The Current and the Future Plans for my Businesses

Written by Charles Ngo
Written by Charles Ngo

I’ve always been low key with my operations since starting the blog.
I don’t really like to talk about my business, my motivations for the blog, or what I have planned for the future. I’ve always believed that secrecy is an asset in this industry.
But I’m starting to see the value of transparency when connecting with readers so I’m going to open up a bit on this post.

Building a Super Team

I built an in-house team to help me run affiliate marketing campaigns back in 2009. Business was amazing and I knew having a team would be a huge competitive advantage.
It failed miserably.
I haven’t really talked too much about that period because it was a dark time for me. Imagine teaching people everything you know, and watching them run off to compete against you. Worst of all is seeing them fail and go back to a 9 – 5  job a few months later.
Affiliate marketing looks easy when I hand you a campaign to maintain, but launching one from scratch and losing your own money is a different ballgame.
I could play the blame game, but I have to take responsibility in order to grow – I could’ve done things a little different. I was trying to apply traditional team concepts and applying it to the unique world of affiliate marketing.
Since then I’ve pretty much operated as a one man team with an army of virtual assistants. I traveled the world for a few years prior and this was the best solution for me.
But one person can only grow so much and now I’m giving the team concept another chance. We’ve been in operation for over a month now and things are going great. I am teaching them everything I know in hopes of them surpassing me one day. It’s great to be out of the trenches and to just focus on what I’m good at: strategy and optimizing.
I’m sure you guys have a bunch of questions. Where did I find them? Are they local or remote? What’s the pay structure? How can I ensure they stay loyal?
I rather wait until I have more experience before I share. But in the past month I’m operating 4x faster than with my old structure. It feels great to have other guys who can share the joys and the pains of running campaigns.

The Blog

It’s been roughly 1.5 years since I started the blog. I analyzed some of the stats to see blog growth.

The blog’s starting to hit a tipping point of growth. 

Last month was a record month with 12K+ uniques


The top geos. I was surprised to see Germany and Netherlands in the top 10. I have a lot of new Singaporean / Malaysian fans thanks to  Ivan Ong ;-). Hello Indian readers!
I don’t have any “goals” for the blog. Instead everything’s completely system based. I write at least a post a week, and I post on my Facebook page daily.
As the blog grow it’s starting to take up a lot more time. Please don’t be offended if I ever ignore any of your emails, but I just can’t keep up sometimes.

Meetups / Speaking

I’m heading to Asia in May / June. I decided to do a little speaking tour while I’m over there. I travel to Asia twice a year to see my girlfriend and thought it’d be nice to get some branding done over there.
I linked up with some sponsors to cover the costs of the events and it will be 100% free for you guys to attend.
Formal announcements are coming soon, but here are the dates so you can plan accordingly.
Jakarta, Indonesia – May 5th
Bangkok, Thailand – May 9th
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – June 1st
Singapore – June 7th or 8th
Please RSVP as soon as it’s announced because there are a limited # of tickets available.
I’m still working on the topics, but I can promise you that a free 3 hour seminar with me will give you more value than most of these paid workshops in Asia.

Future Blog Stuff

I’d like to get some sort of a free newbie guide up. The ones out there now are either outdated, or full of wrong information. The industry needs an official place whenever someone asks “where do I start?”
I’m around 10% done. I’m probably going to release it chapter by chapter as it’s hard to stay motivated on such as long project.
I keep getting requests for Rise of Ngo, Chapter 9. Ok one more chapter.
I’m having fun with the audio recordings and  there will be more. Getting a lot of feedback on improving – Give me time guys as I’m new to it and will get better with practice.
After I come back from Asia I’ll officially launch my Podcast. I’m aiming for 2 recordings a month.
I keep getting questions about my motivations with this. What’s the point of everything? Why go around speaking for free? Why are there no ads on the blog? Why would I write a course and give it away for free?

Some of My Motivations

  • I like having a voice in this world. There are 7 billion people on Earth and I don’t want to be invisible.
  • It feels good to help people. I don’t really see the impact of my writings on a day to day basis. But when I go to conferences and people come up to me saying I’ve changed their lives, that’s deep shit.
  • A brand will help me in the future. Whatever I plan to do next after affiliate marketing, I know I have an army of people willing to support me.
  • It’s a dirty job but someone has to do it. I fucking love this industry and I was born for it. I will do whatever I can to help grow it.

Some of my biggest influencers in life include Tim Ferris, Eben Pagan, and Bruce Lee. What are they known for? Teaching. Helping others is a core value in my life.

Next Level

I’m not going to be an affiliate marketer forever.
The money is good and isn’t going away anytime soon, but after 6 years in the industry I’m ready for some new challenges.
There’s quite a few options from here I can take, and often I’ve consulted the book Good to Great.
I’m not interested in starting an affiliate network at all. Read this post Jason Akatiff on the risks of an affiliate network.
I’ve thought about startups or apps, but they don’t really leverage my current skill sets as well.
There are two paths I’m interested in taking:


I want to develop my own products. I’ll have the advantage of my optimization abilities and the ability to drive traffic to the offer internally. Looking forward to dealing with the backend stuff such as merchants processing, CRM’s,  and calculating lifetime customer values.

Teaching Affiliate Marketing

As side business I would love to pursue teaching affiliate marketing. The industry is rapidly growing and it’s becoming more difficult. There’s really not too many options to learn this other than private forums.
Of course there are going to be some negative connotations of “selling out”, “those who can’t do, teach”, “ngos going guru” , blah blah.
I don’t care. I know my shit, and there is a demand for it.
If you wanna be a Chess champion you hire a coach. Want to improve at fighting? You join an MMA gym. Unfortunately the industry has been plagued with so many shitty gurus that I gotta find ways to separate myself from them.
None of these will take place in 2014. Right now I just want to keep growing my brand, and take my team to the next level.
I need to get back to work.
Thanks for your support,
– Charles Ngo

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                The posts published by Charles are prepared and analyzed, including the author’s own experience…

The posts published by Charles are prepared and analyzed, including the author’s own experience…

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