How to Get Accepted into an Affiliate Network

Written by Charles Ngo
Written by Charles Ngo

You’re new to affiliate marketing, and you’re ready to get your campaigns started. You’ve done your research, and applied to a few affiliate marketing networks.
You sent in the applications. A few days go by and you hear nothing. 
Finally a response!
Oops…your application has been rejected. Every single network doesn’t want to work with you.
You’re not doing enough volume or they want to only work with more experienced people.
It feels like you’re a college graduate applying for their first job. 
“How am I supposed to get my first job if every entry-level job wants two years of experience? 
It’s like a catch 22, right?
I was thinking about bottlenecks that newer affiliates have when they’re entering this industry, and I realized that they have a tough time getting into affiliate networks.
Affiliate networks have increased their standards over the years for who they want to work with. It can be frustrating if you’re brand new and don’t have any experience.

What you need to realize is that getting into an affiliate network is kinda like applying for a job or applying for a university. Maybe it’s not that serious, but you do need to understand the process and present yourself in the best light possible.
I’m going to share the psychology of what affiliate networks are looking for when they’re accepting affiliates and some advice for you to get accepted. 

Why Don’t Networks Accept Everyone?

You’re probably wondering why the networks don’t just accept everyone.
Why don’t they want me, man? I could be the next super affiliate!
There are two primary reasons: risk and resources.


Every affiliate can be a source of profit for the network. It works the other way too – every affiliate can cost the network money.
They take a risk every time they accept an affiliate that they don’t know.

  1. Affiliate Fraudsters – There are people who make their living scamming affiliate networks.

    They send some fake leads, get paid, and then get caught. Then they start the process all over again at a different network, or under a different alias.

    Unfortunately, this is why is harder to get into a network if you’re from certain areas of the world.

    If there are a ton of fraudsters from your country, then your country is flagged to them as high risk.
  2. Ultra Aggressive Affiliates – Every affiliate is aggressive to some degree. We gotta eat, right?

    But some guys take it to another level.

    As an affiliate network owner, the last thing you wanna deal with is a lawsuit from Oprah because one of your affiliates is using her images. 

The networks are defensive because they don’t want to accept an affiliate that can cost them money. 


Affiliates managers are an important resource to the network. And the managers have to manage their own time and energy well.
There’s a limit to how many affiliates they can help out reasonably well.
Helping a newer affiliate figure out how to set up their tracking link on a landing page means less time serving their top affiliate who’s already generating five figures a day.
The last thing they want to deal with is an affiliate that asks hundreds of questions and doesn’t end up running any traffic.
That’s why some affiliates only want experienced affiliates or have a volume requirement

Increasing Your Chances of Getting into a Network

Now you understand what networks don’t want in an affiliate. Let’s talk about what they DO want in an affiliate.
Obviously, they’d love to have a white hat, professional, super affiliate who does 5-figures a day. 
But that’s kinda rare so they have to compromise.
What they’re mainly looking for are people who have potential, and treat this industry like a business, rather than a side hustle.
They’re going to invest some time and resources in you, so they want to make sure they can recoup their investment.
They want someone who has a solid game plan and isn’t going to need someone to hold their hand and wipe their ass through the entire process.
The more experience you can convey, and the stronger your game plan, the more likely they’ll want to work with you. 

1. Take the Application Seriously

I get it – it’s a pain in the ass filling out applications. But if you can’t even fill out an application properly, they’re going to wonder if you have the work ethic to run campaigns.
When you’re filling out the application, don’t just give one-word answers.
How did you hear about us?
Bad Answer:
Found you on Google.
Good Answer:
I first heard about your network through a search on Google.
I decided to do some due diligence and research more about your network. After reading some reviews on Facebook groups, STM, and talking to my affiliate friends, I learned that this is the kind of network I want to work with. 
If English isn’t your best language, find someone who can help you correct your spelling and grammar. 

2. Be Specific With Your Answers

People bullshit through applications all the time. You can stand out by being more specific with each answer.
A common question asked is, Where are you going to run traffic on?
Bad Answer:

Not sure. Google, Facebook, Push, etc. Whatever makes money. Can you guys tell me what’s hot?
Good Answer:
I’m focused on lead gen traffic and will focus on Facebook since that has the highest quality traffic. 
I already have some experience with Facebook, and I’ve set aside a $3,000 budget for testing campaigns.

3. Convey Your Strengths

Have you already run traffic? Make sure to mention which networks you have experience with and send some screenshots of revenue.
What if you’re in a situation where you don’t have any experience, and you haven’t generated any revenue.
You still want to show that you have some potential.
Do you have any relevant skills that are applicable? When I first started, I mentioned that I worked for an agency and helped manage the Adwords account of a Fortune 500 company. Even though I didn’t have any affiliate experience, I had experience with paid traffic. 
Next, have you invested in your affiliate marketing career? If you mention that you’ve invested in some relevant tools and good courses, it shows some commitment. 

4. Do You Have Someone That Can Vouch For You?

You’re more likely to get accepted if you have someone that can vouch for you who’s already in the network. 
See if there are any local affiliate meetups near you. Join some online Skype / Slack masterminds. 

5. Call Them

After you send in your application, you should call them or contact them on Facebook. Their contact information is everywhere online.
It’s hard to gauge someone through text. By calling them, you’re letting them know that you’re serious

6. Use a Stepping Stone

One of my friends in high school wanted to attend Georgia Tech.
They got rejected. 
That didn’t deter them. They got accepted into a local community college, proved themselves there, and easily transferred to Georgia Tech. (and saved like $20,000 in the process)
Maybe the network that you want to work with has a $500 revenue requirement per week.
Go with a network that’s more newbie-friendly. Work with them, and prove yourself there. 
Once you generate some revenue, go back to the original network you wanted. Show them the proof that you have more experience now. 

What Does the Other Side Want?

Here’s a simple lesson that has served me well: in order to get what you want, help others get what they want.
Affiliate networks make you go through this application and interview process for a reason.
By understanding where they’re coming from, you can position yourself as an asset to them.
Always try to create a situation where everyone wins.

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                The posts published by Charles are prepared and analyzed, including the author’s own experience…

The posts published by Charles are prepared and analyzed, including the author’s own experience…

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