How to Get Accepted Into Affiliate Networks [Newbie Guide]

Get accepted into affiliate network
Written by Charles Ngo
Written by Charles Ngo

It’s a weird feeling to have to be approved to help people make money.
One important part of this whole affiliate process is to work with an affiliate network.
Remember, affiliate networks are like the “marketplaces” for hundreds / thousands of offers.
But why is it so tough to get into affiliate networks when you’re a newbie?
It seems crazy – you wanna make them money right?
The reason is because the affiliate networks take risks when they accept you.
What sort of risks?

  • Your AM spends time with you helping you out and getting you started. Any time spent on you is time being taken away from their money generating affiliates.
  • They will also be approving offers, checking creatives, and making recommendations
  • If you break their terms and services, it could cost them a lot of money or relationships with advertisers.
  • To piggyback off the last one, there are affiliates out there who make their money by sending fraud traffic. They burn one network, and join another.

This is why it’s hard to get accepted into affiliate networks as a newbie. So if you get rejected from joining an affiliate network, don’t take it personally.
I know a lot of you guys are having this EXACT problem.

  1. You’re new to affiliate marketing
  2. You are ready to put in the work to make money
  3. But the affiliate networks won’t accept you and they won’t tell you why

I wanna help some of you newer guys out.
Plus, it’s not just new affiliates that struggle to get into affiliate networks.
Some guys who’ve done big numbers in SEO/blogging etc. still might not get in because they don’t have experience doing paid CPA.
I wanna do two things in this post:

  1. Bring you some tips from an affiliate manager at Mobidea – a network I trust
  2. Give you some tips of my own to help you get into the networks

You know how I’m always telling you guys to look for Tier 2 / 3 GEOs? Karina does a lot of work in LATAM, so that can help you out.
I’ll let Karina introduce herself here, and she will give you the drop on how to get into their affiliate network (also remember guys, this method will work for most networks).

Karina Bielawska – Key Account Manager for Mobidea

Hey guys!!
First up, thanks Charles for giving us the opportunity to help out some of your readers. I’m looking forward to meeting as many of you as possible this year!
So, a quick intro…
I’ve been with the Mobidea crew for just over a year now, after realising my goal was to be the best affiliate manager in the world!
Ever since I can remember, I was passionate about numbers, pragmatic logic and business.
This lead me through the path of technical and management studies giving me a solid background that helped me becoming who I am today and stepping into the amazing world of mobile and affiliate marketing.
The international environment, amazing people and experience of helping is something I am always up for!
Here are a few questions & answers to help you guys out when you apply for (hopefully Mobidea!) affiliate networks.
If you still have more questions after this, leave a comment and I’ll help you out 🙂

1.What’s the main reason newbies get rejected from Mobidea?

We never actually reject people when they first sign up…
That’s because you can run offers with us as soon as you fill out our form 🙂
Further details in question #5!
To promote sustainable business, we need to ensure that both affiliate and advertiser are happy.
The healthier the relationships, the better offers we can give affiliates, and better conditions we can negotiate (higher payout, capping increase etc.)
It is essential for us to build and maintain long-term relationships with our partners that proves the credibility, safety and reliability of our network.
There are two main reasons we decide to reject someone from our network:

  1. Disobeying the rules of promotion, that are always clearly stated and visible inside every affiliate’s account, and
  2. Wrong identification documents – crucial for security reasons as they will be used for the account identity that is unique and intransmissible

Tip: It’s always better to provide more info than less when you’re applying!

2. What is an example of a bad application?

Mostly the issue arises when it comes to the documents.
We’re a pretty newbie-friendly affiliate network.
We just want to help you guys get started pushing some offers 🙂
Since we give you the chance of testing us immediately, you will be only asked for those documents after generating your first 50€ in earnings. It is the first step of our security measures and we need to have clear scans that match the account owner to make sure we provide you safety.
We request an Identification Document and a proof of address (utility bill, bank statement etc.) that will authenticate your identity.
Using your own ID, but your brother’s bank statement (even if address matches) is not enough!
Purchase invoices, online shop orders won´t do either.
It’s a minor task, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t get it right :p

3. What would a bad application look like?

Here are the two most common mistakes for documents approval:
1) Incomplete document – we would like to see the whole page
invoice 1
2) No address, inappropriate format, not correct document

