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Productivity: Checklist: Charles Ngo’s Daily Routines

Here’s a checklist of what I do on a daily basis.

Why are routines and rituals important?

As much as 40% of our behavior each day is automated and due to habits. By constructing routines, we’re taking control of our lives.

We’re paying attention and doing what matters.

You can take a look at my routines that there’s a HUGE emphasis on health.

I’ve seen too many people who work so much that they become out of shape and have tons of health issues down the road.

Charles Ngo’s Daily Rituals

I don’t recommend following my routines exactly. They were designed for me, and a little hardcore for most people.

I don’t even do everything on this list everyday. I would say I’m able to accomplish 80% of it. But the mere act of planning means 80% is better than only completing 20%.

It’s ok not to be perfect.

I suggest starting off with constructing a morning routine. Don’t overwhelm yourself. Just do what you can handle and focus on making it a habit.

Remember that consistency is more important than intensity.

– Charles