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Self Improvement: Knowledge Bombs #3: Weapons of Mass Distraction


Welcome to another edition of Knowledge Bombs – Weapons of Mass Distraction.

Removing Myself From Weapons of Mass Distraction

About two weeks ago I decided to completely stop social media: no Facebook, instagram, twitter, reddit, non-work forums, etc.

We’re all addicted to social media to some degree, and it’s creeped up so slowly over the years like boiling a frog. Not only do we spend too much time on it, but somehow we’ve become terrified of boredom. Rather than be bored, our default behavior is to keep the brain busy by consuming information.

If I post a new Facebook status or tweet, I feel this need to check on it. If I get likes or retweets, I get a shot of dopamine in your brain that encourages you to repeat this behavior.

I use pomodoros and website blockers, but that doesn’t solve the root of the problem. Even if you have those things blocked for certain hours of the day, we still have those neural connections in our minds that connect social media with pleasure and reward. Only by taking an extended break can we numb those connections. Not only can I save time, but I’m also giving my mind a rest to focus on bigger things.

This is just an experiment and I’m not sure how long it’ll last. Big goals requires sacrifice.


5 Productive Working Styles by Asian Efficiency – I’m a cross between #1 and #4. My working style now is a few months of hardcore 7 days a week, 15 hour days of work. Right when I’m about to burn out, I’ll take a break and go traveling for a few weeks. I don’t recommend this to people by the way, it’s just what works for me and I know my limit.   

24 hours of Marquee by GQ – A look into how the greatest club in the world operates.

Las Vegas Casinos vs. the Cheaters – How Vegas tries to detect and stops cheaters. I love this quote: When it comes to cheating, Whiting says, “We’re never going to be ahead. Remember that people who get paid to catch the bad guys get paid whether they catch them or not. The cheats don’t get paid unless they figure it out. So they’re motivated, and they’ve succeeded. But once they do, we go full in.”

Meet the Doomsday’s Boom Rising Star – How a man made over $1m in sales last year selling a modified shovel. Shows the power of riding a trend, and understand what a niche market wants.

Lottery Winner Jack Whittaker’s Losing Ticket – The story about how a man’s life changed after he won $314.9 million from the lottery. The typical tale is usually someone broke gets rich suddenly, and loses it all. What’s unique about this story is the guy was a self-made millionaire before he hit the lottery. You’d think he’d handle it better than everyone else right? You can read the story and hear the bad luck that came with the money.

It’s easy for us to judge, “Oh that wouldn’t happen to us.” Armchair lottery winners. Personally if I won that much cash, move to a different country where no one knows who I am and try to keep a low profile.


– Hilarious video that has some truth to it. I study productivity quite extensively and I think the key to not going overboard with it is to balance it with the right amount of action. Every time I finish a book I try to create an “action plan” and implement some of my learnings. Don’t be one of those guys that’s read 100+ business books, but has never done anything with the information. Knowledge is useless without action.

A video from Affiliate Summit West 2013′. It features a group of guys who were former affiliates and leveraged their knowledge, experience, & money into companies. People always talk about “life after affiliate marketing”…well these guys are doing big things and showing you what’s possible.

Featured guys: Jason Akatiff (CEO of Ads4Dough – affiliate network), SlightlyShady of (WhatRunsWhere – Competitive Intelligence for internet marketers), Cyrus of (Lean.com – Real Time Bidding for mobile traffic, I wonder how many times a day diet companies offer to buy his domain), Brandon Adcock (advertiser & the greatest last name in internet marketing)

This is the average person’s nightmare, but a marketer’s wet dream.

It’s just amazing to see how advertising evolves basically every 10 years: Mail, Print, Television, Internet, Mobile, and soon Augmented Reality. Maybe one day we’ll have ads that directly shoot into our mind. The medium changes, but advertising’s always going to be here.


Updating the look of my blog and about 75% of the way there. Trying to keep it clean with a focus on my content. Stay tuned, some great stuff coming up.

New Years

Screen Shot 2013-02-05 at 11.26.29 PMLai xi aka lucky money

kung hei fat choy / 恭喜发财 / chúc mừng năm mới

Happy Lunar’s New Years to everyone that celebrates it. It’s the year of the Snake. The Chinese and other nationalities in Asia celebrate new year usually in later January or early February. Typically it includes receiving lucky money from relatives, eating amazing food, cleaning your place, pay respect to our ancestors that have passed away, etc.

What Chinese OG (original gangster) says my year’s going to be like, can’t wait!

“Step it up my Asian brethren. Become men of strength and determination. In order to become the man you are destined to be, you must push yourself everyday past your limits. Sharpen your mind and strengthen your body. Face your challenges and demons with the fury of a thousand suns. If you fail, never let it be because you were too lazy or tired. FIGHT FOR YOUR AMBITIONS!” – Dr Ngo