4. What verticals/offers do you recommend newer affiliates promote?

boost your app
The vertical and offer that I recommend always depends on the affiliate. Our newbies have a very diversified background, knowledge and experience.
For example, not every affiliate is comfortable doing adult stuff, but some guys love it!
It is extremely important that we talk first and get to know each other, to know his needs, capabilities and resources. Otherwise, our advice might be misleading.
Currently, we already work with adult, dating, mobile content, sweepstakes, games, utility apps and many more verticals.
All of the main verticals that CPA affiliates love 🙂
Nevertheless, our main 2017 goal is to keep diversifying and developing towards more categories such as nutra, finance, health and beauty etc. We want to make sure every affiliate has a large choice of offers in their vertical.
BUT, when a new affiliate asks me for advice, I always adjust to the affiliate’s experience and GEO.
Tier 2 and Tier 3 countries are the ones to target with bigger volumes, where you will collect data in a shorter time which is crucial for optimization.
Those are great segments to learn and get the experience you need if you want to further expand and scale up.
Affiliates are used to obtaining reports and newsletters from different affiliate networks. Most commonly it’s a long list of top offers where high numbers are dragging newbies attention and creating visions of immediate dazzling profits.
It might not always be the best approach to run top offers.
Factors like cost of traffic, volume available in the segment, and CR that will determine if you should run it or not.
A lot of the top offers are in Tier 1 countries where click costs are high, so those offers might not be best for a new affiliate.

5. Why should new affiliates sign up with your network?

why sign up
We do things a bit differently to most affiliate networks.
Here are some reasons why we think we are the best!
Daily payments – (also weekends for VIP affiliates!). No more cash flow problems!
Sign up process – open for all affiliates and takes around 1 minute 😉
We do not require any documents, referrers or proofs of traffic during the first contact.
You can start running offers as soon as you fill out the form. Only after generating your first 50€ you’ll be asked to upload the documents (ID and proof of address).
Smartlink and Single Offers – you can choose between working with Smartlink and Single Offers.

  • Smartlink is a link that is connected to our powerful algorithm in order to select the best performing offers according to the user profile.
  • Single Offers are the TOP offers previously tested, that you can choose to promote individually.

Dedicated support is always available to answer your questions 7 days a week.
Experienced Account Managers – We analyse your account data in detail to give the most appropriate advice for you, YOUR activity, traffic and your way of working. We all have experience in media buying too, so we know both sides of the industry!
Mobidea Academy – all the knowledge, tips and tricks about affiliate marketing gathered in one place – a must read before you start shining in the business 😉
80% Flat Rev Share – this means that when you get a conversion, we always give you 80% of what the advertiser gives us. It doesn’t change per offer. So if the advertiser pays us $5 per conversion, we give you $4. No confusing formulas 🙂 

6. What happens when things go wrong?

Whenever we receive a complaint from an advertiser or an affiliate, we do our best to analyse each case individually, and find the reason and of course the solution.
We try to build long-term relationships with affiliates and advertisers, but if someone is playing games, we have to investigate 🙂
This is the moment where we might ask you for your traffic source and other additional information that would help us to understand and solve the case.
If anything ever happens with an advertiser, we look into it and try to solve the problem just as fast.
Cooperation is the key guys, let’s all make money together!

Sign up with Mobidea here!

1500x500 mobidea logo
Note from Charles: Boomsauce! Thanks Karina + the Mobidea crew for taking the time to help out.
Mobidea offers some crazy stuff like daily payouts and the ability to run offers as soon as you’re filled out their form…
A lot of opportunity here guys, especially if you’re having trouble getting approved at other networks.
I’ve got a few extra tips I wanna give you guys that will boost your chance of getting accepted, and also building up a relationship with your AM.

My Top 3 Tips to Get Accepted Into Affiliate Networks

Go to conferences so you can meet them face to face

This shows them that you’re a real person and will 9 / 10 times mean you get accepted right on the spot.
fist slide
If you’ve got enough cash to attend an affiliate marketing conference, they know that you’re probably serious about affiliate marketing.
 Now you’ve got a connection in the company. That connection can get you access to anyone else in the company you need. It also acts as a good referral. If the next affiliate network hits you up for a reference, you can name drop that company.

Get on a call with them (Skype)

Affiliate networks get hundreds of signups each day. A phone call shows them that you are serious about affiliate marketing. It also starts building up the relationship between you and your AM.
You can chat and joke around with them a bit more once you’ve got that base relationship.

Know Your Shit

photo is peterson trust 0616
No one really wants to work with filthy newbies.
So do your best to show that you have potential.

