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Personal: Knowledge Bombs #1: First Edition

A new segment over here on my blog. Basically I’ll share random information that might be helpful to you and update you guys on what’s going on with my life.


[Motivation] The Science of What Motivates Us – They talk mainly about the connection between your emotions and motivation for the day. It’s important for me to start the day off feeling great. I listen to music in the morning and watch some motivational videos. Keep in mind your social networks can affect your mood. If you’re on Facebook / Twitter a lot, unfollow anyone that’s emo, negative, complains too much, etc.

[Productivity] Boring is Productive – The more structured / routine my days are, the more productive I become. I eat the same things everyday and follow a pretty set schedule. I rather use my energy making decisions on more important things.

[Programming] 25 Ways to Learn Programming Online Anyone interested in internet marketing should learn some basic programming. CodeAcademy is solid and free. I’m also a fan of TreeHouse which teaches with videos. ($25 a month)


[Biography] The Dream by Gurbaksh Chahal. At 18 his sold his internet advertising agency, ClickAgents, for $40m to ValuClick. He started another company called BlueLithium which he sold to $300m to Yahoo in 2007. He talks about the racism he had to endure growing up, dealing with ValuClick’s bullshit, buying his first Lambo, and laying the pimp hand down on Gold diggers. Definitely a lot of knowledge shared. He’s already on his 3rd internet advertising company, RadiumOne – he definitely sticks to what he knows.

Here is in on Oprah


[Startups] The Startup Owner’s Manual by Steven Gary Blank. This guy’s an OG in Silicon Valley and actually mentored Eric Ries, who’s the leader of the Lean Startup Movement. It talks about you have to approach startups differently from traditional businesses, finding a profitable business model, finding new customers, whether to continue with your idea or to pivot, etc. I’m not looking to do a startup anytime soon, but I definitely learned a lot that I can apply to my own business.


Internet Marketing

[Bidding Strategy] One of the guys I’m mentoring came to me with a question. He was getting a pretty decent ROI (return on investment) on a campaign. He lowered his bids in order to make more money. Makes sense right?

However his profits tanked when he made that change. What happened?

My theory is lowering his bids meant he no longer was getting traffic from his most profitable sites / placements. If certain websites have a high converting audience, it’s probably going to cost more due to competition. He checked his Prosper202 (a tracking software) where he was passing the SiteID from his traffic source as a token. Comparing the days showed that’s what happened. I also told him to block the sites that weren’t getting any conversions.

Every traffic source has their own intricacies when it comes to optimizing. That’s why it’s important to try and master one traffic source when you’re starting off

[Tool] This is a useful tool I’ve been using a while now. It’s a Chrome and Firefox extension called Ghostery. It shows you what ad networks and tracking pixels are on the website. Here’s an example from TMZ.


damn that’s a lot of stuff

I’ve found some profitable traffic sources in the past just from browsing the web and seeing how different websites monetize. If you have a profitable website you’re marketing on, you can see what other traffic sources you can use to buy traffic there. Better yet, just go to the site directly and see if they’re open to a direct buy.


[Exercise] I started this workout 7 weeks ago and it’s going amazing – I’m already up 9 lbs. Richard Branson says working out consistently can give you up to 4 hours of productivity a day.

Hitting the gym consistently is actually the easy part for me. I’m in front of the computer all day so it’s nice to get out. The hardest part is the diet portion. You have to plan your meals, eat every 2-3 hours, and avoid junk food.

Everyone has their own motivations for working out. My main one is health. What’s the point of working so hard to make money if you’re going to die of a heart attack at 40? Being out of shape is selfish.

[Travel] I’m skipping Ad:Tech NYC, but I might be at Affiliate Summit West in Vegas. This year it takes place at Caesar’s Palace. Register for ASW Today’s actually the last day to get the networking pass for $99 before they jack the prices up to $249.

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