Create More Profitable Angles /w This 1 Weird Trick

Written by Charles Ngo
Written by Charles Ngo

I was talking to a newbie I met at a conference recently and he asked me an interesting question.
“Why are there only about 5 different landers in spy tools for any vertical?”
Here’s what I responded:

  1. Because most affiliates are lazy (don’t complain about it, take advantage of it). Instead of making better angles / landing pages, they focus on other parts of their campaigns
  2. There are more creative landers and banners out there, but you can’t see them.

If you take a look at one of the main spy tools, most of the landers in there are similar.
This creates an anchoring bias in your mind. You see the same lander 10x in a spy tool, so you assume that it’s a good one.
But the truth is, going the extra mile in your angles and landing pages is still an advantage.

How The Typical Affiliate Builds Angles

You can’t go out and do exactly what tens of thousands of other affiliate marketers do… and expect to make bank. What’s your competitive advantage?
You use the same tracker, you run mobile/native, you use the same landers, and run on the same affiliate networks.
This is a great first step to get started, but it’s not going to take you to the next levels.
But the ones who imitate first, THEN innovate, achieve success a lot faster.
If all you ever do is copy others, you’ll struggle to keep up.
So what are you doing to differentiate yourself?
There are a lot of ways you can break out of the newbie mould, but one way that I want to show you guys is using “current events” for your angles.

How Super Affiliates Build Angles

Something you have to consider in every campaign is:
“Why would someone click your CTA?”.
A lot of affiliates have that mentality of “If I build it, they’ll come” or “If others are using this lander, it must be doing well”.
Assumptions are your enemy in affiliate marketing.
Super affiliates do things differently.
They understand that there are REAL people at the end reading your lander. It could be your mom, your girlfriend, or a guy you went to school with.
Real people are constantly thinking and asking WHY when they are online.
*Why is this website giving me a free voucher?
*Why should I sign up to this email list?
*Why would I click on this website and trust it if I’ve never seen before?
Super affiliates understand that people see thousands of ads every single day.
Any affiliate who’s made a lot of money knows their native ad, banner, or newsfeed ad is just another one in a long list, so there are certain things they do to make the ad/lander more clickable.
I’ve talked about marketing angles, copywriting, using images, and how to improve your international campaigns, but I haven’t touched on current events.
Let me show you an example to explain what I mean by current events:
Affiliate A and B are both running gaming offers in USA.
Affiliate A runs a copy of a lander that he ripped from a spy tool

Affiliate B runs the same lander, but turns it into a Halloween-themed lander and adjusts the copy and images to the holiday. He changes some of the colors to be black and orange and has a countdown until October 31 (when the promotion will finish)

It’s almost Halloween right now, so suddenly your lander is MORE relevant than other landers your audience will see.
It’s no longer COMPLETELY new or strange to your audience. Although your lander is technically new to a viewer, in their mind they see Halloween (which is familiar to them), and they see you’re doing a Halloween special deal.
It makes sense to them, and builds more trust with them.
In psychology this is called the familiarity principle. This principle says that people favor things, and are more likely to spend money on things that they are familiar with.
One of the key things in advertising is to give your audience something to relate to. It’s like when you go to a foreign country and you eat at McDonalds because it’s the only thing you know.
It’s like how shops always have sales around holidays or events; they are putting something FAMILIAR in front of their customers, and giving them a REASON for the sale.
I swear to god I saw a landing page promoting a free iPhone 6. Dude…the iPhone 7 is out, update your giveaway.

How To Use Current Events In Your Angles


One of the easiest is seasons. Roughly 88% of the world’s population lives in the Northern Hemisphere so there’s a good change you can run this in most of your campaigns and leave it.
Example: If you’re promoting muscle building products you can use summer to use the angle of getting lean and winter for bulking.

Some offers are more seasonal than others so this helps amplify the viewer’s need.


New Year, Christmas, Labour Day, Independence Day etc can all be used in your campaigns. I’m not gonna give away all my secrets, but every year my team DOUBLES DOWN as soon as it hits December / January.
In the New Year people are in self-improvement mode, and at Christmas they’ve got cash burning a hole in their pocket. Brainstorm some ways you can implement holidays into your campaigns.
Example: Almost any campaign can use this strategy. Have a Thanksgiving Sale for your product or offer if you’re targeting US. Add copy promoting a special deal for Christmas or Easter. I’ve used this in multiple verticals to increase ROI.

What if you’re in the dating vertical? Use a picture of a woman in a Santa hat. “Don’t be lonely for Christmas”
Protip: Most people just target the US with this. Every country has different holidays and some of them are MASSIVE, but the majority of Americans have never heard of them before.

This could be a first mover’s advantage for you.

News Events

Memes and videos around current news topics go viral so fast because they are TOPICAL. This means that everyone is thinking about it, so you’re in a better frame to enjoy the content.
Using popular news topics in your landers is an easy way to increase your familiarity, but you’ve gotta be careful. Check with your AM before you run a lander using news events because they can withhold payments if you’re breaking their rules.
Example: If you promote gaming offers, keep an eye on Apple, Microsoft (Xbox), Sony (Playstation) and releases of hugely popular games. You can compare your game to new ones to get people curious.

Here’s an example:
The Samsung Note 7 batteries are exploding everywhere and catching fire. It’s ALL OVER the news.

What fears do people have? That they might have a phone that catches fire as well.

What if there was an angle to detect if your battery is safe…hmmm?  
My mind is in seek and destroy mode every time I watch the news. I’m trying to see if there’s a way to tie in a popular story into an angle for an offer.

This Strategy Can Be A Competitive Advantage

I know some affiliates who focus 100% of their efforts on ruthless ripping. They just rip all of their landers and they will test multiple offers per day. Their systems and their marketing team are their advantage, but they have super high overheads.
I know other guys who are super creative who spend their time brainstorming angles. These are the guys who will enter a saturated, competitive niche and kill it with a brand new angles + crazy high CTR landers the audience have never seen before.
Using current events is one “hack” to build your own competitive advantage. If you’re on the pulse with what’s hot right now, you can make a killing in if you hit the right market.
There are almost 200 countries in the world. They all have their own news, holidays and trends so there’s no shortage of ideas for your campaigns.
It’s easy to get detached from the real world when you’re building banners and landers. You forget that real people are looking at your lander and asking questions like “who owns this page, and why would I trust it?”


You can leverage events, seasons, holidays and trends to build rapport with your audience. In international campaigns I always include their flag on the lander. Using current events, holidays etc makes your campaigns even MORE targeted to your audience.
People favor things they are familiar with, so focus on making your landing pages as familiar as you can to your target audience.
Also, don’t make the mistake of just using US holidays and news for international campaigns. Research your GEO and learn what people find familiar.
If you want more live content from me, add me on Snapchat!
I talk business, affiliate marketing and productivity each day. Think of me as that guy who keeps you hustling toward your goals every day.
Snapchat username: charles_ngo
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                The posts published by Charles are prepared and analyzed, including the author’s own experience…

The posts published by Charles are prepared and analyzed, including the author’s own experience…

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