5 Keys To Crushing Facebook Video Ads

facebook video ads
Written by Charles Ngo
Written by Charles Ngo

I get asked “What’s making money right now” all the time.
Facebook is something that always has, and probably will always be a goldmine for affiliates.
One of the most underutilized aspects of Facebook are video ads.
Here’s an example if you’re not a Facebook addict:
facebook video example
They are working because:

  • They get higher engagement
  • It’s still kinda new so there’s not tons of competition
  • It’s much easier to sell your offer / product (think magazine vs. tv ads)
  • It takes more work to create a great video than it is to create a great ad. I like this because most people are lazy and won’t put the effort in.

Interested yet? Good.
There are three types of Facebook video ads.

  1. Super boring/cheesy with that same ukelele music every 2.0 startup company uses.
  2. The kinda meh, nobody cares videos,
  3. “Shut up and take my money, and I’m gonna tag half my friends in this comment”

Most video ads on Facebook fall into the first or second category.
How often do YOU personally actually stop scrolling through Facebook, and watch a video ad?
(LadBible videos don’t count)
Some affiliates are KILLING it with Facebook video ads. But it’s a bit more complex than standard image / text ads.
If you do video right, you can absolutely crush it with your campaigns. Facebook video ads are taking off in a huge way right now, and smart affiliates are taking advantage of it.
In 2016, 8 billion videos were viewed every day on Facebook. Facebook is pouring massive amounts of time and money into promoting Facebook videos and Facebook Live, meaning that Facebook wants people to watch your video.
Protip: Father Zuck also doesn’t like you sharing YouTube videos on Facebook – he gives you more engagement if you upload the videos straight to Facebook.
Videos in the news feed have increased by 360% and the engagement rate on videos is much higher than other forms of content.
2016 internet trends report video views
The point is this: if you aren’t tapping into the power of Facebook video, you are missing the big paydays.
But here’s the million dollar question: how do you create videos that don’t suck?
I’m going to give you 5 ways you can supercharge your videos ads to create massive growth in your business.
(Facebook video ads have been a big part of my strategy over the past few years)

Tip #1: Be Interesting IMMEDIATELY

shoot me
You have about 0.0004 seconds to get people’s attention on Facebook.
If you can’t grab people straight away, they’ll be moving on faster than girls on Tinder when you tell them you’re into Anime.
People are A.D.D. these days and you’re competing against a TON of distractions on the Newsfeed.
Think of the first few seconds of a video as if it’s a headline on a landing page. If your headline doesn’t get attention, they’re not resting the rest. Same with a video.
Remember, with video ads you are targeting a very specific group of people. Speak to that group in a way that will have them tuning in for more.

  • Ask them a pointed question
  • Address their primary pain point
  • Say some crazy promise that you’re going to fulfill
  • Give them a quick bullet point summary of the awesome things you’re going to say

Guys, people don’t know you.
They don’t care about who you are and what you’re doing.
They don’t know if you’re a millionaire of you’re a 45 year-old dude living with his grandma.
Their immediate impression is that you’re interrupting their browsing of Drake memes.
Because of this, you have to be immediately compelling.
How many times do you watch a YouTube ad? (If you don’t use an Adblocker.)
Most of the time they only have 5 seconds, and they waste it with a corny intro.
Think Dollar Shave Club when you’re making videos.

Tip #2: Use Compelling Visuals

Remember, videos start with the sound off.
Unless you give people a reason to click, the sound will remain off and people will have no idea what you’re saying (unless they can read lips, but that would be weird).
How else you gonna target people who are surfing Facebook at work or in lecture theatres?
Using COMPELLING visuals, especially at the beginning of your video, is a great way to engage people.
The best visuals usually give some sort of preview of what’s to come or even tell people to turn on the sound.
facebook video ads img6
Your visual can be a weird/taboo question, a massive pain point, a crazy statistic, or something funny.
The only thing you’re trying to do right now is stop them from scrolling.
As your video progresses, continue to use visuals throughout. Don’t force people to watch your talking head for a few minutes. (Unless you’re Miranda Kerr.)
Add in images, graphs, stats, photos, and other interesting visuals. Your goal isn’t just to get people to watch, it’s to KEEP them watching.
Have you ever watched a movie that seemed interesting but ended up being terrible (looking at you M. Night Shyamalan)? Don’t let your Facebook video ads be like that. Keep them moving from start to finish.
Protip: You can look at your Facebook video analytics and see where people are dropping off so you can improve your videos.

