Ngo Gear Guide – October 2015 & Life in Miami

Written by Charles Ngo
Written by Charles Ngo

Welcome to a long overdue edition of the Ngo Gear Guide.
I buy cool products all the time, and share with you my favorites! Lets get to it!

Mini-segway / Electric Scooter / Hoverboard


I’m sure you’ve seen people riding them around.

It goes by many names – mini-segway, electric scooter, and sometimes the hoverboard. It’s 2015 and unfortunately we don’t have a flying hoverboard like Back to the Future yet.
In the meantime we have these balancing scooters.
I’ve seen these online for the past year and decided to get one. Why? Because it looked fun.
I was overwhelmed by the amount of options.
Apparently it was invented in China and had been ripped off by all the factories. At this point I have no idea who the original inventor or the original was.
The most popular brand in the US is “IOHawk” for $1,800. The offbrand ones are the exact thing for $300 – $500.
I went with the brand LeRay for a few reasons. It was only $500. It has great reviews online. And it was offered through Amazon Prime. I figured if it was defective or sucked, I know Amazon has great customer service.
Watch Me Riding It
It’s SUPER easy to ride. It took me about 5 minutes to pick up. I did fall a few times when I first started, but that’s because I didn’t have anyone to show me the ropes. I’ve shown a few friends how to ride it and they were able to ride it without falling once.
Every time I talk about this item there’s always that one person “it’s healthier to walk.” Well no shit Sherlock. This is perfect for the places that I don’t wanna spent 15 minutes walking to and not get drenched in sweat before I get there.
There’s two big downsides in my opinion.
The first is since it’s so new, a lot of places don’t allow them. It sucks to go into a store and you can’t ride it around (It’s 30 pounds to carry).
Second is you get a LOT of attention. Sometimes I’m just trying to get to whole foods and don’t wanna answer a ton of questions about it. This will die down as it becomes more popular.
This is the IT item for Christmas 2015.

Organic Wheatgrass Pills

Most of us (more like 95%) aren’t getting enough vegetables each day.
I’ve recommended wheatgrass powders before, but they’re not the most convenient. It takes up valuable space in the luggage when traveling, and you have to mix it / wash the glass after you’re done.
My friend Thanh showed me these WheatGrass pills. I take 5 pills a day each morning as recommended, and they’re easy to take along when I’m traveling.
Buy it Here

Private Meal Delivery

I have money, but I don’t have a lot of time. I did a time audit and realized I’m spending a lot of time on food.
Going out to eat, thinking about what to eat, going to the grocery store, doing dishes, cooking, etc. This adds up to 20+ hours a week.
I looked into hiring a private chef but I didn’t think it was worth it. It’s expensive since there’s no economies of scale and I’m not a fan of repeating so many meals.
I used a meal delivery service some years back in Atlanta and I wasn’t too impressed. The one I used before only delivered food twice a week, and after a few weeks it was the same meals.
Once I moved to Miami I wanted to see if there are any meal delivery services around and I discovered CateredFit .
3 meals a day 5 days a week = $149.80
– This adds up to about $10 a meal
– The food is amazing. The best part is it’s a different food each time
– They deliver the meals daily. It arrives 5pm each day, and the meals are for the next day. They just leave it at my doorstep with a ice pack.
CateredFit’s Instagram
I save a ton of time. I don’t have to go grocery shopping, cook, or wash dishes anymore. I still supplement my meals with spinach, fruits, vegetables (I use instacart)
I think the ironic part is I’m saving more money because of this service. I don’t eat out as much and I’m not wasting money on food that spoils in my fridge.

Rimowa Suitcases

I had to step up my suitcase game now that I’m traveling more. I did some searches on FlyerTalk and it seems like Rimowa are the top brand when it comes to suitcases.
For Christmas one of my advertisers sent me one of these.
rimowatopasI rarely use it because it’s so beautiful. I hate getting it scratched.
I needed a bigger suitcase for my trips to Asia and found the Rimowa Salsa air to be highly reviewed. Here’s what I like:
a) It has a built in TSA lock.
b) It’s light. VERY light. A light suitcase means you can fit more stuff into it (There are fees if you go over the weight limit)
c) Even though it’s limit, it’s durable.
d) It has 4 wheels. I’ve never had luggage with 4 wheels before. I am NEVER going back to a two wheeler again.
If you want another suggestion instead of Rimowa then check out Briggs & Riley.


