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News and Events: I Will be Speaking at the Neverblue Interacts in Jakarta and Bangkok!

Every year Neverblue.com hosts Interacts in different cities for their publishers. They are events to meet publishers of theirs and to give them a platform to meet and network.

I’m excited to announce that they’ve invited me to speak at their Interacts this year in Jakarta, Indonesia and Bangkok, Thailand. I will do my absolute best to provide value to anyone that attends this event.

Neverblue is one of the oldest and most respected affiliate networks in the industry and I’ve been working with them since 2008. 

Neverblue will spend some time talking about their company and what’s in store for their publishers.

After that I will be doing a 2 hour affiliate marketing session. The following topics will be covered: creating the best ads, mobile marketing tips, top newbie mistakes, my process for launching profitable campaigns, and much more if time permits.

There will be material applicable to everyone whether you are 100% brand new, or have years of experience.

After the talk is over there will be plenty of time for everyone to mingle and network afterwards.

You should definitely come to see get to know Neverblue more,  learn some knowledge bombs, and network with other affiliates in your region.

I’ve never been to Indonesia so I’m looking forward to seeing what the country’s like. I use to live in Bangkok so it’ll be great to see some old friends there.

I highly advise you RSVP as soon as possible because the tickets to the event are limited. Their last event in Bangkok reached max capacity and I’m sure the same will happen again.

Jakarta, Indonesia


When: Monday, May 5th, 2014
Time: 1pm – 5pm local time
Where: The Mandarin Oriental Hotel
Jalan Kebon Kacang Raya, Jakarta, Kota Jakarta Pusat, Jakarta Pusat 10310, Indonesia
RSVP: Jakarta Interact

Bangkok, Thailand


When: Friday, May 9th, 2014
Time: 1pm – 5pm local time
Where: The Mandarin Oriental Hotel
48 Oriental Ave Alley, Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500, Thailand
RSVP: Bangkok Interact

Thanks again to Neverblue for inviting me to speak at their event. Sign up for their network and say Ngo sent you.

Note: In June I will be speaking in Malaysia and Singapore. There will be a separate announcement for those events. 

About Neverblue:

With offices in Victoria, Los Angeles, Hong Kong and London, Neverblue is a global leader in performance marketing. Together with GlobalWide Media and Pulse Mobile, Neverblue connects advertisers and publishers to consumers around the world.