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Interviews: Inside the Mind of Malan Darras

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I wanna introduce you to a friend of mine – Malan Darras.

I’ve known him for over 8 years, and he’s one of the few people crazy enough to keep up with an affiliate marketing blog.

If I had to describe him in three phrases it’d be: minimalist, creative, and 1-man army.

He’s been an affiliate marketer for almost a decade, blogs at MalanDarras.com, runs a private forum called MadSociety, lifts, plays the guitar, and focuses on well…minimal work with maximum results.

What Does Malan Cover?

Well, every day I get 150+ emails from you guys, so I know what sort of questions you would want to ask him. So I did the obvious thing and I hit him with the sort of questions you would ask him.

Topics include:

  • How to become successful faster than your competition
  • What to do once you’re profitable
  • How to work less and achieve more
  • Malan’s contrarian approach to business
  • Big losses, and how he recovered from them
  • What he would do if he were to start fresh in 2016

Read the transcription here

My Favorite Articles by Malan

Malan wrote a killer guest post on my blog a couple of years back about learning marketing for free. I love how Malan comes up with weird stuff nobody else does, then makes a ton of money in the process.

Here are a couple of my favorite posts on his blog:

This post on how to do the right thing when you don’t want to is powerful stuff.

If you want to see what affiliate marketing is really like, this post about expecting chaos is a perfect example.

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About Malan

If you don’t know Malan, he’s cut from a different cloth than a lot of other affiliates.

He spends a lot of time working on his hobbies, and he works mostly as a one-man army.

Malan’s a bit of a rockstar and writes his own music – check out Malan’s Soundcloud here. Malan brings some interesting perspectives to business which might help some of you guys out.

Don’t just take my word for it that this interview is good – watch it now and let me know your thoughts.

Transcription is attached here if you prefer to read rather than watch videos.



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