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Self Improvement: Level Up /w My Latest Videos

Isn’t YouTube the greatest thing ever?

> Not sure what to cook tonight? Let me check YouTube for some recipes.
> Something broken in my condo? Let me check YouTube to fix it.
> Bored out of my mind? YouTube some Overwatch videos.

So earlier this year I wanted to focus on producing more content on my YouTube channel.

Talk about getting out of my comfort zone…

I’m not a natural on camera.

I have extreme perfectionism. That means I do get envious when I see other channels with their slick camera quality/editing.

But it is pretty cool to compare my first few videos to my latest batch. Big shoutout to my Video Editor.

Anyways I wanted to share with you guys some of my favorite videos from this year. I look forward to creating many more!

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#1 WARNING: Shady Networks and Traffic Sources

Let’s be honest: some people in the affiliate world have a reputation for being shady.

I don’t mention anyone by name – instead I just organize each point by a shady behavior, so you can spot ANYBODY you see doing this.

This video may end up saving you 5 figures, so if you’re pushing volume, give it a watch 🙂

#2: My TOP Networking Tips for Introverts.

People are often shocked to learn that I actually started out in life as an introvert and a bit of a gamer nerd.

In this video I share some of my best networking tips, not JUST for introverts, but ANYBODY who wants to brush up on their skills.

And if you want to take your learning a step further? Just check out this page.

#3: How to Handle Haters – THEY DON’T WANT YOU TO WIN

We all have haters. Maybe your girl thinks your online business is a waste of time, or your workmates keep giving you shit because you don’t come out to the clubs on a Friday anymore.

Expect to have MORE haters, especially if you are trying to become something great.

Having a brand and being in the public eye definitely brings you a lot of influence and love but it also comes with a couple of people hating on your success.

These are my 5 tips on how to deal with haters, overcome negative relatives or partners and people hating on you.

#4: Should You Invest In Bitcoin? Here’s My Strategy for 2017.

Bitcoin. Crypto. Blockchain.

It first started getting popular around 2012, and since then it has absolutely beaten the crap out of any other investment: stocks, real estate, bonds, you name it.

So you might think the question “Should You Invest In Bitcoin?” is easy.

But things have changed.

Note: I personally hold cryptos, so I’m not against them – but watch for video for my thoughts on investing in crypto currencies.

#5: How to build WINNING HABITS and BREAK bad ones! [5 Tips].

Habits are everything. Doesn’t matter if you want to make in CPA, ecommerce, or any other industry. If you don’t have the right habits, success will never come your way.

But how do you GET the right habits in the first place?

That’s what I cover in this video.

Tip #1 – Start Small
Tip #2 – Never Miss Twice
Tip #3 – Use an App to Track
Tip #4 – Reduce Friction
Tip #5 – Habit Stacking

… AND, I went way over time and started giving away some more personal tips I use to keep habits consistent.

As a beginner, you might be overwhelmed by all the conflicting information out there, but one of the assets you have is a clean slate. This video will show you how to get off on the right foot no matter what your goals are.

#6: Interviewing E-commerce Icon Ezra Firestone.

Ezra Firestone is a big player in the ecommerce space, so it was great to do this interview with him.

Some of the business he runs include:

SmartMarketer – a leading ecommerce and business training site
Boom! By Cindy Joseph – a top ecommerce brand in the beauty niche

Chances are, you’ve heard of him before.

What you may not know is how his businesses were built – or what you can learn from the man who built them.

We mainly talked about Facebook targeting and ads, how to get the right products, and the different mindsets it takes to be successful.

This video has a ton of gems in it for anyone who’s in the ecom space.

#7: How to Be More Confident [8 Hacks].

Has anyone ever told you “just be confident”?

That’s kinda crap advice. It’s like telling someone to “just be a good speaker, it’s not rocket science”.

You need a strategy.

I explain WHY confidence matters, and HOW to get it. You’ll find plenty of great information in the video, which breaks down into these simple but powerful hacks:

Hack #1 – Overcome Challenges
Hack #2 – Exercise
Hack #3 – Hacking Your Style
Hack #4 – Create a Winning List
Hack #5 – Watch your Posture
Hack #6 – Reframe your Losses
Hack #7 – Learn How To Defend Yourself
Hack #8 – Live According to Your Own Virtues

#8: How to Make Better Decisions in Life: My Framework Backed by Science.

We all have regrets.

Jobs, business, relationships, etc. that were ruined by bad decisions.

Everybody wants to make better decisions. But how do you actually do it?

That’s the question I answer in this video.

I picked up some of the ideas in this video from two of my favorite books: Decisive by Chip & Dan Heath, and The Art of Thinking Clearly by Rob Dobelli.

#9: What I Carry With Me Everyday.

This video describes the items that I carry with me in my pockets and my wallet.

If you love gadgets, you’ll love this video.

You’ll also find links to where you can buy all these items in the description below the video.

#10: Analysis Paralysis [STOP PROCRASTINATING!]

Last on the list is my video about Analysis Paralysis – better known as “information overload.”

Analysis Paralysis is probably the #1 issue of our time. Basically, we have unlimited knowledge because of the internet. But for that same reason, we’re like a kid in a candy shop, never sure which “candy” to choose.

One of my rules for picking the right candy?

Don’t be an information addict.

If you want to stop procrastinating, you gotta take massive action. But before you can do that, you need be able to trust the decisions you make.

This video shows you how to beat procrastination and live the life you want.

Got any topics you’d love me to shoot a video on?

Let me know in the comments!