  • Are you a part of any paid forums?
  • What blogs do you study? Saying you read Charles Ngo is 100x better than saying you read John Chow
  • What tools do you already have? Someone that has STM, Voluum, and Adplexity means they understand the game.
  • What’s your game plan? The more specific you are the better. What traffic sources or verticals do you wanna work with?

It’s not hard to get accepted into affiliate networks if you show you’re hungry and you’ve already taken some steps.

You Only Have to Do This Once

Once you’re into the first network, you can start running some offers.
Then you can take a screenshot of your dashboard in your affiliate network & use that as a reference for the next network.
Mobidea are easy to get into + they have a huge range of offers, plus getting daily payouts is pretty cool 🙂
That’s why I wanted them to write this post, this will solve a lot of problems for some of you newer guys.
Let me know if this post helped you out!

Mobidea Update (June 2017) – Internal Tracking Software

Mobidea is always committed to all its affiliates and keeps betting on new technologies to make sure we can ultimately increase the performance of our users.
That’s why we’ve launched the new Mobidea Tracker, a remarkable technology which will provide an incredible amount of data, and super sophisticated reports that’ll help affiliates become more independent throughout the optimization process.
The Mobidea Tracker is completely free! No hidden fees whatsoever.
All the Offers available on Mobidea are automatically added to the list of offers to promote. Users don’t need to do anything in order to be able to see them on their Offers list.
As for Traffic Sources, they’re also already integrated. Indeed, we’ve got more than 100 already preconfigured traffic sources on the platform. You don’t need to add the tokens/postback URLs, since Mobidea has already taken care of it!
The reports are easy to navigate and allow you to get information about campaign performance in more than 23 dimensions – including the segmentation of data per IP.
You can aggregate up to 3 different variables. In fact, you can see the operators of any country inside each OS, for example. You can actually create as many combinations as you see fit among Offer, Smartlink, Rotation, Lander, Traffic Source, Website, Placement, Country, Operator, OS, OS Version, Browser, Browser Version, Browser Language, Device Type, Brand, Model, Referral, Adjustment, Hour of the Day, and Day of the Week.
You can get to Filter by Countries, Operators, OS, Browser and Device Type. When you use the “Tree” view, you get to see all the information in levels. Each level represents a variable. If you pick the “Table” view, you’ll see one segment per line instead.
You can also check the number of Visits, Clicks, the Cost, the Landing Page Click-Through Rate, the Conversion Rate, the Earnings per 100 clicks and the Profit.
There’s even a Live Feed of Offers, Signups and Payments that you can check on your dashboard to be up to date on what’s going on in your account. Plus: you can easily pull conversion stats and offers via API, which means it’s easier for you to integrate with other tools.
Mobidea couldn’t be prouder of the new Opportunities section, which is pretty awesome! You can check it out to pick the best Offer or Segment! It’s totally transparent. You won’t have to test offers to understand their value – you can check the performance of each offer before promoting it.
You’ll get to check Opportunities per Offer, Country, Operator, OS, OS version, Browser, Browser Version, Browser Language, Device Type, Brand, Model, Hour of the Day, and Day of the Week.
How does it work? Simple: all the performance info of offers and segments is anonymously shared across the affiliate community so everyone can see where they should bet.
As for VIP Affiliates, they get a special gift on Mobidea: the ability to access fresher numbers – data from the last 3 days and from yesterday – while other affiliates can check the stats for the last 7 days. Moreover, as usual, VIP Affiliates get priority cashout.
The Mobidea Tracker lets you perform A/B Testing using rotation settings inside your campaigns. You can easily split traffic, test and use the best-performing Offers or the Smartlink!
The new Mobidea Tracker even has a Prelander Uploader which allows you to use your custom landers on your Mobidea campaigns!
Data is also one of Mobidea’s major concerns. For this reason, your data will be hosted in multiple data centers, which means you’ll get faster redirects using a secure SaaS solution with data encryption and private storage.
As for your campaigns, they’re built on Clustered Domains. This will ultimately prevent blacklisting, as the domain configuration is done through DNS instead of CNAME.
Ready to experience the new Mobidea Tracker and become part of the data revolution?
Hit up your Mobidea affiliate manager to try the new tracker.
Note from Charles: This will only work with Mobidea offers. If you’re running with multiple affiliate networks, you should be using Voluum. I haven’t tested out the Mobidea tracker, but they do release great software so I’m sure it will be helpful for newbies.

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                The posts published by Charles are prepared and analyzed, including the author’s own experience…

The posts published by Charles are prepared and analyzed, including the author’s own experience…

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