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News and Events: The Ngo Affiliate Meetup San Francisco 3/27/14

Edit: I originally had this schedule on the 26th, but am rescheduling it to Thursday the 27th to accommodate the people doing Leadscon.

I’m heading to Ad:Tech San Francisco next week! I haven’t been to this conference in 5 years, but I need some networking time with partners and ASE’s too far away to wait. 

I asked around about affiliate events at the conference and there’s pretty much nothing going on. I’ve decided to host a meet up so my readers and affiliates can do some networking. Everyone’s welcome to attend, but don’t come if your intentions are to recruit affiliates or to pitch products. You will be snubbed and exiled!

Since this event’s short notice I’m going to keep it as simple as possible. We’re gonna grab lunch at Wichcraft near the Moscone center. It’s owned by the guy behind CraftSteak, Tom Colicchio so I heard the sandwiches are pretty good. I don’t have any space reserved so just order food and try to find me. There’s two floors and I’ll make it easy to find me by being on the first floor near the entrance.

Do me a favor and RSVP on the Facebook page if you’re coming.

west window

When: Thursday 3/27/14
Time: 1pm PST
RSVP: Facebook Event
Where: Wichcraft 868 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94103
Directions: It’s walking distance from the Moscone center. I’ve included Google map directions.