Ngo’s Favorite Gear Volume 2

Written by Charles Ngo
Written by Charles Ngo

Gear Guide Volume 1
Here’s another edition of Ngo’s favorite gear where I share with you some products that have made my life easier.
I got an amazing response from the last edition where quite a few of you bought the Roost stand, foam roller, and Chocolate Super food. I appreciate the Amazon commissions as well!
Feel free to provide feedback on your experiences with any of these items.

Packing Cubes

What: Packing Cubes
Price: $30
Where: Amazon
Score 10/10
If you travel frequently then these packing cubes will make your life easier. They keep my clothes organized and they save space so I can pack more items.
I’m heading to San Francisco for a few days and this is what my suitcase looks like.

Large pack for shirts, medium pack for pants, small pack for undergarments. 1 bag for extra shoes. 1 Dopple bag for toiletries.
Another benefit is if you’re going from city to city, it can separate the clean and dirty laundry apart.
If you want shoe bags you can get them here because I know some of you guys are putting $500 shoes inside plastic grocery bags.

Bowers & Wilkins P5 Headphones

beckhamp5What: Headphones
Price: $300
Where: Amazon
Score 9.5/10
I lost my old headphones on the plane and needed a new pair.
I didn’t want Bose QuietComforts since they require batteries, and I already had a pair.
I definitely wasn’t interested in “Beats” since they are horrible sound quality for the price, and every kid is rocking a set. I rather walk around with a Justin Bieber shirt than Beats by Dr Dre.
What I wanted was portability, looks good, and sound quality. After doing some research I discovered the P5’s.
Bowers & Wilkins have been around for decades making high-end loudspeakers, but have recently started selling headphones.
I think at the $300 price point, these are some of the best headphones you can buy. I’m impressed by the sound and build quality, and I love the minimalist approach they have for the design.


Mobility Peanut

What: Improves mobility of your Spine.
Price: $5
Where: Amazon
Rating: 9/10

I always get a great response when I talk about mobility and I wanna share a cheap tool you can make to help your back flexibility.


chromecast-dongle-theverge-1_1020_large_verge_medium_landscapeWhat: Google Chromecast
Price: $35
Where: Amazon
Rating: 9/10

A chromecast is a dongle that you can attach to any TV that has an HDMI port. With this device you can use it to Stream Netflix, HBO GO, Hulu, etc.
If you want to take the Chromecast to the next level then you need to get PLEX TV.
I can download ANY video and it’ll get uploaded to the Plex servers. From there it can be streamed to my TV.
Here’s what I did in 2013 if I wanted to watch a movie I downloaded:

  • Download file to laptop
  • Physically attach laptop to TV vis HDMI Cable.

The problem is the audio was coming from my laptop. Also if I wanted to increase volume or fast forward, I would have to get up and change it on the laptop.
Now the the Chromecast + Plex

  • Download the file to laptop
  • I use Hazel, so the movie is automatically moved / uploaded to the Plex Folder
  • I can control the sound / fastforward with the App on my smart phone.

bedrestBack Support for Bed

What: Back support in Bed
Price: $33
Where: Amazon
Score 8/10
I don’t like being at my desk at night. I’m at the desk all day and at night I rather take my laptop and surf the web in bed.
The problem is that it’s pretty uncomfortable to find a good position. In comes the Bed rest. You put it behind you and it let syou sit upright comfortably.

Bed Laptop Stand

What: Furinno Laptop Table
Price: $55
Where: Amazon
Score: 8/10
You need some kind of stand in bed or else the laptop’s going to burn you. It also adjusts the height to get into proper position.

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                The posts published by Charles are prepared and analyzed, including the author’s own experience…

The posts published by Charles are prepared and analyzed, including the author’s own experience…

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