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Written by Charles Ngo
Written by Charles Ngo

One big problem newbies have is dealing with the “technical” side of affiliate marketing.
Traffic sources have been innovating over the years. Each year there’s more targeting options and more features added on to help you become more profitable.
The problem is it that it can be information overload if you’re newer to the space.
So I wanna walk you through how to set up a campaign using mobile pops and explain all the different terms out there.
I’m choosing mobile pops because I think it’s a great starter traffic source.
Let me know in the comments if you find this helpful and want guides on other traffic sources.
For more information: Read the Ultimate Guide to Popunder Traffic

How to Launch A Mobile Campaign on

There are a ton of different pop under traffic sources out there. We’re going to use as an example since they’ve been around a while and I consider them a good starting point.

Step #1 Sign up w/ Popads as an Advertiser

I’m not gonna micromanage you through this step, just follow their instructions & fund your account.
The only thing you need to know is to sign up as an “Advertiser”.

Sign up w/ here (free to join) > > >

(Minimum deposit is only $10 and you can pay with Paypal, credit card, or Bitcoin)

Step #2 Find out what tracking tokens they offer and configure them in your tracker:

For Voluum: Just use the pre-made template provided from Voluum.
More info here on how to use Voluum tokens in your landing pages.
Here are the supported tokens in Voluum:

Note: You can create your own custom tokens with the var1, var2 etc. tokens.
For Non-Voluum Users: Refer to this

Step #3 Make sure your entire campaign funnel is live, tested and working as you expected

This means…

  1. Your tracker is registering a view and click (click on your traffic source URL and click through to the offer to make sure it’s working)
  2. Your tokens are properly tracked
    1. You can test this by clicking your traffic source URL on your mobile and desktop and making sure they register properly.
  3. Your landers + offers are working
  4. Your clicks are registering on your affiliate network
    1. The clicks that will show up there are the clicks to the offer page and clicks on the offer page CTA.
  5. Your postback to the affiliate network is set properly to track conversions
    1. You can ask your AM to fire a test conversion to make sure conversions are tracking properly.

Tip: if you are using scripts, make sure you test on mobile devices that they are all working. Some scripts behave differently in different operating systems (e.g. Android vs. iOS)
Tip #2: If you don’t have an Android device but are targeting that, download a mobile emulator. Or you can use services like

Step #4 Create a New Campaign on PopAds Interface

There are a ton of things to do here. Some of them are straightforward, some are a bit harder to understand.

URL: This is where you put your “Campaign URL” from Voluum.
Quality: This refers to PopAds‘ gauge of how good the traffic quality is. I like to set this on the higher scale when I’m first launching a campaign to give it the best chance of converting.
Frequency cap: This means how often your website is seen by someone. Choosing 3 is good. It means someone can see your ad 3 times at the most in a 24 hour time period. 
After approval: Normally I’ll let campaigns start as soon as they are approved.
PrimeSpot: This is a feature you can split test, but I like using it on new campaigns for the same reason as going after the quality traffic.
Referrer: Just leave this to Standard – the other methods cause you to lose clicks and traffic.
AdBlock: I send campaigns to “All Traffic”. AdBlock doesn’t seem to affect the big mobile traffic source delivery of popunders or popups as much as a lot of people worry about it.
Adv Type: This is something you have to split test because some placements will perform different on popunder/popup. Just pick either popunder or popup and see how you go.

Step #5 “Budget” Tab

Here’s where you set your daily budget for the campaign + your max bid per impression.
You can view the average bids on the “Inventory” tab to get an idea of what to bid. 

How much does it cost to advertise on PopAds?

After you sign up you get access to all of the costs. Click on the “Inventory” tab on the left-hand side once you have an account and you’ll see their prices like this:

Bid higher to get access to better placements.

Step #6 “Throttling” Tab

This controls the distribution of traffic. I just leave it disabled for new campaigns, but you can use this if you want your budget to be spent evenly over a day.

Step #7 “Categories” Tab

A lot of mobile offers are broad in nature. Things like sweepstakes or app installs could appeal to anyone. PopAds have a lot of adult traffic, so I suggest setting up a different campaign for adult and non-adult to see how your offers go.
An offer has to be pretty convincing to pull someone away from adult content, but don’t rule the adult traffic out.
The categories are something you want to focus on during the optimization phase, not right now. I don’t exclude anything, I just set up different campaigns for adult/non-adult traffic.
Protip: Shift-click to highlight a ton of categories at once and bulk move them.

