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News and Events: Ngo Malaysia / Singapore Speaking Wrapup (Sponsored by Clickdealer.com)


I initially spoke in Jakarta & Bangkok. After a few weeks break it was time for me to head over to Malaysia & Singapore to speak.

I knew Malaysians & Singaporeans were hardcore about internet marketing, but I had no idea how passionate they were. I had 350 tickets ready for the event and they were completely gone within 2 hours of signups going live.

I’m sorry to anyone that couldn’t get a ticket to the event. If I knew the demand would be that high I would’ve booked larger venues.


Over 120+ students showed up in Kuala Lumpur!


Packed house


The Malaysian Crowd 


An artistic rendition of me ripping a landing page

I had my friend Benjamin Yong introduce me in my speeches since he’s one of the most well known affiliates in the area. 

The Malaysian crowd was fun to speak in front of. I felt comfortable in front of the audience and incorporated a lot of jokes in the speech. 

Afterwards we went to Penang, Malaysia to hang out. I heard it’s an amazing city for food.

Special thanks to Sam “Vellfire” and his wife for showing us around in Penang. 


I’ve been looking forward to speaking in Singapore ever since I started planning these events. 

Part of me was nervous because this was going to be the largest crowd I would speak in front of, and part of me was nervous because I worried Ivan Ong would send assassins and ninjas to kill me. 

Close to 200 people showed up to Suntec Convention Center in Singapore.

There were quite a few guys that flew in from other countries to attend the event: USA, Philippines, UK, and Belgium. I felt tremendous pressure since they dropped $$$ to fly in to my event so I had to deliver. 

Feedback was good from them and they all agreed it was worth their time and money to come. Not bad for a free workshop. 

The Singaporean crowd was intense. Even though it was almost 200 people, it was super quiet because everyone was busy taking notes like a college classroom.

Another thing that surprised me about Singapore / Malaysia were the amount of women in the crowd. I would say 10% of the people that showed up were females. To be honest I don’t know too many female affiliates so it’s great to see more diversity in the industry!

I think Singapore will become an affiliate powerhouse very soon. The country is tiny but they all have tremendous ambition and work ethic. 

Special thanks to Jaz Lai, Audrey, and their team for helping me with the events. Also thanks to William Song for helping me book the venue. 

Mohit flew in from India!
Jesse flew in from Belgium!

Speaking Wrapup 

I achieved what I set out to do.

In the past month helped out almost 500 different affiliate marketers and I got tons of practice in presenting and conducting workshops. I think I’m a decent speaker now and with more practice I can start to get much better. 

Back in high school I was the shy kid who was terrified of speaking in front of the class. Over the past few weeks I felt natural and at ease on stage. It’s surprising how tiring it is to speak on stage. 3-4 hours of speaking is exhausting.

Some people have messaged me saying they were disappointed that I only spoke in Asia. I spoke in Asia because I travel there twice a year, and the sponsors wanted to expand their presence in those regions. I wish I could travel everywhere to speak but it’s just not practical.

I’m going to start writing some blog posts based on the material I presented so you guys can learn. I might also start exploring doing webinars so everyone can learn. 

Thanks for your ongoing support. 

Thanks to my Sponsor Clickdealer.com

A special thank you to the affiliate network Clickdealer for sponsoring my seminars.

I wanted a sponsor for this event and I immediately went to Clickdealer. They’re an amazing network, they are generous with the budgets, and they gave me 100% control of the event. 

They didn’t have any representatives at the seminars so I am grateful that they trusted me to represent their brand. 

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