How to Launch Campaigns Faster (Even if You Don’t Have a Team)

Written by Charles Ngo
Written by Charles Ngo

You have big dreams of making it in affiliate marketing.
But there are some problems:

  • You work from 9 to 5.
  • You waste hours sitting in traffic
  • You have responsibilities (family, errands, etc.)
  • You don’t have the luxury of a team

You’re pumped to run campaigns, but you only have two to three hours a day to get things done. (And you’re probably exhausted from the day).
Does this sound familiar?
This was my situation when I first started, and it’s probably why I became obsessed with productivity.

My success depended on launching more campaigns and getting more experience. I couldn’t create more hours in the day, but I could make my two to three hours count more.
I remember my affiliate manager telling me about a hot offer.
I made a game plan, created the ads in Photoshop, had a custom landing page built, and submitted the ads.
It took me four days to launch the campaign. 
By the time I was ready to run the offer…
Affiliate Manager: Sorry, but the offer’s down now. Someone’s taking all the leads and the advertiser wants to give it to them directly.
Me: wait, wtf? The offer just came out.
Affiliate Manager: They started running the campaign within a few hours of it going live
Me: Man…that sucks. I can’t compete with someone with a big team
Affiliate Manager: He doesn’t have a team. He has a full-time job just like you. He just figured out how to launch a campaign faster than you.

That was a big ah-ha moment for me.
It’s called the speed of implementation.
How fast can you execute an idea?
No one cares if you had the idea first. What matters is who executed it faster, and better.
My rate of execution was around a campaign a week. Once I started thinking about my problem, I realized I could launch campaigns a lot faster.
Launching campaigns faster meant I was getting a LOT more out of those few hours I had each day.
So, this article’s for the lone wolf.
Let’s not complain about what we don’t have, and let us make the most out of what we DO have.
Every affiliate started off just like you. They had the same challenges you had and were able to overcome them somehow.
I’m going to share some techniques with you to launch campaigns faster, and more efficiently.

Brainstorm What You Need

Take a step back.
Ask yourself, “What is it that you need to launch this campaign?

What’s essential?
One mistake I made, in the beginning, was creating everything from scratch. I thought I could do a better job than everyone else.
But you’ve been in this situation before probably.
You spend several days and money creating a landing page from scratch. When you finally launch it has zero conversions.
What a waste of time and effort.
These days I’m all about speed.
I’m launching campaigns all the time to see which ones have potential.
I’m a firm believer of, “Imitate, then innovate.
Did you know that:

  • “Visa and MasterCard imitated the credit card concept from Diners Club”
  • “McDonald’s imitated the fast food chain concept from White Castle”

Many of these companies imitated from the best, and then innovated on the concept to make it even better.
Many of which even surpassed the original innovator’s product.
This concept can be applied to Affiliate Marketing.
Start gathering competitive intelligence on what the top guys in the industry are doing for a period of time.
Back then, I had to gather them manually which was time-consuming.
Now, affiliates have it easy. Spy tools like AdPlexity and AdSector can easily 10x our launch process.
Anyway, you want to find out:

  • What traffic sources are they running on?
  • What ads are they doing?
  • What landing pages are they using?
  • What offers?
  • Etc.

They already have a working funnel that you can imitate upon. No one continues running campaigns for a long time if it’s losing money.
Also, don’t feel guilty about spying on other affiliates. Everyone spies and steals from their competition, not just in affiliate marketing.
This is a great way to get started. But remember, it’s NOT going to take you to the next levels.
If all you ever do is copy others, you’ll struggle to keep up.
As soon as you see that the campaign has potential, start innovating to achieve success a lot faster.
“Don’t reinvent the wheel, make it roll faster”

Puzzle Piece #1: Preparing Your Landing Pages

Ok, so you have an offer from your affiliate manager.
Now, you’ll need to find a landing page.
Here are 3 simple ways for you.

Technique #1: Rip from Spy Tools

I would check out what are the top guys doing are doing for a niche.

Find one that would be congruent to your offer.
What do you mean?
If your offer is about Dating Asian Women, then make sure your landing page isn’t about Dating Russian Women. Pretty obvious eh? But I was surprised when I saw the lack of congruency in some affiliates’ funnel.
Anyway, if your offer is about crypto, then you’ll need a related landing page.
Find one and then, rip with AdPlexity’s One-Click Download option.

Then, clean/upload/test your landing pages. Hire a programmer if you need to.
This technique is fast and you certain this landing page works.

Technique #2: Leverage on Similar Verticals

Sometimes, I’ll be launching in verticals with no competition to get the first movers’ advantage.
Some of these will make a huge load of money.
What I usually do is to find verticals that are rather similar. Then, tweak a high-converting landing page to suit the offer.
Let’s say you wanted to run a Crypto related offer, and no one’s running it right now.
Well I know fundamentally it’s similar to binary options or business opportunity offers. There are a ton of landing pages from those.
I don’t have to completely rewrite landing pages.
I’ll simply take my landing pages (which I know works) from my biz-opps campaign, and tweak it to be crypto-specific. Boom, that’s done within 30 mins.
I know some of you might not have that flexibility.
You can simply use Technique #1 to find landing pages that the top guys are doing in the biz-opp niche. Rip and tweak it to be crypto-specific.

That’s the interesting thing about affiliate marketing. Whenever there’s a problem, there’s always a creative way to solve it.

