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News and Events: I Will Be Speaking at the 2013 Adsimilis Meetup in Ibiza, Spain!


Hi, big announcement!

Adsimilis has invited me to speak at their 2013 meet up in Ibiza, Spain (9/26/13 – 9/29/13).

Who are Adsimilis? They are known for being one of the best affiliate networks in this space, and they have a strong focus on the dating niche and international offers.

I don’t like to “endorse” affiliate networks on my blog because I’ve seen so many go down or end up scamming people the past few years. I gotta tread lightly with the recommendations. However, with Adsimilis, you don’t have to worry about getting scrubbed or not getting paid. Sign up with them if you haven’t yet here.

(Protip: They’re more selective of who they choose to work with than most networks and approaching them from a professional level is your best bet.The co-founder actually interviews each applicant himself, and my advice is to not talk to him using terms such as balling, peasant, yolo, or swag. Seriously…just don’t)

Private network meet ups are becoming more popular and provide a good alternative to the typical conference because the vibe is completely different. There’s no shitty advertisers there bothering you or begging for traffic. It’s maybe ~50 experienced affiliates hanging out sharing knowledge and building relationships. Ibiza is legendary for their night life and I’m looking forward to getting drunk with fellow nerds and building sand castles on the beach.

If you work with Adsimilis and you’re on the fence about going, I highly encourage you to go. I’ll be sure to write do a report with pictures and maybe a video.

Official website for the meetup is here. Their contest is still running for all an expense paid trip.

I’ll be flying out from Bangkok, Thailand and will be in Ibiza, Spain from 9/26-9/29 for the meet up. After that I’m heading to Madrid, Spain for a few days to hang out. If I have any readers living in Madrid that can show me around, please let me know.

I am not flying 16 hours to talk about shit like how to get into an affiliate network, or how to setup your tracker. I want to discuss methods to go from an average affiliate to a rockstar one – how to avoid being another flash in the pan affiliate.

Specific topics will include my methods for optimizing campaigns, systems & processes, my thinking process when I launch a campaign from beginning to end, real examples of how I use employees, and much more. This will go down as one of the greatest talks ever on affiliate marketing.

I won’t be the only one speaking there. There will also be a panel and some other great speakers lined up. Definitely a lot of value for whoever will go.

Sneak preview of my speech.

– Ngo Out