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News and Events: Help Save a Baby's Life

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e593a8a0-0877-4836-94b6-aad511b24230_profileHello friends.

I am writing in request of a favor.

Tragedy has struck someone from our affiliate marketing community.

Long story short: Dylan’ is newly married. A few weeks ago his wife suffered brain hemorrhaging , and she is now brain dead. On top of that she is pregnant. They are keeping her on life support, to keep their unborn child alive.

CNN Article

This isn’t a random guy whose story I found surfing the internet – Dylan Benson’s an affiliate manager at RevenueWire.


I’ve never worked with him on a professional level, but he has emailed me a few times as a fan of the blog and we hanged out at ASW 2013. He is a nice and genuine man, and what has happened to him I would not wish on my worst enemy.

They are raising funds to help support the child. The good news is that they have surpassed their initial goal – but lets keep it real, more money doesn’t hurt. It will go towards moving them to a better home, and providing an education fund.

Whatever you can give is appreciated by him.

> > > Donate to Baby Iver < < <

Stay strong Dylan – you and your family are in my thoughts.

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