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News and Events: The AFFcelerator Newbie Challenge…Coming Soon!

I’m excited to announce that me and the AFFcelerator team are working on a new newbie course.

I get a lot of emails from newbies, and I noticed a common theme kept coming up – there’s not enough material for people 100% brand new to affiliate marketing.

I’m talking about the people who are starting out and haven’t signed up for an affiliate network, or don’t know what split-testing means. 

We all have that friend that wants to learn about affiliate marketing and you probably don’t have the time to teach them. I want this to be the place you send them to that breaks everything down step by step on how to launch a campaign.

At first I wanted to make it a quick one week project. I could put together a bunch of old blog posts together and pay someone to compile it into a PDF. As I started working on it…it felt wrong.

I’m known for quality. Why not put in more effort and make it “the best.” I want it to be world class. This is a chance for me to help grow the industry itself.  

I’m spending 5-figures of my own money, and significant time into this project. I cancelled all my trips the next few weeks, and I might have to slow down on my emails / blog posts.

It’s going to be a full-fledged course with some videos, screencasts, quizzes, and more. The biggest problem with newbies is taking action – so I’m designing it from the ground up to be actionable, and simple to understand.

I’m sorry if there won’t any blog posts the next few weeks, but know that I’m working hard behind the scenes. 

There are some challenges of course.

The first one is well…I’ve never created an online course before. There’s a lot of things behind the scenes with technology and design I haven’t experienced yet.

The second challenge I have is psychological.

I have “perfectionism” where I’m worried it won’t be good enough. I’ve had projects before where I started it, finished it, it wasn’t good enough, and I never released it. Have you ever felt that way?  

To counter that

1. I’m announcing this publicly it’ll be ready by the end of March 2016. Now I have social pressure to get it done. If it’s not shipped by that time, then let it be known that Ngo is not “the man.” 

2. This is going to be version 1.0.

I’m going to keep improving it over the years based off of data and feedback. It’s impossible for a product to be perfect without feedback.

If you’re interested in watching me develop it behind the scenes or even get some sneak peek, add me on snapchat: charles_ngo. I don’t care if you don’t use SnapChat, it’s worth downloading just for me :-).


Talk Soon,

– Charles

p.s. You’re wondering how much is it going to cost? It’s going to be 100% free.

No, I’m not going crazy. Literally everyone says it’s a stupid idea, but I’m really inspired by by the book Give & Take by Adam Grant.

Long story short – give as much as possible and the universe will reward you.  Just take action, learn, and share it with others if you find it useful.