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News and Events: Help Me Out: Vote for Me in the RevenueWire "Live Dangerously" Contest

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RevenueWire reached out to me that they’re having a contest. There’s 3 winners: The top affiliate by revenue, top affiliate by incremental revenue, and a blogger who gets the most votes.

The Prize is an all-expense paid trip to Miami to do some speedboat racing in October. Cigarette boat racing + helicopter tour + staying at Fountainebleu hotel. It looks pretty fun and something I’d love to experience, so if you guys can take 5 seconds to vote I’d be very grateful. (It’s just a poll, no registration required or any gimmicks)

Also you’re doing the RevenueWire team a huge favor because I’d be way more fun to hang out with than Zac Johnson or Nick Throlson.


Who is RevenueWire?

They are an affiliate network that specializes in mainly software / digital products such as registry cleaners, anti-virus, software to make your PC faster, etc. It’s a pretty big vertical since the target market is pretty much anyone with a computer.

Check out some of the products they have. http://www.affiliate-wire.com/products/

I haven’t worked with them before personally, but they have been around a long time and have a pretty solid reputation. If you’re interested in this vertical then I suggest signing up and seeing what they have to offer.

Homepage of the Live Dangerously Contest.