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News and Events: My Experience at the Adsimilis 2013 Meetup in Ibiza, Spain

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Here’s my writeup for the Adsimilis 2013 Meetup in Ibiza, Spain. I flew in kinda late so I missed the first day which was a meet & greet at night.

Day 1

Bangkok -> Qatar -> Madrid -> Ibiza

16 hours of flying with 5 hours of layovers.

I arrived a few hours before the presentations started. Adsimilis rented a nice conference room at the Pacha hotel. It was a really great setup they had going on.

First up we had Max aka “Mr Do You Pay Me?” from WhatRunsWhere. He mainly talked about making the transition from an affiliate into building a company, and stories about growing up in the industry.


Next up we had Alex who goes by Scito online. He’s a low key affiliate but does tons of damage in the dating niches. I met him back in ASW and he’s been one of my favorite guys to mastermind with on Skype.

He gave tons of tips for mainstream dating and adult dating. The most interesting is when he got into the psychology of why certain elements in ads and landing pages work. When you understand WHY something works, then you have the ability to innovate and advance niches.


I was up next.


It was difficult to come up with my presentation. I’ve spoken on affiliate marketing before, but it’s usually to completely newb crowds. I knew there’d be some intermediate / rockstar affiliates in the crowd so I wanted to provide value for them as well. Some of my topics included

  • The keys to going from a newbie to an intermediate affiliate ($1000 profit a day)
  • The keys to going from an intermediate affiliate to a super affiliate
  • How I approach new campaigns
  • Talked a bit about campaigns and traffic sources I’ve run in the past
  • Optimization rules, and formulas
  • How to scale
  • etc.

Unfortunately my speech had to end around 40% of the way through because it was already dinner time. Sorry to anyone that flew out to Ibiza to hear my presentation – I worked hard on it and had tons more to share. Hopefully I’ll be speaking more in the industry in the future.

Afterwards was dinner next door.


Clubbing was going to at Pacha Ibiza and would start at 1am. I headed back to my hotel because I was extremely jet lagged. By the time I woke up it was 10am and I missed the night of clubbing.

Day 2

Went with my friend Jimmy Stark to grab some lunch. He picked a place that I thought was a lil too romantic for two dudes, but the food was amazing!



Next we headed over to an apartment where some affiliates were staying. Pretty much just shooting the shit all day and talking about life / campaigns.

I bought my workout gear and went to the gym with the powerful Fit Affiliate. Me and Andrew are always keeping our money and muscle game proper.

At night we decided to go to Ibiza town for some dinner.


Ngo, Andrew, Alex, Adam, Jimmy, Shawn


Ran into some affiliates in Ibiza Town and had a beer with them

ho’s a good doggy?

Madrid, Spain

After Ibiza was over I flew to Madrid, Spain to hang out for a few days. Whenever I fly to a new city I don’t really enjoy doing “touristy” stuff. Instead I just wander around the city and see how the locals live and eat.

Some quick thoughts about the Spanish people. They really love ham, but it’s understandable when you try some of their Iberico Ham. The Spanish women are hnnnnghhhhhhhhhh. When I was people watching, I thought they’re really affectionate people. Old couples were holding hands in the street, that’s something you’re not gonna see in Asia.


2013-09-30 15.24.18

The Differences Between a Conference and a Meet up

When I first started, there was just pretty much affiliate summits and ad:techs if you wanted to meet other affiliates. Over the past few years, a few networks have started hosting private meet ups such as: Adsimilis, Neverblue, MundoMedia, Ads4Dough, etc.

Here are the differences

  • Meetups are much smaller, and slower paced.
  • Everyone is much more open for a meetup vs a conference. For example everyone kept approaching me for advice, and I don’t think I turned down a question. I even gave away some smaller profitable campaigns to a few newbies.
  • No one’s selling anything. Even though Adsimilis hosted it, they treated us like friends rather than sources of $$$.
  • Everyone’s kinda in the same niche since we all work with the same network. In this case maybe 90% of the affiliates I talked to are in Adult Dating

A misconception about meetups if that they are designed for the network’s biggest publishers. Maybe 1/3 of the crowd were newbies so if you’re a beginning, don’t be shy to attend. Man, it’s not like we divided the dinner tables “Yo ballers sit over here, peasant affiliates sit over there.”

Thanks again to the Adsims crew (Sean, Naomi, Eleah, April, David, + rest of the crew) for hosting the event and inviting me to speak. Also thanks to all the affiliates I met!

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– Ngo Out