3 Personality Tests You Should Include in Your Hiring Decision

Written by Charles Ngo
Written by Charles Ngo

It’s hard to hire great talent.
Think about how fast you can gain skills in business. You can launch dozens of tests a day if you have the budget. You can handwrite sales letters by hand daily to improve your copywriting.
But getting good at hiring? That takes a long time. Looking at resumes, interviewing people, and onboarding them takes months.
How many “reps” are you getting each year for hiring?
Mistakes are expensive – I’m not talking about just the time and money wasted. It can be draining for everyone involved. Whenever I had to let someone go in the past, I’d be nervous the entire week until Friday. And have you ever had someone break down crying while you’re firing them? It’s horrible.
There’s pressure to get the decision right.
Despite all the resume reading and interviewing you can do – there’s always this feeling where you wish you could know the candidate better. Probably because it’s so easy to bullshit through interviews these days.
One resource has given me an edge when it has come to hiring over the years – personality tests.
No, I’m not talking about asking which Game of Thrones Character you are.
I’m sure you’ve heard of the Myers-Briggs Test. I’ve never placed much stock into that test, but I have discovered some badass personality tests over the years.
Once a candidate takes all three of these tests, you’ll get a deeper understanding of their personality and their work styles.
Take these tests yourself and see how accurate you think they are. Add them to your existing hiring process to help you make better hiring decisions.
I’m going to share my favorite personality tests and how to interpret some of the data.

My Three Favorite Personality Tests for Hiring

For the examples, I’m going to share some of the tests that I took back in 2015. I do have some more recent results from this year, but I’d rather keep those to myself for privacy reasons.
Sidenote: You should take these tests around every three years to keep the results up to date. I remember the lady who introduced me to these tests. Unfortunately, her mother passed away relatively young. She took the test the following year and so many things changed.
Before, she placed so much emphasis on her career and achievements. That didn’t matter as much anymore once that event happened. 

1. Tony Robbins’ Disc Profile Test (Free)

If I had to choose one test to evaluate someone’s personality, it would be this one. There are various versions of the DISC test, but Tony Robbins’ is the most comprehensive.
DISC measures your preferences and patterns when it comes to Behavior.
download 1
Here’s a quick summary of my results:

  • Decisive: Your preference for problem-solving and getting results. I scored high on this. I’m practical and all about getting results quickly. I am direct in my communication. I may be perceived as egocentric by others who are less confident than me.
  • Interactive: Your preference for interacting with others and showing emotion. I scored averaged. I prefer a democratic work environment over dictatorial. I can be an effective coach for others. I could be more organized and attentive to details.
  • Stability: Your preference for pacing, persistence, and steadiness. I scored low. I want to keep developing new directions or activities. Chaos is interesting to me. I am rarely content with the status quo.
  • Cautious: Your preference for procedures, standards, and protocols. I scored high on this. I want a lot of research and explanation before I dive into a project. I prefer sticking to specific procedures and systems.

What I love about this test is that it goes into specific techniques on how to maximize your strengths and weaknesses.
For example, here are some of the weaknesses they perceive based on my scores:

  • I appear blunt towards others without being aware of it
  • High need for perfectionism which may be holding me back.
  • I get stuck in a loop between wanting to get it done ASAP but also want it to be perfect.
  • I keep a lot of my thoughts to myself and don’t communicate enough.

These are clues, not facts.
This is where self-reflection comes in.
I always felt that perfectionism was a good thing. I always bragged that I was a perfectionist. I started doing more research on it and realized that perfectionism was holding me back.
I used perfectionism as a way to procrastinate – I used it as a way to protect my ego.
What’s interesting is when you do this with all your employees and co-workers. There’s a section there on how to better communicate with the person:
download 2
I remember showing this to my employees for the first time and they had a “Holy Shit moment…this is super accurate!”
There are different DISC profile tests out there, but I found the one from Tony Robbins to be the most thorough (and it’s free).

2. Wealth Dynamics (Cost:$97)

Note: You can sign up to be a reseller and purchase packs of them for $50 each.
According to the founder Roger Hamilton, every person has a natural personality when it comes to being an entrepreneur.
There are 8 archetypes according to him:
8 profile type
The website has a more detailed assessment on what each one means.
If you’re a Creator, you love starting different businesses. Think Richard Branson. These guys almost look like they have bright shiny object syndrome going on.
Mechanics love building machines and systems. Famous Mechanics include Mark Zuckerberg and Sam Walton.
A Star loves the spotlight. Their personality is the biggest asset. Think Oprah and YouTubers.
You can imagine how much dissonance there can be if your personality type and your work aren’t synced.
A Star shouldn’t be in the role of a supporter. There’s always going to be some tension because they secretly want the spotlight on them.
For example, if I’m hiring an executive assistant then I’d lean towards someone that’s a Supporter.
If I’m hiring a Salesman, then I’d want to see if they’re a Dealmaker.
If you’re running a small team then it makes sense to have various profiles. If everyone in your 3-person company is a Star, then everyone’s going to be fighting over leadership. If all 3 people are Supporters, then no one’s going to want to step up to be a leader.

3. Kolbe Cost: $55

The Kolbe test isn’t designed to measure your intelligence or personality.
It’s designed to measure the ways you naturally prefer to take action.
What does that mean?
Well, let’s look at affiliate marketing for example.

  • Learning: Some people prefer learning by doing. All their time and money is spent on learning. Others won’t take action unless they have a “step by step” system to follow.
  • Systems: Some marketers are intuitive. They look at something and they know what to do. While some others break everything down into formulas and systems.

There’s no right or wrong way to do things.
It’s about knowing what you naturally align with, and using a system.
Here’s my Kolbe Score.
High Fact Finder: I’m thorough and precise when it comes to research. I need to do in-depth research on everything before I make a decision.
Follow Through: This is about sorting information. I lean towards establishing a lot of systems/procedures, but only when necessary.
QuickStart: This deals with how we handle risks and the unknown. Low = hates risks while high = handles risk. I’m in the middle where I prefer to check things out before trying them. I can handle risk, but I’m always seeking to protect the downside.
Implementer: How you visualize and imagine results.
I score on the lower end which means I have the ability to visualize things. I can sketch things out and get an idea of the bigger picture.
People that are high implementors mean they need to touch. They need to see demonstrations. They prefer to build out physical models.

Know Yourself to Improve Yourself

Taking these tests has improved my level of self-awareness over the past five years.
I looked at some of the areas where I’m weak, and I’ve spent effort on improving them.
For example, the tests say that I’m too blunt. I remember going to family gatherings and my aunties would tell me I’m too fat or too skinny before they even said hello! It was the environment I was raised in.
But over time I’ve realized that being blunt isn’t great. Some people try to virtue signal by saying they’re brutally honest when it’s just a code for them being an asshole. I realized that taking the few extra moments to think and give feedback in a nicer way, pays off.
Another one is perfectionism. I’ve always worn perfectionism as a badge of honor. In reality, it was a form of procrastination. Perfectionism will get you killed in this fast-moving world. So I’ve taken a long time to “unlearn” this mentality and focus instead on “High Shipping Cadence.”
So take these tests and let me know in the comments if you’ve learned anything about yourself. Use them in the hiring process so you can know your candidates on a deeper level before you make a decision.
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels.

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                The posts published by Charles are prepared and analyzed, including the author’s own experience…

The posts published by Charles are prepared and analyzed, including the author’s own experience…

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