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News and Events: Trip Report: Bali and Speaking at the Neverblue Interacts

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Whenever I’m at conferences I get tons of feedback from people on how much I inspire them to pack their bags and go travel. I’ve always said that the biggest benefit of affiliate marketing isn’t the money, but it’s the freedom you gain from being able to work anywhere.

I’m going to start doing some trip reports occasionally to give you guys a closer look into the behind the scenes of my life.

I do the ATL -> Asia flight twice a year and it’s starting to get easier with time.

It’s still a pain in the ass (flying for 24 hours isn’t easy) but here are some tips to make the flights easier.

Some quick advice:

  1. Pay extra for better airlines / less layovers. If you wanna cross the ocean then Thai airways, Cathay Pacific, & Korean air are good bets. Avoid US based airlines such as United.
  2. SLEEP. The cross – pacific flight for me is around 15 hours. Take some Benadryl and knock yourself out for 10 hours. I bring my own eyemask and earplugs
  3. I get up a lot to do some stretches. I like to go to the empty spaces near the bathroom and start doing some squats and bodyweight stretches.
  4. I don’t work on long flights. I prefer passing the time with TV Marathons: House of Cards, Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, etc.
  5. I’ll fly Business class if I have the points, but I don’t think it’s worth paying $4,000’ish. Another good option is to fly “premium economy” which is between economy / business. For a few hundred more bucks over economy you get much more space and better service . Here’s Cathay Pacific


Bali, Indonesia

My first stop to speak /w Neverblue was in Jakarta, Indonesia. I figured since I was gonna be in Indonesia I would stop by Bali. I invited my friend Ben Yong along and we made it a couples trip.

I met Ben at ASW 2013 and we’ve been good friends ever since. That’s a benefit of the industry no one appreciates – the amount of friendships you can make. Since Ben is in the industry too, I could spend a few days talking about campaigns / business non-stop without him thinking I’m a weirdo. I really don’t have an “off” switch.

I didn’t do too much research about Bali and we ended up 2 hours away from the beaches in a town called Ubud. We came out here because we wanted to stay at a hotel called Hanging Gardens – It features a double infinity pool in the middle of the jungle.


Each villa has a private infinity pool

Risking getting sick for a picture lol

I loved the hotel! It’s definitely a great option if you’re thinking about a honeymoon.

Cat Poop Coffee

If you’re a coffee lover then sooner or later you’ll hear about Kopi Luwak coffee – it’s suppose to be the best coffee in the world.

There’s a catch though – it involves poop.

Wait what?

I went to a coffee farm where they showed me their coffee making process from beginning to end.

  1. grow coffee beans
  2. feed it to the Asian Palm Civet animal
  3. Grab the coffee beans from their poop
  4. Clean, dry, and roast
  5. Enjoy

What’s the point of the animal? They only pick and eat the highest quality coffee beans, and supposedly the digestion process improves the flavor / acidity of the coffee.

How was it? I seriously think it was the best coffee I’ve ever had. Once you get to the bottom of the cup it starts tasting like dirt though. I grabbed a few bags for the states. I think I cup at speciality coffee shops can fetch $70+. I paid $5 for my cup.


Riding Elephants

We stopped by the elephant park and we were blown away by how smart some of these elephants are. I had no idea. When I’m back in America I’m gonna tell my dog to step his tricks game up.

Driver: I have been with my elephant for over 15 years
Me: Wow so she’s like your little sister
Driver: My 2nd wife.



Bali is famous for Babi Gulin which is roasted suckling pig.

Off to the Beach

The Jungle was cool but I had to get away from the mosquitos. We headed to the beaches next since that’s what Bali’s famous for.

We stayed at “The Mulia” hotel and it was sick. 9 / 10.

Me and Ben had a hidden agenda the whole time – he wanted to propose to his long time girlfriend. He scheduled a Jimbaran dinner by the beach and we had to rush there before the sunset.

We told the ladies we’re going to pick out some seafood (we lied).

She said yes. They’ve been together a long time – way before he was into affiliate marketing. Not only is she beautiful but he knows she’s a ride or die chick. Much love and happiness to you guys. I look forward to being the rich uncle to your one day kids.

group shot
IMG_0619 1.45.59 PM 8.37.32 AM
I’ve never talked about my girlfriend before since I like to keep parts of my life private (and there’s tons of creepy guys on the internet).

A word of advice about women is that you want the one who makes you a better man, rather than because she’s aesthetic. I love my lady because she’s loyal, has ambition / work ethic that matches mine, and she want to take me to the next level rather than hold me back.

Remember that sometimes you gotta go through a lot of coals before you find a diamond. It’s kinda like split-testing campaigns.

I loved Bali and I’ll be back soon. I have Boracay and Maldives on my hit list.

Jakarta, Indonesia

We headed to Jakarta, Indonesia to do my first seminar at the Mandarin Oriental.

We had no idea how many people would show up since there are never any events in Indonesia to use as a benchmark. However we’re happy with the turnout.

What did I think about Jakarta? Well we were only there for 2 days so we didn’t get to explore the city. What I found strange is we had to go through metal detectors in each building we went to. I kept thinking about that movie The Raid the whole time.

Bangkok, Thailand

I lived in Bangkok back in 2012 so it’s nice to be back to my old stomping grounds.The affiliate scene has exploded since I left. More expats are moving there and the local Thai scene is growing.

The workshop was much larger than Jakarta and had over 100+ people.

What is Nickycakes up to these days? The only answer is keeping it real. (btw he has a podcast now, check it out at Nickycakes.com)

What’s great is people flew in from different parts of the world for this workshop like Australia, Europe, and Singaporeans. The material was focused on ads, landing pages, what’s hot in 2014, mobile marketing, and optimization. Even though my information was “free”, it certainly wasn’t free quality material.

I promise you there will be a bunch of full-time affiliates soon who will trace my seminars as the tipping point for them.

This was the largest crowd I’ve spoken in front of before and everything went fine. I’m looking forward to speaking more and improving my craft.

About Neverblue

Thanks to Neverblue for inviting me to speak. I went above and beyond in making this event spectacular. The event planning by them was perfect and they really took care of my by flying me out and putting me up in some nice hotels.

Thanks to my awesome travel buddies Iris, Samantha, and Leanne! I’ve known Sam and Leanne for around 7 year now so it’s great that we’re all still maturing in the industry. Ask to work with Iris if you’re an affiliate based in Asia!

Neverblue.com is a required network if you’re an affiliate marketer.

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