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News and Events: Pics from the Ngo + NickyCakes Bangkok Meetup

Me and Nickycakes decided to throw a meetup in Bangkok this past Saturday. As always, we decided to keep it real. Bangkok’s become an affiliate hotspot over the past few years and we wanted to help grow the community here.

The turnout was huge – over 30 people attended. Special thanks to Benjamin Yong and Polarbacon for flying in from Malaysia. We even had someone fly in from Bombay, India just for the meetup!

Some observations from the meetup

  • There were no local Thai affiliates. Everyone was an expat living here or traveling through. I’m not sure if that means the local Thais are not into affiliate marketing, or if they just didn’t know about the event.
  • Pretty much everyone was making $ from affiliate marketing and there weren’t many newbies
  • I had tons of questions. People were mianly picking my brain about adult dating, advertising on Facebook in 2013, and how to build a stronger work ethic.

If you attended make sure you contact Nickycakes and get invited to our Bangkok Skype group. Sometimes we talk about internet marketing, most of the time it’s NickyCakes asking if anyone wants to go to Sunrise Tacos with him.

Some pics from the Meet Up






NickyCakes is now known as NickyShakes

Afterward us nerd ballers decided to hit the new club “Levels” next door and ruin the male / female ratio that was established.


Thanks everyone for coming!

I’m definitely looking to throw more meet ups in different cities so keep reading if I’m coming to your part of the world.