at a Computer all Day? Save Your Body With These 3 Quick Exercises

Standing postureAre you sitting in front of the computer all day? It’s destroying your body and you probably don’t even realize it.

The back, neck, shoulders, and hips become tight.

This leads to inflexibility, pain, and your joints not working properly. If you look around, it’s rare to see people walking around with good posture.

Being fit isn’t just about strength or if someone has a six-pack; mobility is a part of having a healthy body.

Here are 3 simple exercises I do everyday at home. There are much more exercises out there, but I don’t want to overwhelm anyone.

Just start with these 3, and do them daily. Once you’re comfortable I’ve included more resources at the end for you to do your own research.

Give them a try. Not only will you look aesthetic, but you’ll also go through the day more energized and in a better mood.

Remember that the mind and body are one.

The Asian Squat

I was in Malaysia a few months ago and most of the restaurants don’t have western style toilets. Instead it’s the style where the toilet is on the floor and you have to squat in order to use it.

What’s interesting is that this is a core human movement. Look at kids and they naturally move in an out of this position.

Unfortunately years of sitting in front of a computer means most people can’t do a squat without falling over.

This Helps: Entire lower body (hips, ankle flexibility, quads, hamstrings, calves.)

How I Do Them: Get into the squat position and hold for however long your comfortable with. If you can’t do it without falling over, then it’s ok to hold on to something.

I do 5 minute sessions, morning / afternoon / evening. Remember to focus on baby steps. Just do it for 30 seconds, and slowly build your time up. What’s important is to stick with it everyday.

More Information: 3rd World Squat

Shoulder Dislocations

Don’t let the name of this exercise scare you off.

This exercise feels amazing and I probably do 60+ of these every single day.

If you lift weights then you need to do these. Most guys over-emphasis bench pressing and as a result, the shoulders are out of alignment. This is why shoulder / rotator cuff injuries are so common for weight lifters.

Helps: Shoulder mobility, upper/ middle back

How I do them: 3 sets of 10. Go slowly. I do these whenever I’m bored or have a break in the day.


I use these bands below. If you don’t want to buy some bands then I think either a broomstick or a belt could work.

Stretch Bands


Helps: core, back

How I do them: Hold 30 seconds. rest. repeat.

More Resources

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