Here’s What’s Missing in Your International Campaigns

Written by Charles Ngo
Written by Charles Ngo

One of my favorite parts of traveling is to see how American companies adapt overseas.
Some don’t even adapt at all – they pretty much copy & paste their stores.
The smart ones will put in the extra work to localize their offerings to the country. For example, Starbucks just opened up in Vietnam last year. They added in Vietnamese style coffees to the menu.
I saw the McDonalds in the Tokyo Airport and they had special Japanese burgers. Understanding the local culture and adapting to it will give companies a competitive advantage.
Common sense right?
When I started affiliate marketing in 2007, most campaigns only took English speaking countries. You promoted offers in the United States, and occasionally Australia, United Kingdom, & Canada.
There’s been a shift in 2015. I’ve had profitable campaigns this year in Indonesia, South Africa, Kuwait, Colombia, etc. There’s no countries off limits for affiliates (except maybe North Korea)
Most affiliates are lazy and will do the bare minimum. They have the original page in English. When they want to run international they’ll just use translate, copy and paste (By the way I use mainly)
What’s funny is I’ve seen HUGE affiliates too lazy to even translate their own pages. Instead they just RIP the pages of other people. How do you know that guy you ripped from, didn’t just use Google translate?
I’m going to give some tips on how you can increase your conversation rates by adapting to the local cultures.
Are You Using the Right Slang?
I use to run adult dating a few years ago. I found it interesting how the word “slut” is not universal. In UK they’ll use the word “slag.” When you’re translating your pages, make sure you’re using the right words.
For pages that run a TON of volume, I like to have friends go through the pages to make sure the translations make sense.
Make sure you’re using the right currency symbols. If you’re advertising to a country that uses Euros, use
75 instead of $75

Some countries have multiple languages. If you’re promoting in Hong Kong, test to see if Cantonese or English pages will perform better. In Malaysia they speak English, Malay, and Chinese. You want to research and see what the predominant languages are
Protip: There are ways to redirect people based off what language they speak.
The People
If you’re using testimonials, are the names localized? Which would seem more believable in India? John Smith or Anik Patel?
I’ve seen landing pages use “As seen on CNN, etc.” in countries that don’t have CNN.
Why not use images of LOCAL news stations?
Country Colors
International people love their country colors. I’ve already given a tip in the past on how I like to add in country flags to my landing pages. You can also test to see if using the country colors will help in conversions. Example: If you’re promoting in Brazil, try making the button’s green / yellow.
This is advanced and where the real money is made.
Are you able to use angles that take advantage of the local culture or news relevant to that country?
Here’s a simple example. Suppose you’re promoting a weight loss offer in Mexico. The “story” you’re selling is how a woman started gaining a ton of weight because a McDonald’s opened up next to her house. A quick search shows the top fast food chain in Mexico is “El Pollo Feliz.” Wouldn’t the angle seem more believable (and conversion rates increase) because of the localization?

The Extra Effort

None of these tips are going to magically help you make 5 – figures a day. With each of my campaigns we’re always going the “extra” mile. If all these tips can add up to an extra 20% conversion rate boost, how much would that impact my bottom line if the campaign lasts a few months?

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                The posts published by Charles are prepared and analyzed, including the author’s own experience…

The posts published by Charles are prepared and analyzed, including the author’s own experience…

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