Technique #3: Leverage on Similar Geos

Another cool hack is what I call “Geo-Arbitraging”.
In short, if a landing page is working for Geo A, there’s a high likelihood that it’ll work on Geo B. It’s close to literally “copy and pasting” profits.
A situation may be something like this:
You have a Spanish crypto offer.
But, you can’t find any Spanish crypto landing pages.
But, there are tons of crypto landing pages in English which you know are working.
Here’s what I would do.
I would use technique #1 and rip it.
Then, take it to OneHourTranslation.
Boom! A lander up and running within hours.
Try any one of these 3 techniques to easily get your landing pages up and running within hours.

Puzzle Piece #2: Preparing your Ads

Here’s a tip: I don’t like to copy and paste ads.
Why? Banner Blindness.
Too many people have seen your competitor’s ads.
If you copy that same ad, there’s a high likelihood that a user has seen and clicked on it before and therefore, would likely not click on it again. Your CTR will be LOW.
Simple as that.
In most traffic sources, there’s an inverse correlation between your CTR and CPC/CPM.
In short:

  • If your CTR is low, your ad is considered (not as) relevant. Traffic sources don’t like that. Therefore, you pay more.
  • If your CTR is high, your ad is considered relevant to users. Traffic sources like the relevant experience you provide for users. Therefore, you pay less.

This is particularly important for Native/Facebook traffic.
So, how do we write Ads that achieve High CTR without writing everything from scratch?
Imitate and Innovate.

Technique: Mix & Tweak

Start by compiling a whole list of headlines that the top guys are doing.
Then, mix them up and tweak it.
Here’s an example:

Competitor’s Headlines:

  • Millionaire Mum Makes R 8000/hr from Home, Exposes Her Secret
  • Young Mother from [CITY] Makes a Fortune with Bitcoin
  • Millionaire Mom Reveals Her Method to Make a Fortune Online
  • Controversial Mistake in [COUNTRY] Makes Thousands of People Rich
  • Student from [CITY] Makes a Fortune with BitCoin

Mix & Tweaked: [CITY] Millionaire Student Makes $1537.13/hr with Crypto, Shocking Shortcut Method Exposed.
Guys, I did that in less than 3 minutes.
I’m sure you can do better than that.
I don’t want to go too specific into copywriting since this is not the intended purpose. But, you can read my previous articles on the 7 Secrets of Writing Super Profitable Headlines or simply Steal 4 of my Profitable Headlines here.
More examples:

  • How to Make $1537.13/hr Without Working a 9-5
  • The Crypto Trick That Crypto Investors are HIDING
  • Etc.

So, no more excuses guys.
Quick Tip: It can be hard to get creative with ads sometimes. Whenever I come across an awesome ad, I’ll save it into my Evernote.
Over time, you’ll build a massive swipe file of Ads that you can go through for inspirations on future campaigns.

Puzzle Piece #3: Selecting a Traffic Source to Run

I know some affiliates that spend a week researching traffic sources before launching.

That’s over-analyzing.
Why not just imitate what your competitors are running first?
Only when it’s profitable and you are looking to scale, then you put in the extra effort to research more (untapped) traffic sources.
Start by compiling a list of traffic sources that your competitors are running and look for patterns.
Remember, if you see that your competitors are making money on mgid, you know the traffic quality works. And all you gotta do is focus on your marketing.
By working with an unknown traffic source, you’re introducing another unknown variable. Now you have to think if it’s your marketing that sucks? Or the traffic source.
I hope you can see what I’m getting at.

Hire a Virtual Assistant

Imagine assigning a bunch of tasks.
Go to sleep.
Wake up and they’re done.
There’s no affiliate marketing fairy, but hiring a virtual assistant is the closest thing.
If you can afford it, I recommend hiring a virtual assistant. You can get a decent one for $300+ a month who works with you 40 hours a week.
I don’t think it’s necessarily true that the more you spend, then the higher the quality. There are plenty of great VA’s you can hire who just don’t have the experience yet to command a higher rate.
The key is to have a great hiring process to filter out the gems. (Hire 10 VA’s and give them a small task. Keep the best one. Resumes and interviews can’t compare to actual work)
Some tasks your VA can do:
1. Rip pages and upload them.
2. Translate landing pages.
3. Upload ads/campaigns to a traffic source
4. Set up your tracking.
5. Etc.
All these can save you hours each week.

You don’t have to limit your virtual assistant to affiliate marketing tasks.
Instead of spending a few hours looking up flights and planning a trip, you can give the tasks to your assistant.
That frees up a few hours for you to work on campaigns.
If you can afford it, a great virtual assistant can be a huge boost to your career in the early days.

Time for Action

Now you should have the missing puzzles on how you can launch campaigns faster.

  • Upload your landers.
  • Setup your tracker.
  • Configure your offers’ postback pixel.
  • Upload to traffic sources.
  • Unload the traffic & start optimizing.

Stop over-analyzing and start putting these into action.
Here’s one last tip.
When you are launching your campaigns, log down the time it takes for you to complete your sub-tasks. If it took you 2 days on your first campaign, which task took you the most amount of time?
Instead of just focusing on how much revenue you generated, start analyzing your bottlenecks and improve them.
Treat this like a high-score and you will keep getting better over time.
Being able to execute ideas faster than your competitors is a huge advantage.
Show me some love by letting me know if these techniques would help speed up your campaign launching process.
Featured Image by Sergey Nivens

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                The posts published by Charles are prepared and analyzed, including the author’s own experience…

The posts published by Charles are prepared and analyzed, including the author’s own experience…

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