Step #8 “Country Targeting” Tab

This one is kinda self-explanatory. Only target the countries that your offer accepts, and make sure you are tracking “country” as a variable in your tracker.
That makes it easy to see which GEOs are converting if you are combining the countries into one campaign.
It makes more sense to have separate campaigns for each GEO but some of you guys wanna hack through it and launch campaigns ASAP. Using the {country} token means you can get a ton of data fast without having to set up tons of campaigns.

Step #9 “Society” Targeting Tab – Languages/Population

If you haven’t got creatives translated you can just target English speakers.
Pro tip: A lot of “non-English” countries still have a huge amount of English speakers there like India.
I don’t touch the “Populations” section.

Step #10 “Environment” Tab – Operating Systems & Browser

Set Operating Systems: If your offer only takes Android, then target Android only. If there are no restrictions I like to keep this open and test. You can exclude different operating systems in the optimizing phase.
Set Browsers: I normally don’t touch this either until after I’ve got some initial data.
Note: After a while you can exclude lesser known browsers which are more prone to be bot users.

Step #11 “Device Targeting” Tab – Form Factors / Devices

Set Form Factors: If you want to exclude certain traffic like SmartTVs or tablets, you can do so here. But don’t make assumptions about what’s going to convert. I normally just exclude things not allowed by the advertiser.
Set Devices: I wouldn’t worry too much about it for now. Just target all device types. This section is mostly for optimization phase.

Step #12 “Connection” Targeting Tab – Connection Types / Connection Speeds / ISP

Don’t worry too much about connection types & speeds unless your offer specifically mentions it.
The most common restriction from advertisers is to only accept carrier traffic (3G/4G/LTE etc)
Some offers only convert on carriers and not wifi as well, so it’s not just the advertiser being picky. Make sure you read the offer details or ask your AM for clarification.
Tip: If you’re running on a tight budget, you can ask your AM for top-converting carriers for that offer and you target them here. Take this info with a grain of salt though.

Step #13 “Time” Targeting Tab – Day Parting

This section is what affiliates call day parting.
I normally don’t touch this when I’m starting. The only exception is if you’re doing adult traffic. I haven’t run these offers for years but more conversions happened at night for some reason…
This is another variable you can look at later on when you get some more solid data. If you’re way more profitable at a certain time of day it might make sense to day-part if you’re still getting good volume.

Step #14 “Website Targeting” Tab

This is where you can blacklist or whitelist certain placements.
If you’re running PopAds for the first time, you won’t have any past data to blacklist any placements YET. Just keep it blank for now.
But prepare to use this section often to block bot traffic or unprofitable placements as you build up lists of them.
You’re gonna go to VOLUUM and look at the Website ID data. You’re going to block the placements that are unprofitable, and keep the ones that are profitable. You’re doing this while optimizing your landing page, offers, etc.

Step #15 Summary / Launch

This is where you will see a summary of all of your details. You can see how your bid stacks up against other advertisers, how many impressions it’s likely you’ll get, and the max bid others are offering.

Note: Just because someone bids $5.00 as the max bid doesn’t mean they will actually pay that price (unless someone else bids $4.99 as their max bid).
Important Tip: Make sure your daily budget is set to $5 in case you’ve made a mistake like setting your bid at $0.50 instead of $0.05 or your link is broken.
You can up the budget as soon as you check everything is tracking fine through your campaign.
Now hit the “Create Campaign” button and cross your fingers!

Sign up w/ here > > >

(Minimum deposit is only $10 and you can pay with Paypal or credit card)

Run some traffic on PopAds, Review Data, Optimize

I’ve shown you exactly what to do to get started.
All you need is $10 to run your first campaign there.
A couple of final tips:

  1. Pick countries with cheap traffic like LATAM, Asia, or Africa
  2. Always run low payout offers to keep costs low


Want a Competitive Advantage? Spy on PopAds Campaigns

Adplexity is the industry standard for spying on campaigns.
If you want to get ahead of the competition, spying is a must.
Here’s a screenshot I took in Adplexity searching for casino offers just running on PopAds.
You can see how powerful this is…
spy popads campaign
Want some help learning how to use Adplexity to spy?
Here are a few resources that will help:
Getting the Most Out of Adplexity
Adplexity Coupon + Advanced Mobile Tips

Sign up for Adplexity Here (25% Discount for Life) > > >

Want more mobile traffic sources?

Want access to my monster list of 146 traffic sources?
There are a lot of undiscovered gems out there.
I’ve already done the heavy lifting & compiled them into a PDF.


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                The posts published by Charles are prepared and analyzed, including the author’s own experience…

The posts published by Charles are prepared and analyzed, including the author’s own experience…

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