I have outsourced my clothes shopping.
I want to improve my style but going to the mall is not a good use of my time, and I don’t think I have the greatest sense of style.
The solution to my first world problem is TrunkClub. (Ask for Jayma Forman if you wanna use my stylist)
You talked to a stylist to get an idea of what you’re trying to do. She asked me which celebrities I like, what kind of clothes I’m looking for, and an idea of my fit.
She will pick out different shirts, blazers, jeans, shoes, etc. and ship them in a box to you. These are all name branded clothing.
You’ll get a box full of clothes and try them on. Whatever you like, you keep it. Whatever you don’t like, ship it back for free.
The service gets better the more you use it. They start understanding your style more based on what you buy, and the sizing gets better.
How does Trunkclub make their money?
What’s cool is TrunkClub is opening a few warehouses around the States. My stylist just flew to Miami and we had an appointment to get some custom clothes made.
What’s the downside to this service? They only have expensive brands. Blazers are $500’ish, shoes are $250’ish, and dress shirts are $150’ish.
If you can afford it then I think this is an amazing service.

USB Drive

Not much to say. It’s a sleek looking USB drive that goes on my Keychain.
It also contains passwords / document scans / speaking slides just in case of emergencies. Make sure you encrypt the USB drive in case you ever lose your keys.
Buy here

Sonos Wireless Speakers

I’m addicted to Sonos players. I have one in the office, the living room, and even my bathroom.
It’s a wireless speaker system. All the music’s controlled through an iPhone app and it connects with your Spotify / Pandora / etc. accounts.
Protip: This makes a great gift for the guys who seem to have everything.


I moved to Miami two months ago.
I wanted to move to a bigger city than Atlanta. I felt “stagnant” here and wanted a change of scene.
I considered California and NYC, but I felt the higher cost of living / state taxes wasn’t worth it over Miami.
There are plenty of cities I can live in and I chose Brickell. It’s known as the “financial area” and I just feel motivated being around Skyscrapers.
I’ve been living in Miami for 2 months now and here are some of the things I like and dislike about the city.
The Pros:
1. Beautiful women. It’s a bachelor’s paradise if your game is right.
2. It’s cheap. If you compare Miami to any big California city or NYC, it’s pretty cheap. Throw in no state taxes and it’s an absolute bargain.
3. Easy flights to South America or the Caribbean. If I’m bored on a Friday, I can be in an island in a few hours. I don’t need to buy a flight if I wanna go on a cruise!
4. Great Beaches.
5. Good weather. That gave it a huge edge over Manhattan.
7. It feels like a real city, but I can drive 10 minutes to South Beach if I need a vacation.
8. Saying you’re from Miami. I’ve been telling people for years I’m from Atlanta. Zero reactions. Now I tell people I’m from Miami and it’s “OOOOOOooooooo
9. People are always coming to Miami to visit. I have friends from the industry flying in all the time.
10. I love Latin culture. Carlito Ngo feels at home here.
11. Huge fitness community. Super inspired to take my body to the next level.
The downsides:
1. Traffic sucks. I just opened an office 3 minutes away from my condo so I’m fine with traffic. However if I accidentally drive during rush hour I’m screwed.
2. There’s no Asian people or good Asian food here. I get kinda shocked everytime I see an Asian person randomly.
3. “Miami Time.” People will always be late. No exceptions. If you want to meet someone at 8:00pm, then tell them to meet at 6pm.
4. Miami’s the most materialistic and pretentious place I’ve ever seen. I’ve never seen more $30k millionaires in one spot. (Someone who makes $30,000 a year and lives with their parents, but acts as if they are a millionaire with leased cars, bottles, name brand everything)
5. It’s a place to spend money, not to make money. There’s not really a good job market out here.
6. Hurricanes.
7. The customer service here is shit. It’s a vicious cycle. You have rich people here who treat the service like shit, and the servers treat the customers like shit.
8. Time moves 2x slower. If you ask for the bill, it literally takes 20 minutes to come.
I seriously LOVE Miami. The only other city I’d consider living in at this point is San Diego.
I hope you guys enjoyed this edition of the Ngo Gear guide!

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                The posts published by Charles are prepared and analyzed, including the author’s own experience…

The posts published by Charles are prepared and analyzed, including the author’s own experience…

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