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Mindset: It’s Too Late to Make Money Online

Nooooooo!!! Come back gravy train! 

A common theme I hear from some people is about how they wished they started internet marketing a few years ago. They’re struggling now and they feel if only they started 5 years ago, they would’ve been millionaires (lol). Being at the right place and at the right time doesn’t matter if you’re not prepared to put in the work.

What’s funny is I actually had the same feeling that it was “too late to make money online” back in 2008. I thought I missed the gravy train because ringtones started being more regulated, Google put a stop to adsense arbitrage, Yahoo Publishers Network wasn’t as lucrative anymore, I wished I was born 10 years earlier so I could take advantage of the 90’s dot com, era.

It’s ridiculous now with hindsight because the past few years have been great.

Google started 8 years after Yahoo. Apple entered the cellphone market a decade later. They weren’t intimidated by the competition, and focused on creating a better product. Always remember that ideas aren’t worth the napkin they’re scribbled on unless it’s backed by great execution.

The past doesn’t matter. Wishing you started earlier is wasted energy and you’re already giving yourself an excuse in case you fail. If you truly want something, there’s no plan B.

As for internet marketing you can just look at all the charts out there. Advertising spends going up, mobile’s booming, marketing in poorer country’s booming, new niches are created everyday, etc. The industry’s only going up.

Only focus on the positives

My friend wants to build some iPhone apps but he’s telling me how much easier it would be if he started 5 years ago. It’s true. There’s advantages if you’re entering an emerging market rather than a mature one. But so what, it’s 2012. He needs to think to himself what emerging markets are there today? Not only that but he needs to work on developing his skill sets so he can be prepared when opportunity strikes.

In a few years from now there will be a new crop of guys they wished they started their journey in 2012 – which is the position you’re in. Take action and put in your best effort today, don’t grow old and wonder “what if?”

“The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago, the second best time is now” – proverb