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Mobile Marketing: New to Mobile Marketing? Here’s What’s Making Money

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It’s 2014.

Everyone wants to know what makes money. Where should a newbie start? Mobile Marketing?

First off, EVERYTHING makes money. I tend to write and focus on “what’s hot” in the industry, and here’s a brief analysis.

  • Adult Dating makes money, but has become quite competitive and top heavy.
  • Facebook’s banned dating and the traffic source is just difficult with the accounts situation. There’s still money there, but I don’t think your average newbie can crack it.
  • PPV. Possible to make money, but quite competitive.

While we’re on the topic of PPV, you can be successful as long as you don’t learn PPV from that dumbass Ivan Ong.

Pay $2k+ USD to learn direct linking PPV on MediaTraffic? Seriously? Your material is not even worth $20.

You don’t even know how to make a landing page – you shouldn’t be teaching anyone shit. Super Affiliate? More like Super Fake Guru.

You are a shittier version of John Chow. Quit posting fake testimonials and fake screenshots.

I don’t like drama, but I feel it’s my duty to prevent this ugly asshole from scamming anymore my fellow Asians.

Alright now that I got that off my chest, back to business.

That leaves mobile marketing as the main battleground for this year. Do I really have to explain why? Huge growth means huge opportunity, especially internationally.

I’m going to cover the different way people can monetize mobile. In the second half I’ll show some of the top verticals.

Mobile Marketing Offers Monetization

Pin Submits

The person enters their phone number and they receive a text message. You get paid when the person enters the pin they received in the text message that was sent to them.

The advertiser makes money by billing them like $10 a month to their cellphone plan.

2014-02-28 17.52.16

MSIDSN aka 1-click flow. The offer can detect the user’s phone number automatically. The person just submits the pin and you get a conversion. Less friction = more conversions.

App Installs

Very simple. The person clicks your ad and gets taken to the app store. Once installed, you get paid.

2014-02-27 19.17.26


Not all offers are Google play or through the iTunes store. Some offers aren’t store approved and the user will be directed to a site to download the file directly.

Pay Per Call

Here’s how it works:

    1. John wants to find a Lawyer
    2. He goes on his phone and Google searches for Lawyers
    3. The Affiliate marketer has placed a Pay Per Call ad in Google. I want to highlight that the phone numbers are clickable, and there’s a “Call Now” button.
      2014-02-27 18.12.312014-02-27 18.12.43
    4. John reaches a call center. If John stays on the phone for more than 1 minute, he’ll get paid $10
    5. Tracking’s kind of weird. It’s done by unique phone numbers.

If you are interested in learning more about Pay Per Call, check out RingPartner’s Blog

Lead Gens

Works the same as desktop.

The person fills in a few fields such as name, phone number, and email address. The advertising monetizes the lead.

Payouts / caps are determined by the quality of your traffic.


Sell a product to someone on their phone.

Right now there’s a lot of friction with someone pulling out their credit card, and entering all their information on a phone.

One day we could see mobile sales become easier. Imagined the payment information is stored on the phone, and the person just uses the fingerprint to confirm the transaction. Much easier than typing in the card info and their billing address.

Building a Mailing List

An example could be promoting weight loss.

  1. Create some banners
  2. Send to your landing page with an email opt in. Offer them an incentive to sign up such as an eBook.
  3. Once you gather emails, then start building the relationship by sending useful emails.
  4. Every few emails pitch a different weight loss product.

You can get cheap aquisition this way through mobile, and monetize them later on when they’re at their desktop.

The downside is you’re taking an initial hit while you’re optimizing the funnel. Also affiliates by nature are lazy so not many guys are willing to write out the email sequence.

The positive side is now you have an asset with the list.

For auto-responders I recommend GetResponse

Verticals in Mobile Marketing

Here are some verticals that are making money at the moment, and for the foreseeable future.


The strength of these apps is their broad appeal, and the angles are straight forward.

  • Battery Saving Apps – Install this app and you’ll increase battery life
  • Anti-Virus – Protect your phone from getting a virus
  • Performance Boosters – Improve the performance of your phone by getting rid of junk files or by optimizing the phone.2014-02-28 17.53.53

Dating & Adult Dating

Dating’s an immortal vertical in affiliate marketing.

There are app installs such as Mate1 available, but a majority of the offers will be lead gen. They pay lower compared to their desktop versions because the leads are harder for the advertiser to monetize.

Don’t forget to test out Adult mobile via Adult only traffic sources (Reporo, Star-Advertising, TJ, Exo, etc.)

Landing pages are a must. Focus on the quality of your leads.


Win an iPhone, win an iPad, kind of offers.

2014-02-28 17.52.16

Super-saturated. A landing page is a must. Usually monetized by pin submits


Do not sleep on this vertical.

I think gaming has always had kind of vibe of being a vertical for newbies to get their feet wet in affiliate marketing. However gaming is beastly on mobile.

Most offers are 1-click installs.

2014-02-28 17.49.48

Where to Find Mobile Offers

Sign up to a bunch of affiliate networks with mobile offers. Seeing their top revenue reports will give you an idea of what’s working.

I started mobile marketing in 2012 and I was using an iPhone at the time. I went on Craigslist and bought a few hundred dollars of used phones and tied them with different carriers. The manual spying gave me an idea of ads, landing pages, & offers.

Where to Buy Mobile Traffic

I’ve written up a list of the best mobile traffic sources that’ll help you guys out.

It’s a huge list, so I got it made up into a PDF file to make it easier for you guys.

Download the Mobile Traffic Source List Here



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P.S I’ve written up a monster blog post on how to make money on mobile popunder/popups here.

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