Tip #3: Create A Compelling Thumbnail

When you upload a video, Facebook will automatically generate a thumbnail based on the content of your video.
100% of the time these thumbnails are TERRIBLE.
Instead of using an auto-generated thumbnail, upload your own, more compelling thumbnail.
Like the visuals throughout your video, the thumbnail should be interesting and clear, giving people a REASON to click on your video.
Here are a few examples of thumbnails that people are more likely to click:
maxresdefault 1
You can make attractive thumbnails using Photoshop. Or, if you suck at graphic design, Canva is a great alternative.

Tip #4: Use Text for Facebook Video Ads

Facebook will let you use text in a few different ways. First, you can use it in your thumbnail or as a text overlay.
Using text allows people to quickly get a feel for what the video is about without having to actually play it.
Most people scroll through their feeds at top speed, only pausing on things that are actually interesting. Using text allows you to catch their attention and create a pattern interrupt.
Second, you can actually create captions for your video, which is huge since most people don’t use sound.
facebook video ads img7
In theory, you can have Facebook automatically generate captions, but don’t use these without editing them since auto-captions tend to be garbled.
Facebook captions can end up sounding like that drunk dude at the bar who keeps insisting he’s your best friend.
A better solution is to either write or edit the captions yourself or send your video to a service like Rev.com and have them create a transcript for you.
Simply edit the transcript and then upload it to Facebook.
In some cases, people will start reading your captions and then turn your sound on, which is a BIG win.
Tip #5: Include A Call To Action
maxresdefault 2
Unless you’re just creating video ads for the fun of it (in which case you need to get a life), you need to include some sort of call to action at the end.
The CTA should be pushing viewers toward something, whether that be a landing page you created, shopify dropshipping page, or sale page.
You want to include the CTA link in the ad text and then mention at the end of your video.
Tell them why they should click.
Promise to give them something that they didn’t get in the video.
Invite them to get a special discount.
Your video should NEVER just end. It should always be pushing people somewhere else, calling people to actually do something.
This is a great example. Sorry if this is your ad, but it is Ngo approved 🙂
facebook video ads img14
Otherwise, you’re just shoveling piles of money into the great Facebook pit. Facebook won’t complain but you’re just wasting money.

Where to Get Footage for Videos?

The easiest option is to RIP from existing videos you find online. You can use a plugin like this.
From the different footage you can easily mash them together to create your own footage.
Note: Be careful what you rip. Don’t blame me if you use the wrong footage and end up getting sued. If you’re one of those rare affiliates that doesn’t mind working, you can shoot your own footage.
You don’t need a hugely expensive video rig to start producing Facebook ads. Your iPhone has a great camera. Simply get a tripod and a few lights and you’re ready to go. There are even plenty of good videos that were shot 100% on a mobile with no other gear.
I’ve had some amazing campaigns doing this on Shopify eCommerce. We ordered some products from AliExpress, and we filmed footage of it using my iPhone.
Need a girl for the ad? Craigslist.
If you have more cash, you can invest in a better setup, but for most people, the iPhone/tripod/lights system will work fine.
Once you’ve created a video, you can edit in iMovie, Final Cut Pro, or any other video editing software.
Your videos don’t need to be Michael Bay-esque, with explosions n stuff. Just pack them with value and you’re good.
It’s not that hard to edit videos. If you’re that horrible you can always outsource to Fiverr or Upwork.

Don’t Miss The Wave

Smart marketers are always out in front of what’s hot. They know what’s producing results and take advantage of those things.
The ones who fall behind are the ones who only do what’s “necessary”.
“The internet is stupid. I don’t need to do that!”
“MySpace is stupid. I don’t need to do that!”
“Facebook is stupid. I don’t need to do that!”
“Instagram is stupid…Snapchat is stupid…”
No…THEY are the ones who are stupid.
Videos ads are on fire right now. Don’t be stupid. Get on them NOW.
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                The posts published by Charles are prepared and analyzed, including the author’s own experience…

The posts published by Charles are prepared and analyzed, including the author’s own experience…

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