An Easy Way to Find Profitable Placements (Before You Launch)

Written by Charles Ngo
Written by Charles Ngo

You’ve been spending the past few days preparing for a campaign.
Your affiliate manager says it’s hot, and you’ve done your research.
Everything’s ready to rock and roll!
But when you finally launch it you’re losing money, or you might not even be getting enough conversions to start split-testing.
What happened?
There are a million reasons why.

  • You might be running horrible CPA offers
  • The angle might not be hitting hard
  • Your landing page isn’t converting.

But one of the biggest reasons is the targeting.
If you’re running on native or mobile traffic, then you need to figure out what the profitable placements are.
Placements are the websites that your ads are shown on.

They’re represented by numbers because most paid traffic sources don’t want you to actually know what the site is (so you don’t try to cut them out and advertise directly on the most profitable websites).
The problem is there are so many low quality and horrible placements filled with bot traffic.
Google and Facebook are great traffic sources. The traffic comes from their own site and they have great fraud detection methods.
But what about traffic sources like mobile and native? Let’s just say you have to weed through a ton of crap to find the diamonds.
It can take you hundreds or even thousands of dollars to sort through the garbage on some traffic sources.
And that’s tough if you’re operating on a low budget.
I wanna share with you a simple hack that you can use with Adplexity to figure out what some profitable placements are.

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Using Adplexity to Expose Profitable Placements

Adplexity mobile has recently added a new feature to their spy tool.
You can now see which placements different landing pages and ads are running on.
If you’re a mobile guy, you will know this $$$
But if you’re a mobile noobie, here’s why it helps:
We track everything in Voluum to see which placements are making us money.
Here’s an image as an example (the placements are given the variable V1: Website ID)
adplexity voluum
On a mobile pop traffic source like PopAds or PropellorAds they have thousands of placements.
Some of them are 90% bot traffic and will be guaranteed to lose you money.
Others are highly profitable with great quality traffic.
How do you know which placements are good and which are losers?
You have two options:

  1. Run your own tests.Or
  2. You can run campaigns on the profitable placements that Adplexity gives you

How do you find the profitable placements?

  1. Click on a landing page you want to analyze further
  2. Adplexity shows us the top 10 placements over all of the traffic sources the landing page is running on. We can also see how long the landing page / ad has been running on each placement.

If something has been running on a placement for a while, we assume it’s a quality placement.
adplexity discount
Then to figure out which traffic source the placement is on, you hover over the pie chart and it shows you the traffic network.
Next, on the landing page analysis, we get more information on this same landing page.
We can see that PopAds and PropellorAds are the most popular paid traffic sources for running this particular affiliate ad.
adplexity mobile
This ad hasn’t been running for a super long time, so I’d want to do more research before I came to a decision.
You have to cross-analyze a bunch of different sites to start seeing a “pattern.”
Here’s what I mean:

  1. When you look at 10 different sweepstakes landing pages, what trends are you seeing for traffic sources and placements?
  2. Do you see some verticals running on XYZ traffic source but nowhere else?
  3. Are some traffic sources running only one type of offer?
  4. Are the most popular placements running affiliate offers? Or is it brand advertisers?

How Else Can We Research Placements on Adplexity?

You can get some more powerful insight from each landing page / ad from Adplexity. Here are a few examples:
We can see this creative has been run over the past few weeks, but it looks like they’ve scaled back on it. Maybe it’s not working out
adplexity native
This data on weekly trends is kinda useless to us, but we can see they’ve been running an even split between Android and iOS.
using adplexity
This last section is more interesting. If you come across a campaign that has some placements running noticeably longer than others, there’s a good chance those placements are making them money.
This is something to watch out for and take notes on.
adplexity mobile

What Strategy Should You Follow From Here?

The tighter your affiliate marketing budget, the more research you need to do before you launch.
You can either spend time or money. I do research before I launch affiliate campaigns, but if I had a tighter budget, I’d be a lot more meticulous before I launched.
Here are some questions to answer when you’re using Adplexity:

  1. Are your competitors running the top offers that your AM is recommending?
  2. Are there any landing page templates that are the most popular in your vertical?
  3. Which traffic sources are the most popular for your offers / verticals?
  4. Which are the most popular placements?

Take some notes down for the most popular placements and build up a list of these.
You can test running traffic to these placements with the same offers / landing pages / traffic sources as your competition and see how close you are to break even.

This is One Piece of the Puzzle

First of all, this is not a guaranteed way to make money.
The placements are only one lever. If you’re running the best placements but your offer and angles are garbage, then you’re not gonna make any money.

  1. Maybe those placements worked for that particular vertical but not for yours.
  2. Maybe that placement is great for that particular GEO
  3. Or maybe that placement was great for that placement. There are times when a placement has high-quality traffic for one month, and garbage the next.

That’s what I love about affiliate marketing. If something’s not working then you gotta get into problem-solving mode.

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                The posts published by Charles are prepared and analyzed, including the author’s own experience…

The posts published by Charles are prepared and analyzed, including the author’s own experience…

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